My Boyfriends Brother

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Chapter 1

“CHUG!CHUG!CHUG!” yelled the crowd of people. Miles was being held up by a few other football players as he chugged the beer.

“Hey babe. What the fuck is my brother doing?” Kyle asked me as he handed me a red plastic cup of beer.

“Thanks and I don’t know. Some of the other boys brought him into the living room and I turned my back for one second then I see him being hoisted up and him starting to chug.” I said taking a big sip of the beer.

So far, I was pretty buzzed even though we only arrived an hour ago. I quickly turn about when I feel somebody tap my back.

I see a small girl with blonde hair.

“Can I help you?” I asked her.

“I was wondering if you know where Jeremiah is. He’s my boyfriend. I lost him earlier and haven’t found him.” The girl asked me. Is she old enough to be here?

She looks to be 16.

“Sorry. I don’t know a Jeremiah. You could check upstairs if he isn’t down here or outside.” I said and she showed me a small smile before turning her back to me. Before she could walk away I grabbed her arm.

“Wait, I have a quick question.” I said and she turned back around.

“Um, sure. What is it?” She asked me.

“Weird question. But how old are you? You don’t seem to be 18 or 19.” I asked her.

“I’m 20 actually. I am just very small. I get that a lot.” She said before walking away.

“You know you just called her a baby.” Kyle said chuckling. I playfully smacked his arm and took another big sip of my drink.

I turned back to Miles who was now sitting on the couch with 2 girls sitting on his lap.

“I’ll be right back.” I said before walking over to Miles.

As I walked over to him, a new boy was chugging and the others continued to yell “CHUG”.

“Miles. Follow me.” I said and put out my hand for him to grab it.

“Go away Jemma. I’m a little busy. And if my pussy of a brother told you to come get me. Tell him to march his little bitch ass over here and talk to me himself.” Miles said.

“I mean it Miles. Get up.” I said more annoyed before.

Miles groaned knowing I had just won the battle. He shoved the girl that was sitting off his lap and stood up.

“Fine. What do you want?” He asked me.

“Just follow me.” I said. I took his hand in mine and lead him up to Kyle’s room.

As soon as we got into the room I quickly closed the door.

“What are we doing in here?” He asked me.

I took and seat on Kyle’s bed and Miles laid down next to me.

“Damn, this bastards bed is softer than mine. I need to talk to my parents about this bullshit.” Miles complained.

“God you are so stupid.” I said rolling my eyes.


The sun was now on my face and I turned so it was no longer bugging me. The room was freezing so I pulled the blanket closer to me. As I did it quickly was taken back from me.

I didn’t want to open my eyes to see what it was. My guess was that Kyle had climbed into bed with me last night.

I felt the bed shift a bit.

“Jemma? What happened last night?” asked somebody. The voice wasn’t Kyles. I know that for sure.

After wondering who it was, I opened my eyes. I didn’t see Kyle. But someone very familiar to Kyle.


“I don’t know. We probably fell asleep last night.” I said pulling the cover away and standing up.

“Oh shit!” Miles said staring at me.

I looked down and saw my body completely naked.

What happened last night?!

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