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My Boyfriends Brother (Complete)

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What happens when Jemma has sex with her boyfriend's brother? And she can't seem to stop... Jemma and Kyle have been dating for years on end. They are known the be one of the hottest couples on the campus. Everything in their relationship is perfect untla drunken mistake leads Jemma to accidentaly have sex with Kyle's playboy older brother Miles. What happens when Miles sets his eyes on Jemma?

Romance / Erotica
Victoria Anderson
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Chapter 1 *

“CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!” yelled the crowd of people. Miles was being held up by a few other football players as he chugged the beer.

“Hey babe. What the fuck is my brother doing?” Kyle asked as he handed me a red plastic cup of beer.

“Thanks and I don’t know. Some of the other boys brought him into the living room and I turned my back for one second then I see him being hoisted up and him starting to chug.” I said taking a big sip of the beer.

So far, I was pretty buzzed even though we only arrived an hour ago. I quickly turn around when I feel someone tap my back.

I see a small girl with blonde hair.

“Can I help you?” I asked her.

“I was wondering if you know where Jeremiah is. He’s my boyfriend. I lost him earlier and haven’t found him.” The girl asked me. Is she old enough to be here?

She looks to be 16.

“Sorry. I don’t know a Jeremiah. You could check upstairs if he isn’t down here or outside.” I said and she showed me a small smile before turning her back to me. Before she could walk away I grabbed her arm.

“Wait, I have a quick question.” I said and she turned back around.

“Um, sure. What is it?” She asked me.

“Weird question. But how old are you? You don’t seem to be 18 or 19.” I asked her.

“I’m 20 actually. I’m just very small. I get that a lot.” She said before walking away.

“You know you just called her a baby.” Kyle said chuckling. I playfully smacked his arm and took another big sip of my drink.

I turned back to Miles who was now sitting on the couch with 2 girls sitting on his lap.

“I’ll be right back.” I said before walking over to Miles.

As I walked over to him, a new boy was chugging and the others continued to yell “CHUG”.

“Miles. Follow me.” I said and put out my hand for him to grab it.

“Go away Jemma. I’m a little busy. And if my pussy of a brother told you to come get me. Tell him to march his little bitch ass over here and talk to me himself.” Miles said.

“I mean it Miles. Get up.” I said more annoyed before.

Miles groaned knowing I had just won the battle. He shoved the girl that was sitting off his lap and stood up.

“Fine. What do you want?” He asked me.

“Just follow me.” I said. I took his hand in mine and lead him up to Kyle’s room.

As soon as we got into the room I quickly closed the door.

“What are we doing in here?” He asked me.

I took and seat on Kyle’s bed and Miles laid down next to me.

“Damn, this bastards bed is softer than mine. I need to talk to my parents about this bullshit.” Miles complained.

“God you are so stupid.” I said rolling my eyes.


The sun was now on my face and I turned so it was no longer bugging me. The room was freezing so I pulled the blanket closer to me. As I did it quickly was taken back from me.

I didn’t want to open my eyes to see what it was. My guess was that Kyle had climbed into bed with me last night.

I felt the bed shift a bit.

“Jemma? What happened last night?” asked somebody. The voice wasn’t Kyles. I know that for sure.

After wondering who it was, I opened my eyes. I didn’t see Kyle. But someone very familiar to Kyle.


“I don’t know. We probably fell asleep last night.” I said pulling the cover away and standing up.

“Oh shit!” Miles said staring at me.

I looked down and saw my body completely naked.

What happened last night?!

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