Out of the Light

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Thirty Four | Cleo

In the end, I simply had to banish all thought of Hakota into the back of my mind in order to move ahead with the plan. Before I went back to face Hakota, or not face him as I would be ignoring him, I discussed the plan with Sebastian.

I was thankful that Sebastian said nothing about the matter with Hakota and just loaned me his silent support.

We returned to Hakota and without a word or even making brief eye contact, I started walking to the heart of the Lunar Kingdom where Mila was waiting. And as we approached closer and closer to the rebellion forces I could feel Hakota getting antsy but he dared not question me, surprising me that he was putting this much trust in me.

It wasn't until we had sneaked passed the first three Lunar rebellion outposts and were nearly five miles from the main base that I stopped bothering to hide our presence. I lead us straight into the open, right in the middle of the main road where plenty of eyes could see us.

And it was right in front of those eyes that I whirled around on Hakota, giving him a wicked smirk as I lashed out at him.

I grabbed the back of his neck and brought his forehead down on my knee that I drove up to meet his skull.

He stumbled back from the blow, dazed as he raised a hand to stop the way the ground was spinning beneath his feet. When those dazed eyes rose to meet mine, noticing the way I continued to stand there with a smirk, his eyes cleared and widened.

"Cleo," he breathed, "what are you doing?"

I approached him and he didn't even bother to back away from me. He knew as well as I that he had nowhere to go. I had led him straight into a trap. Had it just been the Lunar forces surrounding him he probably would have had a chance to get away but with his alpha turned off and me standing before him, he was well aware that he was not escaping.

"Come now Hakota," I mocked him, "Did you really believe I was just going to help you after everything you've done?" I shook my head and swung my bag off my shoulder, unzipping it and grabbing out a pair of shackles. Chains that were exactly like the ones he had used on me to keep me bound. "You took everything from me, Hakota so now I'm going to return the favor."

I easily walked up to him and grabbed his arm, locking on the first shackle. Hakota was either too stunned to resist or he had already admitted defeat, but either way it made it much easier for me to bind him.

"Cleo," his voice was a raw and broken sound, "Cleo, please," he begged hopelessly as I snapped on the other cuff.

I ignored him and grabbed his bicep, leading him down the main street straight to Camilla. The Lunar forces fell in beside me and Sebastian as we walked the last leg of our journey.

"Cleo, you're making a mistake," he said lowly.

"Shut up," I growled back, my claws digging into his arm.

Hakota was never one to back out from a fight. "At least spare the pack Cleo. They've done nothing to you."

I scoffed, "Exactly, Hakota. They didn't do a damn thing when you tore out my throat and left me for dead. Tell me, why would I spare them, help them, when they wouldn't for me?"

"Cleo--" he tried again.

"Shut your damn mouth!" I shouted, putting enough force behind my voice that the werewolves around me cringed as a wave of dominance hit them. "I don't owe you any favors! I don't owe you a goddamn thing! Your pack will suffer after I'm done with you. I am tired of letting people use me and walk all over me. They never respected me, they always treated me like dirt because of who my father was!"

"So everything you've said was a lie? What you told Syn, Sitka and Terrin was a lie?" Hakota asked upset.

"For the love of Lune you're slow," I grumbled. "Yes, Hakota, I obviously lied to them so that they'd leave you alone with me. You think that I gathered the all up in one place to protect them?" I snorted and shook my head. "I rounded them up like cattle for the slaughter." I smirked up at Hakota, gloating at my ingenious plan that no one had speculated might be a trap.

Hakota's eyes flash and I saw a bit of the alpha male that had been gone for the last few days. "Syn and Roshan are your friends!" He hissed at me. "Frayah is your friend! She trusted you with the safety of her pups! Are you so far gone in your revenge that you will kill two innocent children?"

I sneered at him pushing two werewolves aside as we approached the Lunar headquarters. "You don't get to judge me, lycan," I spat put the term with as much loathing as I could muster.

"And Terrin?" Hakota demanded, ignoring my accusation. "Are you going to kill him too simply because he has a lycan mate?"

I jerked him up the stairs to where an entourage of werewolves and lycan-werewolf-hunter hybrids were waiting. The werwolf scouts had no doubt ran ahead to alert Camilla of the hunter and their lunar officer hauling in the prize she'd been foaming at the mouth over for months. "Why would I kill Terrin for something he has no control over? Terrin is the only one who has been there for me, I'm saving him from Syn. Killing the lycan will make sure he will never have to deal with what I have."

"You are turning into your father," Hakota snarled, "your soul has blackened and is empty. You've let revenge and hate consume you."

"And who's fault is that?" I growled as the wall of Lunars parted and Mila appeared, walking towards us.

Hakota had no time to respond as I forced him to his knees on the cement, kicking out the back of his knee and shoving down on his shoulder.

He grunted as his knee slammed onto the ground and I wrenched his head back, my fingers tightly threaded through his hair to bare his neck to Camilla.

The leader of the Lunar forces walked a slow circle around the lycan alpha and then stopped in front of him, tracing her index finger up the column of his throat and to the underside of his chin. She cocked her head and simply asked, "How did you get him here?"

"I told him that we would kill you," I responded smoothly. "It's sad really how easily he fell for it and how desperate he is to see you dead."

The female pursed her lips and hummed before stepping back from Hakota and locking eyes with me. "And how do I know that you aren't lying to me just like you lied to him?"

I rolled my eyes. "Really? He ripped my throat out in thanks for killing his greatest enemy. I lost my entire family for him and you think I would help him get what he wants after he stole everything from me?" I snorted. "Please. Seeing him die has been a dream of mine for the last two years. Now he can feel what it's like to be betrayed."

Her eyes flashed, "He is mine to kill. You can have the others, but this one," she stated her eyes glowing lustfully as they slowly dragged up and down the powerful male in front of her, "belongs to me."

"I get to have him first," I rebutted. "I'll keep him alive for you but I will have my revenge on him."

Camilla's expression soured but she knew better than to steal the prey of a rabid alpha wolf. She nodded, "Fine, consider it a gift of my appreciation to your proof of loyalty. I believe that the hunters and Lunars shall have a long and prosperous relationship."

I grinned sadistacally at her, causing her soldiers to swallow nervously and shift uneasily. "Oh, this isn't a gift of my loyalty," I purred causing Mila to frown. I picked at my nails and looked through the line of Lunar forces locking eyes with the male in the back. "This is more of a gift of...retirement."

Hakota's eyes slid to mine, his blue orbs looking at me questioningly but I ignored him.

"I'm a little confused," Camilla said.

I smiled evilly at her. "Then allow me to ellaborate." I let my tight grip on Hakota's hair lessen and instead I began to comb my fingers through his strands. "I'm putting you into early retirement Camilla." Her eyes widened and she took a step back from me, understanding that my predatory gaze was directed at her and not the lycan on his knees. "The Lunar kingdom belongs to the hunters now," I proclaimed as I prowled towards her.

She stumbled back away from me, her own soldiers giving her a wide birth as to not be caught in the cross fire. They knew their leader was doomed and they were smart enough to save their own necks.

When I was finished playing I darted forward and held her delicate face in my hands, brushing my thumbs down her soft cheeks. "I'll take it from here," I cooed and snapped her neck.

The moment her corpse collapsed in a heap on the ground, everything around me exploded into action. The Lunars were unsure whether to attack of disband but their decision was made for them as Sebastian, Hakota and I were swarmed and trapped in a circle with nowhere to escape.

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