Into the Darkness (Book 1)

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I woke to bright light shining through the vertical slit of the parted curtains. My head ached and my face grimaced from being temporarily blinded by the light making the pain instantly worse. I raised my left arm to my head attempting to rub my temples to make the pain go away. My arm felt heavier than usual. I looked down to see a simple tan cast wrapped around my thumb up to my elbow. I don’t remember what happened. My mind seemed fuzzy. I only could remember someone wrapping a blanket around me as I fell to the cold hard ground of the basement. I never looked at the man’s face and when he spoke to me everything seemed to come out incoherent as I stared at the ground. I remember pieces like him suturing my cuts, and warm water rushing over me as someone washed my hair and my body. I don’t know if I honestly want to remember.

I look around still dazed as to where I was. The heavy comforter lay across me, still white and barely touched on the king size bed. The room was huge. Directly across from the bed stood a fireplace made of white and grey stones; a T.V mounted directly above the mantle. A large plush arm couch with an ottoman sat in front of the fireplace with a fleece blanket draped over the armrest. Two grey doors reside on either side of the stone fireplace. To my left a large alcove with a grey loveseat bathing in the sun that shine through the curtains, a book shelf nearby it. To my right was a nightstand and under the lamp stood three bottles and a folded note into a standing triangle with my name written sharply across it. I hesitantly stretched out my arms towards it.

Addi, please take one of each of the medications. I’m sure you know what each medication is for. Please join us for breakfast when you wake. –Adrian

I grabbed each pill bottle and sat up in bed leaning my back against the headboard. I placed all three medications bottles on my lab. One medications was Doxycycline, an antibiotic; Oxycodone for pain and… what the hell? The last bottle filled with only one pill, Levonorgestrel, otherwise known as Plan B. They know. They know what Franco did to me. I felt ashamed. Everything flooded back in seconds, everything he did to me. His sinister face staring right at me laughing while his hard member slammed into me repeatedly as I pleaded for him to stop. Tears began to well at my lash line. I grabbed one pill from each bottle and slammed each one down. I hoped that the pain medication would at least make me tired enough to sleep through all the horrible things that haunt me. I don’t know who these people were. I don’t know what they want from me. All I want to do now is to fall asleep and never wake up.

I rested my head back on the pillow pulling the plush down comforter over my shoulders as I laid on my side. All I could do was sob, there was nothing else left to do. I had no fight left in me anymore. I didn’t want these memories coursing through me anymore. I just want to go home. Please, let me go home.

Soon the pain medication took over look my body and drifted off into a medicated slumber.

Welcome home baby. Supper in the oven. Here let me get your jacket for you.”

I stumbled trying to make everything perfect for him. Trying my best to be as sweet as I could be. I hoped tonight wouldn’t end like every other night.

“Why don’t you just sit down and I’ll make you a drink, okay?”

“Did you just tell me what the hell to do?”

“N-no. Just merely a suggestion. How was your day baby? Anything exciting happen?” I tried to change the subject as he sat at the dining room table already angry.

“No. Get me that drink”

I grabbed his usually scotch on the rocks and placed it in front of him slowly making my way around the table to sit across from him.

“Did you have class today Addi?”

“Yes I did.”

“What did you do today?”

“Well it was skills check off day. We were testing off on IV starts and assessments.”

“Who did you test off with?”

“N-no one… we just did it with our instructors”

“So, you’re telling me that you tested off on starting and IV and doing assessments without testing out with someone else. I’m not fucking dumb Addi. I know how nursing school works.” He started to get furious with me. “I know when you’re lying to me Addi. You were with HIM weren’t you?”

“Baby, baby… please. We just got paired together. I had no choice. He’s harmless, he’s just a friend.” I pleaded with him raising my hands, palms facing him, to shoulder height in an attempt to say I surrender. As soon as my pleads reached my lips he was lifting me off the ground by my neck leaving me dangling with nothing but his fingertips supporting me in the air.

“How many FUCKING times to I have to tell you that you are MINE. You are not to speak to another man, you are not to even look the general direction of another man. Do you hear me? Do you know how fucking lucky you are I even let you leave this house?”

His voice had becoming intolerably loud as he held me up. My hands reached for his wrist attempting to make him pull away from me. I could feel my face flush as I was losing air to my lungs. I couldn’t even croak out another plea. I knew eventually I was going to die by this man's hands. It wasn’t a matter if, it was more of a matter as to when I was going to die. I thought this was it. I struggled in one last breath before he threw me to the ground. He slammed his scotch back and threw his glass against the wall nearly missing my head.

“You don’t get how much I love you do you?” His fingers began pulling at his hair, and his face was getting bright red with anger. “You can’t just ever do what I fucking tell you to can you?”

I tried to crawl away from him pushing my body backwards like a crab walk. He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and lifted me to my feet.

“Just where the hell do you think you’re going to?” He quickly dragged me backwards towards the door. Tears began to fall down my face and I heard the latch of the deadbolt snap into place. I was trapped again. I couldn’t get out. He threw me to the floor once more, his foot quickly making contact with my ribs. He grabbed the collar of my shirt again and with his free hand began to beat my face until it was almost unrecognizable. Grabbing the back of my shirt he dragged me across the floor leading to THE room.

“N-no, no. Please Daniel. Please don’t. I’ll be better. I promise. No…No… No, PLEASE….”

“PLEASE. NO, NO. Daniel please don’t make me go in there again….” My eyes fluttered opened as I felt two arms grab my shoulders shaking me awake. It was him, Adrian, I think his name was. I quickly sat up and scurried to the opposite side of the bed covering myself with the comforter. I wanted to be as far away from him as possible. I wanted to be as far away from any male as I possibly could be.

“Bella, you were screaming in your sleep. Are you okay?”

Who was this man? I thought to myself. He was gorgeously handsome. His hazel eyes pierced through me. His chocolate hair was short on the sides but quickly grew longer as it reached the top near his forehead. It was neatly brushed back out of his face. His facial hair was more than a five o’clock shadow, but less than a full beard. His white shirt unbuttoned near the top showing just a little skin. His navy colored pants fit his legs perfectly showing every curve to every well-sculpted muscles. His eyes initially starting off concerned but grew soft as he stared at me. His gaze looked me up and down trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I just sat there. I held up the comforter to my chin trying to cover as much skin as possible, not wanting the eyes of another man upon my body. I didn’t have the strength in me to respond. The words were there on the tip of my tongue. I couldn’t do it. Tears began to well at my eyes again. I didn’t want to cry anymore. I quickly turned my head to my left to stare at the floor breaking the eye contact between Adrian and I.

“Addi?” He sighed out loudly. “I won’t hurt you I promise. I was coming up to give you breakfast. You didn’t come down this morning. I heard you screaming. You must have been dreaming. I’m sorry I startled you.” I glanced back at him my face still directed towards the floor, only moving my eyes to the corner in hopes he wouldn’t notice. “Okay. Well. I’m going to leave this here. I'll check on you later, I'll be out running errands with Amelia.” I heard a clink on the bedside table as he stood up in defeat softly placing the tray of food onto the corner. Adrian walked to the open door only stopping for a second to take one last look at me over his shoulder giving me a half smile before closing the door separating me from the world.

I sat up in straight in bed letting out a sigh as my body began to tremble from the adrenaline high caused by the dream and being scared half to death by a man I barely knew. Sweet aromas started drifting towards my nose as the smell of pancakes and eggs wafted through the air. Inhaling the delectable smell quickly, my stomach quickly cramped. Oh no. Bathroom. I need a bathroom now! I thought to myself practically leaping off the bed towards the grey door to the left of the fireplace; the little bit of contents still left in my stomach exposing themselves shortly after making it to the sink. One would think after not eating for over a week that my body would take any kind of food that it could get. But all I felt was nauseous.

I slumped down sliding my back against the cabinets under the sink until my butt touched the ground keeping my eyes closed. Even though I was no longer being tortured I still felt miserable. My stomach cramped like I had done 12 hours of ab workouts the day prior. Like a kid with the flu all I wanted to do was sleep on the bathroom floor.

So caught up in my thoughts I quickly realized I didn’t really remember being in this bathroom last night. My eyes shot open in wonder. The whole bathroom was grey and white, much like the bedroom. The white marble floors glistened beckoning the cold against my feet. In front of me sat a massive whirlpool bath large enough to fit two people very comfortably. It looked like it had never been used. Tiles in various hues of whites, greys and blacks and different sizes alternated in patterns over the walls and bench of the spotless shower. There were two different shower heads mounted on the wall. One which looked like it disconnected easily pulling straight off the wall and the other one was rather large and mounted on the ceiling, almost looking as if it was one of the rain type shower heads. The glass on the sliding door looked impeccably clean as if no one had used that yet either. I cocked my head at that thought. Wasn’t that the shower I was in last night? I could have sworn it was. The sink directly behind me was made out of white granite, little grey specks danced throughout it. The cabinets that lie beneath it were a medium tone of grey with little metal handles polished properly on each door and drawer. This bathroom was beautiful. It was much nicer than what I had ever been used to.

I picked my shaky body off the floor and crept over to the bed slumping down under the covers. The cold sweats had just started as I cuddled under the comforter trying to gather as much warmth as I could. I knew I had a fever. My teeth clattered against themselves as my body shivered. Instinctually my body curled into fetal position like it couldn’t get any closer to itself. I felt terrible. The nausea kept hitting me in waves as the food left on the table brushed my nostrils. But I choked down any bile that made its way up my throat too tired to run to the bathroom again. My eyelids become heavy. I couldn’t fight the sleep anymore. My heavy eyelids won and I found myself drifting off into the dark.


My eyelids fluttered open to bright light surrounding the room. I quickly looked at the massive clock that hung on one of the walls. I had ended up sleeping for four hours, most of the afternoon. I didn’t feel any better though. The plate of food still lay on top of the bedside table, the smell no longer wafting to my nose. But staring at the food made me stomach cramp again. Sitting up my head felt light, my eyes couldn’t focus, the room was spinning around me. Shit, shit, shit… bathroom… I stood up trying to balance myself as I felt my throat starting to constrict. My vision went black for a second from standing up too fast but I was able to regain my balance and sprint to the bathroom making it just in time to vomit in the toilet. I was drenched in sweat and hands shook. I tried standing back up to go back to bed by my legs shook under me like a baby giraffe trying to get its footing. The room started to spin again. I could feel my face drain of all color leaving me as pale as a ghost. Clutching onto my stomach I tried to take a few steps but stopped. I knew what was going to happen next. The room spun around me until my vision went dark, my balanced failed. All I could feel next was the cold floor under my back and someone yelling my name.

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