When You See Me

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One deal, two loves and a jealous girl. Charlotte’s world is about to turn upside down. Charlotte never imagined she return to Adrian--her former crush. She also never imagined her boyfriend would break up with her, two days before she would set off to her old town. With life throwing loads of obstacles at her, Charlotte has to navigate herself around them and work out what her heart desires. Would she go for her Adrian, her former crush who could make girls swoon at a mere smile? Or would she rekindle everything with Cooper, her first boyfriend, the only boy who understood her? What will the heart choose? Her first love? Or the realistic boy?

Romance / Humor
Lydia Rose
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Chapter 1

Two years ago...

“You know, I think you need to quit doing that.” My only girl best friend, Jodie, comments, with a sigh. I completely blank her out, as I usually do, and concentrate on him.

The boy who makes butterflies erupt in my stomach every time I see him. The boy who has stars in his eyes. The boy who shines like the sun, who has a laugh that can make you smile. I am obviously talking about Adrian, my school crush.

I’ve known him for two years. I first saw him the day I arrived in this small town. He was perfect from the moment I saw him.

What first attracted me to him was the fact that he showed me around the new school. Most people don’t - trust me, I know. So I found it astounding that he did and that he was so polite. He made me laugh instantly, taking away my worries. How he managed to do it, is beyond me. Magic. It must have been magic.

“Shut up,” I mutter to her, watching him talk to Felicity, a pretty cheerleader at the other side of the hallway. From my peripheral vision, I notice Jodie rolling her eyes. Someone isn’t pleased.

“I just think it’s pointless since he’s never going to be with you. He’s a player.” Jodie says, spitefully. Whenever we talk about Adrain, which is often, she always talks about him in distaste. I’m aware she doesn’t like him. She’s made it very clear why. “Boys like him will marry some hot chick whose goal is to be a housewife. I wouldn’t even bother.”

And that is why Jodie has never had a boyfriend before.

“Well, you don’t see him the way I do.” I fire back, sighing dreamily. Adrian gives his heart-stopping smile, which has me at a loss for breath. It’s a real shame he’s smiling to Felicity, not me.

“Charlotte, I think you’re forgetting something,” Jodie says, almost gently. I would be shocked if I wasn’t solely concentrated on Adrian.

Reluctantly, I drag my eyes away from Adrian, to Jodie. “What’s that?”

Jodie sighs, sadly. “That he won’t ever notice you.”

My heart crumbles at her words. I’ve known for a while that it’s true, that Adrian will never look at a shy girl like me when he’s always surrounded by hot, confident girls who know what they want.

We’re basically the opposite.

Adrian is gorgeous. He has piercing silver eyes that are so unique. His ash-blonde hair makes them pop out, easily making them his best feature. He’s very tall as well, with defined muscles and a six-pack. His facial features are sharp and precise and his skin is tanned.

For a sixteen-year-old, he looks amazing. Everyone else knows it too. Even the seniors.

Obviously, he’s popular. He plays sport, he’s smart and beautiful. To add to that, he has an amazing personality. He’s charismatic. He can talk to anyone without being judgemental. He doesn’t care about stereotypes or school hierarchy’s, he’s friends with everyone.

I’m not. I’m ordinary. Well...

I move around a lot since my dad is in the military. That means I move to different places a lot. I’ve met a lot of people but I’ve never permanently stayed anywhere. This is just a temporary place.

So realistically, if something did happen with Adrian, it probably wouldn’t work.

“Oh, I have to go, I need to speak to Miss Flounders before the start of the lesson. Catch you later?”

I nod my head and wave goodbye to her.

Immediately, I turn my attention to Adrian who is holding Felicity close to his body. My blood boils at the sight and it takes a lot of self-control to not flip out right now. I have no right to.

I really need to get over this. I’m never going to date him. We’re from two different worlds.

The bell rings, signaling the start of the first lesson. Sighing, I slam my locker shut and begin the dreaded walk to my first lesson. Everyone else does the same, resulting in it being jam-packed. I keep my eyes downcast and shove my way through the crowds, praying this won’t make me late.

Unfortunately for me, looking down means I can’t see where I’m going. My body crashes into a solid body.

I snap my eyes upwards; open my mouth to apologize but nothing comes out when I see who it is. It feels like the oxygen in my lungs has disappeared. A strange yet pleasant tingly sensation lingers on my stomach, where I bashed into Adrian.

He doesn’t say anything, his eyes focusing on me. His silver eyes stare directly into my pale green eyes, almost like they are looking into my soul. I feel so exposed, it’s unnerving. I want to rub my arms up and down, as an attempt to cover and protect myself.

“Sorry,” he says, in a deep, silky voice. I’m shocked I can hear him over the loud chatter in the hallway. Nonetheless, I do. His voice causes the hairs on my arm to stick up at the beautiful sound of his voice. I can faintly detect an accent - his English accent. I heard that he was born in England and moved to America ten years ago.

My mouth opens and closes, like a goldfish. I can already feel my cheeks heating up in embarrassment. This is just humiliating. My crush, one of the hottest boys in school, is watching me act like an idiot. But then, he does something I never would have suspected. He chuckles. He laughs, in amusement, causing his silver eyes lighting up.

The edges of my lips slide upwards in triumphant and relief. I thought he would humiliate me more or something. Which is totally stupid since I know he’s too nice for that.

“Sorry,” I finally reply, finding my voice.

He shakes his head, waving it off. “It’s nothing.” For a moment, we just stare into each other’s eyes. I save this moment in my head, knowing I will never be this close to him again. “I better go.”

At that, I avert my eyes to the ground and mumble out an ‘okay’. We both step backward in synchronization. I take one last, lingering look at him and take a step away from him. He does the same, heading off in the opposite direction. It’s a shame I don’t share any lessons with him.

As I walk to my lesson, I think about that moment, completely unaware that I wouldn’t see Adrian in two years.

“Dad, I’m home!” I announce, later that day, waltzing through my front door.

My dad pops his head around the corner of the wall from the kitchen and waves. “Charlotte! About time, I have some very important news for you.”

I frown, wondering what it could be. I don’t get told much very often. My dad isn’t one to sit down with me and talk to me about things unless we’re either moving or I need a lesson in boys. I despise the latter.

Since I haven’t mentioned a boy to my dad in a very long time, I conclude whatever he has to say, it’s about moving.

I swallow and slowly untie my shoelaces.

My dad exits the kitchen, with a tea-towel squashed in between his hands. He wipes the food on his hands off and heads to the living room, expecting me to follow him.

When I reach the living room, I notice him already sat on the sofa. I also don’t fail to notice the pictures and ornaments in the room are gone.

Alarm bells begin to sound in my head. I know what’s happening.

“Please don’t tell me we’re leaving again.” I blurt out.

My dad flicks his eyes to me and nods his head. Guilt shines in his green eyes. “I’m sorry honey but I received an emergency call earlier. They need me up in Massacheutes by Wednesday.”

That’s in two days.

“But it’s not fair. They can’t just expect you to pack up and move straight away! What about school?” I yell angrily. I’m never like this when I’m told we’re moving away but this time, it feels so much worse. And I know why.

It’s all because of a boy called Adrian.

I can’t accept leaving and having my heartbroken. Even if he has no idea about it.

“Char, what has gotten into you?” My dad questions, his eyes blazing. Like me, he has a short temper.

“Nothing!” I argue back. “I’m just fed up. I don’t want to move anymore.”

My dad leaps to his feet and drags a hand through his greying hair. “Enough. You’re going and that’s that. Pack your things, we’re leaving tomorrow morning.” He ends the argument and storms out of the living room.

I slouch against the wall and release a large breath. I guess that’s it.

I’m leaving.

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