Into the Darkness (Book 1)

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I spent the day with Amelia trying to find things for Addi to make her more comfortable staying with us. I had no intentions of keeping her forever but I also didn’t know how long Dominic was going to be a threat for. Seeing as how I was not the best judge of women’s clothing Amelia agreed to come with me. Any chance she got to do girly shit like this, she took it. However, it was probably my biggest mistake. She pulled me from one store to the next and each time we left a store our arms filled with even more bags and boxes. But she was so giddy. I loved seeing my baby sister like this. She seemed fond of Addi already and she had only been with us a few days. Addi seemed to be making a soft spot in my cold dead heart already too. I ddin’t know what came over me each time I looked at her. I could see the pure fear in her eyes when I neared her, even when I just looked at her. Her screaming in her sleep made my stomach twist into a knot. I fully understood her having nightmares after what she had been through with Franco, but she screamed a completely different name in her sleep. Daniel. Who the fuck was Daniel and what did he do to her.

Heavy bags weighed down my arms as Amelia came out of the last store she wanted to go to holding about five more bags for us. I ordered the guards to pull up the car so we didn’t have to walk all the way back carrying an extra hundred pounds of clothes and shoes. Just as the car pulled up something in a window of store caught my attention. I quickly dropped the bags into the trunk of the vehicle.

“Amelia, wait in the car for me. I’ll be right back. There is one more thing I want to get.” I didn’t even make eye contact with her when I spoke to her. I just simple kept my eye on the beautiful item in the window I couldn’t resist getting for Addi.

I was back to the car within a matter of minutes. Creeping into the back of the car I could see Amelia’s eyebrow raise towards my presents and she quickly crossed her arms over her chest.

“What the hell was that about Adrian? What had you in such a trance?”

“Honestly Amelia, it’s really none of your business.” I replied snapping my seatbelt into place. I shot Amelia a look as if to say, don’t push it. And she didn’t. She kept her arms folded and let out a defeated sigh.

“Well, lets just go home. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees everything we got her. I’m so excited!”

I just smiled at Amelia’s cheesy grin. She was like a kid on Christmas, and none of this stuff was even for her. But making someone else happy made her really happy. My sister was always much kinder than myself and our two other brothers. It was one of the reasons why I tried to keep her out of the family business as much as I possibly could. Amelia was anything but innocent, but I wanted her to stay as innocent as she possibly could be in our line of work. She was my baby sister after all.

We pulled up to the house and into the garage. I took as many bags as I possibly could hold and trudged up the few stairs to Addi’s room. I lightly knocked twice on the door… no response. I knocked again. Still no response. Maybe she was sleeping? I grabbed the handle opening the door just a crack. “Addi?” I softly spoke. She wasn’t in her bed. The food on the nightstand was untouched. “Addi, are you okay?” I opened the door wider. And that’s when I heard it. The loud crash in the bathroom. I quickly dropped all of the bags in the doorway and ran to where the noise came from. There she was, on the floor. A small puddle of blood was seeping down her cheek from a wound on her forehead from the fall. Her beautiful face was pale. She had beads of sweat running down her cheeks, down her clavicle. She groaned, not opening her eyes. I quickly slide down to my knees sitting by her side, brushing my hands through her hair. I grabbed a towel hanging just in reach above the bathtub and pressed it to her forehead.

“Please, no Daniel. Don’t… no please….”Her eyes were half open squinting at me.

“Addi, bella. It’s me, it’s Adrian.” I gently cleaned her wound with one hand and stroked her hair with other.

“No, don’t. Please stop Daniel. I promise I’ll be better... please don’t hurt me. I- I didn’t mean it”

Her eyes were practically open with tears running down her cheeks, her eyes flooded with pure fear. Either she hit her head that hard or she was hallucinating. I felt her forehead with the back of my hand. She was burning up. One of the cuts on her from Franco must have been more infected than we thought.

“Shhhh, bella. You’re safe.” Her eyes flickered closed again. I sought after the opportunity to pick her up off the ground and carry her to the bed. Amelia appeared in the doorway just as I entered back into the bedroom with a lifeless Addi cradled in my arms.

“Am, go get the doctor, NOW.”


She knew. She saw her. She knew something was wrong with Addi. And it tugged on her heartstrings like it did to mine. What was this girl doing to us? I gently laid her onto the bed rubbing her cheek with the pad of my thumb and gently placing a light blanket on her to keep her fever from worsening.

“What happened to you Addi?” I whispered to myself knowing she wasn’t lucid enough to answer that question. My thumb moved from her cheek to her lips, to her forehead. I don’t know what got into me but I leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. I felt her body tense underneath me. My eyes opened back up and shifted to her eyes, now fully open and filled with fear once more.

“Please Daniel, don’t-don’t hurt me. Pleaseeee… I love you… I promise I didn’t do it.”

Was she hallucinating? She tried crawling over to the other side of the bed far away as she could get from me. Amelia busted through the door with the doctor.

“She’s awake already?” Amelia questioned.

“No, she’s hallucinating. She keeps thinking I’m someone named Daniel, and she’s terrified. She won’t let me touch her.”

The doctor chimed in, “She’s septic from her wounds Adrian. Amelia can you go try to calm her down, maybe a female face will help. I need to start fluids on her and IV antibiotics which means I need her calm enough to put an IV in.”

“Doc, she’s never going to handle that she’s scared out of her mind.”

“I know Adrian. I know. I’m going to need to sedate her, at least for a few days. I need Amelia to calm her down enough so I can put an IV in her to get the Valium into her.”

Amelia walked to the side of the bed Addi had crawled over to with her back facing me sobbing.

“Hi beautiful. Just calm down okay?”

“Ohhh Sofia, you came back for me. I was so scared. Daniel found me. He found us. I have to leave. I can’t let him hurt me again. I can’t go through all of that again. All those years were enough. You know I can’t go back there. Please come with me. Let’s go start over new somewhere else. Please, will you come? I can’t do this without you.” Addi sobbed to Amelia grabbing at her shoulders. Hiccups started from her crying so hard. She was terrified.

“Of course Addi. I’ll always be by your side. But first, can you let this doctor check you out and make sure Daniel didn’t hurt you too badly this time, that way we can know for sure that we can leave?”

No words came out of Addi’s mouth but I was able to see a small nod.

Amelia got Addi to roll back onto her back and the doctor hastened towards her quickly putting an IV into her arm just below the crease of her elbow. Shortly after he took a small syringe full of, what did he call it, Valium out of his bag. He pushed it slowly into the port of the IV as she held hands with Amelia or Sophia as she thought. She quickly drifted off looking peaceful as small snores rose from her tiny lips.

“She’ll be asleep for awhile. I’ll set up the fluids and antibiotics. I’ll be back every few hours to hang new bags and give her more sedation.”

“That won’t be necessary. Walk Amelia and I through it. The less people here the better for her. She’s been through too much already.”

“Alright Mr. DeLuca, as you wish.”

He ran us through when to hang the bags, how to hang them, and when to give the medication to keep her sleeping. It wasn’t necessarily too difficult but it did make me nervous having medications like that in my hands. Funny how I have no problem pointing the barrel of a gun in someone’s face and shooting them but a few medications that put this petite woman to sleep made me nervous.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, the mattress dipping down from my weight. I raised my hand to Addi’s beautiful face brushing a strand of caramel toned hair off of her cheek. The corners of my lips began lifting upwards looking at her soft features, until the moment was ruined by a voice still lingering in the room.

“Adrian, who’s Daniel?” Amelia asked her voice shaking from concern. She was thinking the same thing I was but spoke up about it first.

My hand fell back to my side as I continued to look at the sleeping beauty cuddled up under the sheets. “I don’t know. She woke up this morning screaming it in her sleep too. She thought I was him twice now. Whoever he is, is no one good. I’ll make sure he gets what he deserves for hurting her.”

I didn’t even try to hide the sorrow on my face as I spoke to Amelia. I didn’t even try to hide the feelings brewing for the girl I didn’t even know yet. I knew whomever this person was he hurt her. She ran from him and it seemed like she was constantly living in fear over him finding her. She was stronger than she thought she was. But I couldn’t stand to see her like that. The fear in her eyes. It was worse than the fear in the eyes of my victims. Whatever he put her through, she did not deserve.

Amelia made her way over to me and placed her delicate hands on my shoulder. “Boss, go take a break. Go deal with the business you have to attend to today. I’ll watch her.”

I looked back towards Amelia with a faint saddened smile. She knew I was getting too attached to this girl. This girl I didn’t even know. I was getting caught up in something I shouldn’t be. Amelia knew I was struggling to keep whatever these feelings were at bay. This was her way of telling me nicely I was too close and to back away.

“Thanks Am. Please don’t leave her side and give the meds like Dr. Carter ordered. If you need anything just call me.”

Soon my sadness turned into anger. I stood up from the bed taking one last look at the beauty sleeping soundly. I fixed my blazer buttoning it back up and quickly left the room. My sight was painted red. I needed blood. And at this point I really didn’t care who’s.

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