Out of the Light

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Eight | Hakota

The incessant whimpering from the mutilated corpse below me slowly faded out as my foot pressed down harder on their windpipe, cutting off air and sound. "Stop your whining," I said and pressed harder, earning a choking noise from my victim. "All you have to do is admit that my mate is dead and all this will stop." Her hand weakly hit at my ankle and her face started to turn blue. I smirked evilly and refused to let up. "Oh come now, I don't believe that this lie is worth your life."

Her fingers curled into a fist, all except her middle finger.

I grinned maliciously at her, "Hmm, are those your last words?" A gurgling noise tried to make its way past her lips. "I'm sorry what was that? I didn't catch what you said."

I increased pressure with a sadistic smile, watching as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. When her last breath left her, I immediately withdrew my foot. "Clean up the corpse." I told the two humans behind me who were trembling in fear. They scrambled to drag the dead body from the marble floor, and out of my castle. I stuffed my hands in my pockets and strolled down the massive hallway as if I hadn't just killed someone seconds ago only a few feet away.

I had never been one for extravagant things. I had lived in a castle for the first couple decades of my life but when the hunters drove us out, I learned how to live simply. Of course, the moment I had the opportunity to clean out all of the castles in the Old Kingdom of the vermin that plagued them I took the opportunity. There wasn't much I could do with twelve castles, but I enjoyed having the power that came with them. Everyone knew they belonged to me now, and with their great structures looming over the cities, they were reminded that I was always watching and listening.


Speaking of watching and listening...

I ignored Syn's call and continued walking across the marble floor. I knew Syn had been looking for me for three days now. He'd disappeared once again and I knew he'd be back in a short time and hence made myself scarce. I had needed him and he was gone so I thought to give him a taste of his own medicine. I bounced around the Old Kingdom, running some errands by myself. I needed the space from my pack since I was currently in a rather aggressive phase, anything and everything setting me off. I figured it had something to do with the fact Coda was still nowhere to be found.

"Damnit," Syn grumbled as he chased after me. "Hakota!" He called out again.

I stopped this time and twisted around. "Oh, Syn, what a surprise to see you."

The lycan scowled at my false enthusiasm. "Where have you been Hakota? I've been running across the Old Kingdom looking for you."

"Well then you know exactly where I've been since you've been following me for the last few days." Syn tried to read the situation, unsure if my friendly tone was genuine or just the opposite. "Go on then, what's so important?"

He licked his lips, and met my eyes, concern clouding them. "Someone told the Lunars about Terrin."

"Yes, I know," I replied, unconcerned.

"You know?" He restated my words. "How?" he frowned, "I just found out."

"I was the one who told them," I said point blank.

His mouth dropped open in surprise but only for a second before his fury took over. "What?" He snarled, baring his teeth in a show disrespect, his claws unsheathing.

My own claws were at his throat in an instant, pricking at the skin there. "Because this pertains to your mate," I hissed into his ear, "I will let your challenge slide," as fast as my burst of anger came in disappeared. I pulled back, sheathing my claws and putting my hands back into my pockets. "The next time I will not be so forgiving."

Syn brushed his fingers across the puncture wounds, his finger tips coming away with blood. "Why would you do that?" He demanded, scowling at the sticky substance on his fingers. His eyes snapped up to mine. "They are hunting him to use against us!"

"Exactly," I tapped his chest. "Once he gets tired of running he will come to you for protection. Then you will know your mate is safe and you will stop disappearing when I need you." Syn clenched his jaw, but I could see the apology in his eyes for abandoning me yet again. "And maybe one of us can finally get a good night's sleep."

He sighed but accepted my reasoning for what it was. There was nothing he could do about it anyway and getting angry over it was useless at this point. "What if they catch him before he comes to me?"

"They won't."

There must have been enough finality in my words because Syn didn't prod further.

The truth was I had Roshan watching the little rascal, he would protect Syn's mate should the Lunars get too close. Besides, it also put space between Roshan and I. Having Roshan away from me was best, these days everything between us ended with me being pissed off and losing my temper.

Usually Roshan would know when to leave things alone but as of late he fought me on nearly everything. Part of me wondered if it was the stress that Innoko had yet to get pregnant. I knew how badly Roshan wanted to be a father but part of me was grateful we wouldn't have another child born during the war for the Lunar Kingdom.

I had to return to the battlefront soon where we were pushing the boundary of the Lunar Kingdom, absorbing more and more cities into the Old Kingdom. Sitka was handling everything with Innoko in my absence, but flushing out their spies was just as important as dealing with the front lines. The spies were stirring up trouble, trying to start up riots and rebellions in the Old Kingdom. I had to kill the insects before they could spread their disease. I was spread too thin these days which was exactly why I couldn't afford for Syn to go missing days at a time.

"I need you to come with me to the front lines." I told him. "Sani needs to stay and watch over Frayah and Roshan is doing his thing." Syn rose a brow at my vague words but didn't push me. He knew the rope between Roshan and I was thin.


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