Into the Darkness (Book 1)

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A Day Unlike the Rest


I sat at the dining room table like I had done every morning since we lived here. Amelia was banging around pots and pans in the kitchen preparing breakfast. She was going to wake up the whole damn neighborhood if she kept that up, and that's saying something considering the nearest neighbor we had was close to five miles away, just how I liked it.

I didn't expect today to be any different than it usually was. The smell of eggs, bacon, sausage and pancakes filled the air along with the slight smell of something burning. I casted my eyes towards Amelia scrunching my nose up as she stopped momentarily from turning back and forth from the island to the stove and sink catching my gaze towards her. "Well you ain't gonna make your own breakfast" she would always say sticking out her tongue towards me when I gave her any kind of look while she cooked. Sometimes that girl, I swear, was going to burn down my damn house. I loved her though, my baby sister. She had become closer to me than Adam and Alex my younger brothers were. She was the youngest of all of us and I had become quite protective over her. At times it almost felt like she was more of a best friend and a sibling combined together. She was beautiful too. Every day she resembled more and more of our mother. She had long straight blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes that never dulled. Occasionally I would wonder how Amelia ended up with those traits in a family full of dark hair and dark eyes. I would seldom think that maybe she was adopted, until she would open up her mouth. Amelia wouldn't notice but when she would speak I could hear our mother's tone, I could hear her attitude seep through and every time a little chuckle would reach the back of my throat and I knew without a doubt she was a mini version of mom. There was no way that Amelia wasn't genetically part of this family despite features that contrasted the rest of ours. The similarities between Amelia and Mom would always tug at my heart. We all missed Mom, Amelia sometimes more than my brothers and I, but we were happy that we knew that she was no longer suffering.

I drew my thoughts and my vision away from Amelia and I casted my eyes back down to the newspaper that I held in my hand. My days usually started relatively the same. I would with wake up, get dressed, watch Amelia fuck up breakfast somehow, sit down with her, Adam and Alex and discuss the plans for the day and what I expected out of them. I would then go down to my study to look over profits and configure numbers. I would do that until I was pulled from the safety of my home to go check the warehouses and shortly after check in on the number of clubs and restaurants I owned to make sure they were all running smoothly as well. I didn't think today was going to be any different than usual.

Addi hadn't come out of her room for a few days now. Amelia had given her last dose of Valium over 48 hours ago, but Addi must have been sicker than we thought considering she still had yet to wake up. I peeked in on her frequently slowly opening the door just to lean against the frame of the door watching her eyelids flicker back and forth as she dreamed in her medicated sleep. After I had gotten dresses this morning I watched her for a while once more. I wrote her a small note and left it by her bedside hoping that she would find it when she finally did wake.

A pit developed into my stomach as I sat at the table flipping the newspaper pages to the next slowly sipping my scalding hot coffee Amelia managed to not fuck up today. Who knew someone could fuck up making coffee? A small part of me was hoping today was not the day that Addi was going to wake up and join us. It made me nervous for some reason. Thinking about actually interacting with her caused emotions I had never felt before. Most of me however, wanted the damsel to withdrawal from the safety of the room and gain the courage and the strength to face the strangers she had barely had any contact with. I knew that half the times I've interacted with her she was going to barely remember. I've only been there at the times she desperately needed saving. I was her savior, twice now. I had no idea who she was though. I had no idea what she liked, what she hated, or what her personality was like. I just knew from my gut that she was genuine and kind hearted. But her blatantly clear hallucinations lead me to believe that there was a past to Addi that terrified her. It made my stomach churn thinking about someone hurting an innocent girl like her.

At that thought Franco's statement intruded into my thoughts. "Oh she's far from innocent." The hands gripped onto the paper tighter at the thought, my nails almost ripping through the pages. Until I heard the little shuffles of her feet making their way down the stairs. My grip loosened on the paper and my stomach felt like it was doing flips inside my body. A smile crept onto my face but quickly disappeared when Amelia shot me a look saying, stop, stop whatever is going on in that head of yours. But I couldn't.

My heart fluttered the minute she stood in front of me looking like a completely different person. I looked at her through the corner of my eye so she wouldn't see me looking at her from head to toe. She was as beautiful as ever... no not just beautiful, stunning. She wasn't even dressed up. She pulled her grey sweater closer to her trying to cover up what she could, clearly nervous. Her long coffee colored hair lay wet loosely hanging down her back. A few strands of honey colored highlighted hair brushed over her forehead. I tried to hold back the urge to take my hand and push in behind her ear. Her face was bare and natural. She didn't need makeup to make her look gorgeous. Her dark brown eyes darted between the me and the floor trying to not make it obvious that she was staring at me. A little smirk rose to my face.

I placed the paper down on the table, staring directly at her now. Her shy smile made my heart race. Her cheeks turned a soft rosy color but it didn't hide the yellowing bruises all over her face. Without warning, the anger rose up inside me as I was reminded that this poor girl had just gone through hell again. I still wanted to fucking kill Franco for what he had done to her. He had no reason to do what he had done. He did it all out of pure fucking pleasure.

I pushed back the thoughts of what I planned to do to the asshole as soon as I could get my hands on him. I picked up the newspaper again to clear my head. I soon heard a small meek voice that snapped me out of my head even quicker.

"Uhhh... hi." She pushed the strand of hair back behind her ear, the one I wanted to caress out of her face, her beautiful face. She tried even harder to smile, still looking quite shy. Her eyes diverted down to the floor. She was oblivious to the fact that I had been staring at her the entire time. I made it seem like I was still reading the paper instead of studying her.

I quickly folded the paper and placed it next to my coffee cup. I took one last long sip from the edge trying to hide the smile that she brought to my face.

"Look who finally decided to come down. Looks like you found your new clothes okay. Hey Amelia, look who's finally feeling better."

Amelia dropped what she was doing, taking a rag to dry off her hands and quickly ran towards Addi embracing her in a tight hug. She pushed Addi back into her sites and grabbed her forearms.

"Oh, Addi. I'm glad you're okay. How do you feel? Do you want something to eat, are you nauseous, in pain, do you need anything?"

"Whoa Am, give the girl a break." Damn, Amelia knew how to bombard the damn girls. She didn't know us, she was probably fucking freaking out.

"Actually, I'm a little disoriented. How long have I been out for?"

She did seem a little confused. I didn't blame her. She had gone from working at the hospital, to dealing with Dominic and his brothers to being kidnapped and tortured, rescued by me, to septic and hallucinating. That's a lot for one person to keep track of. Before I could open my mouth to talk Amelia did it for me.

"Oh sweetie, you've been out for about five days now. Prior to that you were in your room for about two and before that, well you were there for about a week."

I needed to know what she remembered. I needed to know what she knew about Dominic, what she remembered about Franco, about me. I knew not to push anything to fast. It was going to take time for her to trust us and I knew her talking about Dominic or Franco was only going to bring up memories she probably didn't want to think about. "What do you remember Addi?"

"I remember a lot from.... from Franco, if that's what your wondering." She took a slight pause looking towards me, her face full of feel and misery.

"Um as for the rest, I don't really remember too much from the night you pulled me out of there just little pieces here and there. I remember I got sick and slept it off, until I woke up sick again but that time I remember getting to the bathroom and then things went dark. I don't really remember too much otherwise." She didn't even bring up Dominic, but I knew that everything that happened that night was burned into the back of her mind.

"Okay. Please sit." was all I could say. She remembered a lot more than I thought she was going to. I was hoping that she would have blacked out most of the trauma that Franco had made her endure. I think it would have been better for her if she had.

She did as I told her to do and quickly pulled out a chair as Amelia pulled out the one right next to her sitting towards her in a supportive stance. "Do you remember what I told you the night I got you away from Franco?"

In an instant her shy smiled turned down. She quickly lowered her head folding her fingers together in her lap. It was as if all the memories that she was trying to push down had surfaced from that night. I could tell she was trying so hard to forget, to just move on.

"Um from what I can recall you told me I had to stay here."

"Okay, good. You do remember that."

"Sweetie, Dominic, the guy from the hospital..."Amelia began.

"Yeah, I remember him."

"Well he wants you. He's been killing to try to find you. He isn't a good man Addi. He will do everything in his power to get you, do you understand that?" she finished with a grim look on her face.

Amelia was right. Dominic was an asshole. He took lives without a reason. He sold girls he no longer had reason to keep. He didn't care if someone was innocent or not, he'd put a bullet in the back of their damn head just because he felt like killing someone. He would slit peoples throats just to watch them fucking bleed out slowly to death, causing misery everywhere he went. Some of my sources had brought to my knowledge that Dominic was flipping the fuck out, killing who ever he had to trying to get information on where she was. He hadn't gotten anything, I was grateful for that. But whatever the reason Dominic wanted Addi for; he wasn't going to get her. Not over my dead fucking body, and clearly not over Amelia's as well.

"Why me?" her small voice spoke up.

"We don't really know. But it's not safe outside of this house without one of us okay?" Amelia was trying to be as sweet as she could possible be breaking this news to her.

My face grew stern thinking about Dominic hurting Addi. I didn't know this girl, not even a little. But the thought that she was so carelessly dragged into all of this without her consent made my blood boil. The minute I get my hands on Dominic he would be a dead man, I didn't care about the consequences of killing him.

As if Amelia could tell what I was thinking her eyebrow rose towards me, and her lips thinned telling me get whatever idea that was floating around in your head the fuck out.

"Excuse me, ladies." I had to leave. I needed a fucking drink. I needed a fucking smoke. I needed fucking blood on my hands. I just needed something to get this anger out of me. And that's exactly what I was going to do.

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