Into the Darkness (Book 1)

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God I hated it when she cried. I hated when I made her cry. It was all I could think about as I lay in bed attempting to close my eyes. But every time I did all I could see was her. Her cheeks turning red as her eyes glazed over in fear as I told her what was going to come today. She was terrified and it was blatantly obvious, all across her face. I had seen her look scared before, but not like this. The look she gave me, was like I was holding a gun to her about to take her life. Her eyes pleaded silently to me, begging me not to go through with the plans that had been underway for months now. My heart felt like it shattered into pieces knowing I hurt her, watching her lose her grip on reality when I told her. I tried to keep her from harm, from everyone else in the world that was set to hurt her. I didn't realize that I was one of those people. Bringing her deeper into this world, into the Mafia, was a mistake. I never realized, until tonight, how much power I had over her. How much she cared for me. This day needed to be done. She needed to get as far away from me as possible. The best thing for her to do was leave. She would be safer out in the real world even though it was an unfair life full of criminals. Nothing good was going to come from being near me. If she did, it was like signing her damn death certificate herself. I couldn't allow that.

The only thing besides her face that kept repeating over in my head was the conversation Amelia and I had weeks earlier. Stay away from her Adrian. Amelia loved her, I knew she did. She wasn't trying to be harsh or cruel to me. She knew what I felt for her before I even did. But she also knew the lift that we lived full of crime, drugs and weapons. She wanted Addi to have nothing to do with it. Amelia would catch me stealing glimpses of Addi frequently. She would only glare back at me, like our mother use to, disciplining me without saying a word. But now that Addi and I were along in the loft away from the cursing eyes of Amelia every emotion I had suppressed for the last few months came crashing out of me. Her sobs only made it worse.

My eyes closed again as the light from the oversized windows beamed in landing on my face. I needed to get at least a few hours of sleep. I was surprised that Addi hadn't asked for me to stay the night with her. And honestly I was a little disappointed. I knew no sleep was going to come for me this morning, no matter how hard I tried. I knew the only way I was going to get any sleep, was if she was in my arms next to me. But I also knew that if that were the case, I was never going to be able to leave later in the afternoon.

Slowly, my mind drifted into a light slumber as I stopped battling my mental turmoil and let my mind briefly relax. Most nights when I was able to fall asleep, very few dreams would enter my mind. But tonight flashbacks poured through.

"Adrian. We need to talk."

"What do you want Amelia?"

"Oh you know what. Don't play dumb."

"Don't fucking start again Amelia."

"Then what's your plan Adrian. Fall in love with her. Get her involved. Get her killed."

"Amelia, I said don't fucking start with me."

"Listen I love her as much as you do. But you need to get this goddamn Dominic situation figured out and she needs to leave. She needs to get as far away from you, and all of this as she can get."

Her eyes held slight sadness at the thought of Addi exiting our lives. She wasn't wrong, but I wasn't going to admit that to her face. I had purposely been drawing out the operation to take out Dominic in hopes that I would get to keep Addi around longer. I knew she needed to get away from me. I had been trying to distance myself as much as I could. I don't think I had spoken to her in weeks at this point. I craved her. The distance only made the craving worse.

"I can't Amelia. You know I can't let her go."

"Why because she knows we're mafia, or because you're too stubborn to admit that you love her. You're going to get her fucking killed Adrian. You're putting a goddamn target on her back the longer she stays. You cannot keep her locked away like a little bird in a cage for the rest of her life.

"Amelia, watch your fucking mouth."

"Why? Because you know I'm right. She's made you soft Adrian. She's made you lose focus. She had your damn head in a daze wrapped in thoughts of her. Grow up Adrian and do what you know is the fucking right thing to do."

Now she was just pissing me off to piss me off. My jaw clenched in rage. I could feel the muscles next to my ear twitch rapidly as I bit my tongue to choke down the anger I felt towards Amelia's reckless attitude. My eyes squinted towards her, warning her one last time to back the fuck down. She didn't listen.

"Fuck it. Fine. When you get your fucking head out of your ass let me know. Until then, have fun getting us all killed off, including her."

I was fighting the urge to strangle my own damn sister. Even if she was right, she was still being a little bitch about it. I knew she loved Addi too but she saw everything once sided; black or white, no in between, no greys. Amelia didn't know that I was trying to figure out a way to keep Addi in our lives while simultaneously keeping her safe and taking care of the business.

My light sleep was interrupted by the rage that consumed me from the memories. I knew now, there was no point in attempting to get even minutes of the sleep I would need to carry out the plans this evening. My mind was going to continue racing around memories that I didn't want to relive.

As if she knew I needed her, needed to see her face I heard my door unlatch. My back was turned towards the door. I turned my chin to my shoulder to glance at her. She looked tired, exhausted really. Maybe frustrated that she clearly couldn't sleep? There was a hint of terror still lingering in her bright brown eyes. She was wearing nothing but my shirt. Her bare legs showing from underneath making my heart rate jump up rapidly. There was a slight outline from her panties sticking out from the bottom. She made no attempt to cover herself. I felt my body tingle, the blood rush towards my member as he started to grow. I needed to feel her touch. But I also needed to play it cool. I couldn't let anything happen between us.

"Bella? You alright?" God she looked beautiful. Even scared, she looked gorgeous. She looked a little disheveled, her hair was a mess and dark circles rested under her puffy pink eyes from the amount of crying she had done earlier. The last thing I wanted was to make her cry again.

"Promise me." I had no idea what she was talking about. But the look in her eyes changed in front of me. The terror vanished leaving only pleads.

I quickly rose out of bed remembering myself that I was only in my boxers. I felt her eyes trail down my body at the sight of me practically naked. She swallowed hard as I had become inches away from her. My body towered over her, making her gaze drop to her feet and forcing her cheeks to flush with blood from suddenly remember she wasn't wearing pants.


"Promise me. Promise me you'll come back." Didn't I already promise this to her? She forced her gaze up to me. Damn it those eyes. They were full of pure innocents and every emotions she felt for me swam openly in them.

"Of course Bella. I already told you I would." And I had every intention of keeping that promise. Even if we couldn't be together after all of this was done. I knew she would never be able to carry on with her life if she didn't know that we were all safe.

"No Adrian. You don't get it. I need you to come home to me...." I knew what was coming. She didn't need to put any of it in words. Her body said it all. I was so taken with her eyes, her body, her... everything that her words became mumbled in my ears. I caught a few words every once in a while. Otherwise I was too preoccupied staring at her wearing my shirt. It was far too large on her, making her tiny frame look like it was swimming in it. But damn it did she pull it off anyway. I would let her wear any of my damn shirts if I continued to get a front row seat to her flaunting her body off in them. She clearly wasn't wearing a bra with this one either. Fuck, that didn't make this any easier.

Trying to shake the temptation from my mind I caught the end of her rant.

"Adrian, you're my home. Adrian, I'm in lo-"

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Is she about to say what I think she is about to say?

"Please. Bella. Don't say it. Whatever you want to say, say it when I come back." I couldn't hear her say it now. If I did I was going to give into any temptation I had for her. It would end up being a larger mess that it already was. Not that I didn't feel the same damn way, because Lord knows that I did. She didn't take my interruption as the final word however.

Her face hardened. She still held all her emotions in her eyes, but she changed. In an instant she stopped being shy. She was becoming someone I knew she really was, but thanks to her Jackass ex, never had the opportunity to find. She was finally sticking up for herself, saying what she wanted to say when she wanted to say it. It caused my stomach to start doing flips. I was proud of every little step she made. She had come so far from the fragile girl I picked up off the floor of my basement.

"No. What I need to say needs to be said now. Or I may never get the chance to again. Don't you for one second say there isn't something between us again, because there is and you know it. I see the way you look at me. No one has ever looked at me like that Adrian." She wasn't wrong. I tried to hide it. I tried to steal glances at her without her noticing. But the problem was she was always trying to do the same.

"The way you've cared for me since day one. The way you make me feel when you walk into the room. The damn butterflies. And don't you dare pretend you don't feel the spark when you touch me. I can't get enough of it. The minute you stop I find myself craving more and never wanting it to end. Adrian DeLuca, I don't completely understand what my feeling are for you, but I know that I can't live without you. So yeah, damn it. I need you to come home to me. Because I can't live without you."

FUCK. In one rant she made me lose my shit. Everything I had been composing, ever temptation I was forcing to stay buried inside of me came out in one vicious moment. I felt myself lose my color at the realization that I was about to fuck up everything. I was about to fuck up any chance she had at a normal life. But part of me, actually no, every part of me knew that she wanted this as much as I did. I was about to cave in to every fucking desire I had for her.

"Are you done rambling Bella?"

If it was possible her face turned more red, radiating with embarrassment. She seemed to be focusing on one spot on the ground not daring to look back up at me. I didn't fully understand why she was all of a sudden acting so shy again. Most likely because I had never voiced how I felt about her. And I still wasn't going to. No, I was going to show her every fucking emotion I had for her, every fucking emotion I had held back since day one. I wasn't going to tell her that she was mine. No, but she was going to know it by the time I was done with her.

Her small head still focusing on the ground nodded only slightly before she turned all but practically attempting to run out the door. My reflexes kicked in lightly reaching for her arm not willing to lose her out of my sight and risking losing this moment. Part of me wanted to be rough with her, to devour every inch of her damn gorgeous body. But I knew I needed to do the opposite.

I gently yanked her back to face towards me causing her to topple into my chest. I grabbed her hands placing them onto my chest and rested my hand over her tiny one. I saw the tears form in her eyes. It didn't make her any less beautiful but I hated knowing she was crying over me. With my free hand I tilted her chin up to meet my face. She calmed once she felt my touch. The tears that welled in her eyes began to fall as her eyes closed. Her head rested gently into the palm of my hand. The pad of my thumb ran over her cheek wiping away any trace of her sorrows.

"I thought I told you no more crying Bella." Amelia was right. Addi was making me go soft. But I didn't care.

I moved my hand that held onto her quickly embracing her face with both of my hands. I was all but close to admitting everything I felt for her.

"Look at me Addi. I promise you that I will always find my way back to you. No matter what happens. I will always come back to you. Okay? Always." And it was the truth. There was no turning back. There was no making her leave our lives. I couldn't live without her. She was the one I wanted to wake up to every damn morning. I would protect her my whole life if I had to. I would get out of the Mafia if that's what it took to keep her safe. I would go to the end of the world for her if she needed me to.

What she said next to me surprised me. Sure she had become more bold, but this? This was unlike her.

"Kiss me."

No Bella, don't fucking tempt me. I can't refrain any longer. Don't say it again. Don't look at me like that. Stop begging me with your eyes. Fuck.


"Damn it Adrian. Kiss me."

I knew this girl was my home too. She was going to be my forever. I never thought it was possible for me to ever have something like this. To feel something like this for any one person. But how much she had me wrapped around her little finger was astonishing to me. This was such a bad idea but I could give two shits less. I had never wanted something so much in my life. Thinking about having a life without her made my heart shatter into a million pieces. This girl, she was the love of my life. I didn't have to think about it for the second time. My lips crashed onto hers without anymore hesitation. I gave into the craving, the desire. I had dreamed about this moment since I saw her chained up in the basement. It had only gotten worse since I had gotten to know her everyday for months now. Her lips pressed against mine sending me into a trance unlike anything else. Blood coursed through my body at speeds it had never traveled before. The electricity this damn girl caused with each touch was unlike anything I had felt with any of the whores I had brought home in the past. It was addicting. I never wanted this to stop.

I broke the kiss if only for a second. "Addilyn Elizabeth Artell. You are going to be the death of me." My eyes bouncing between hers. They said everything they needed to. I smiled and my lips dove back to hers taking their sweet time savoring every crease, every line, every inch of hers.



His lips were soft like velvet against my skin. My eyes closed instinctually at the pressure of his lips against mine. No one had ever kissed me like this before. It started off sweet and passionate. But the hungrier he grew for more, more of me, the quicker the pace had become and the rougher he was. I could tell he was holding back not wanting to go to fast, or push me. He knew my past. He knew my scars. Part of me kept wanting to back away from him, thinking this was too much. My body wanted to flinch away from his touch. But the other part of me wanted to press myself further into his embrace. And another part of me wanted to push him onto the bed and rip his boxers off and take every damn part of him that I was craving.

His lips begged me to let him go further, so I let them. There was no battling for dominance in our kissing. I was his and we both knew it. I parted my lips just slightly when I felt his tongue take my cue and rapidly enter. It brushed past my lips dancing against my tongue. A primal growl came from his chest as he got what he wanted. My arms circled around his neck, my hands resting on his nape as my fingers brushed through his hair tussling it and pulling his head closer to me in hopes that his kisses would become stronger. I wanted to let him know just how much I wanted this, wanted all of this.

His hands embraced my waist, just above my hips. I felt like I was overheating from every spark of electricity he was causing my body to endure. I knew he felt the heat radiating off my body. His hands reached to the small of my back closing the one small inch that had separated us. My breast rested against the frame of his body. His chest and abs feeling rock hard against my touch. It wasn't the only thing that was currently rock hard.... I felt it pulse against my thighs. It was- damn it, it was perfect and I wanted it.

I closed my lips again slightly pulling away from him and his tongue. I opened my eyes into a small slit to glance at him. Fuck he was handsome. My eyes traced up and down his body. Every vein was bulging, the veins in his neck rapidly pulsated from his excitement. His eyes were wide open begging me to let him continue with a slight hint of frustration from me pulling my lips away from his.

My hands unraveled from behind his neck and slid down his arms from his shoulders circling back to his chest where I rested them against his solid pecs. God his muscles...

Why the hell did I stop? My lips crashed back into his not wanting to be seperated for any longer than they already were. I pulled back one last time for just a short second. Except this time when I went in again I took his bottom lip between my teeth tugging just slightly. All I heard was a mumbled groan from him from the pleasure it caused.

Shortly after his hands grabbed my face again closing any distance left there was between us pressing his lips against mine harder like he couldn't get enough. Except now his body started to push mine backwards as he began walking forward. My body slammed against the wall behind us causing a moan to escape my lips at the roughness. The pace of his kisses slowed once more as his hands forced my head to tilt to the side. His hands released my face and began resting against the wall on either side of my head trapping me in, his elbows locked straight. He began trailing kisses from the corner of my mouth, down my jaw line, under my ear and then just above my clavicle making my head tilt back against the wall. My lips parted as another uncontrolled moan came from my lips. What was he doing to me? My legs shook from the pleasure he was already causing me. Please, don't stop.

"Fuck Bella..." His deep voice moaned back in response to mine. His body pressed against mine. His massive member pressing against my thighs again making my core tremble and clench for him more than it already was. It was a unfamiliar feeling. But it was addicting. My body wondered what it would feel like to be with someone who didn't want me by force. It was ready for it. The moisture had been building up since the first kiss. I needed him. Every inch of my body craved his touch. Every inch of me felt heated. Never in my life had any man ever made me feel this much passion, this much desire, this much emotion. My head turned back down signalling I wanted his lips on mine again. He took the invitation.

His hands found their way from the wall back to my face. The pads of his thumbs rubbing my cheeks as his lips caressed mine slowly. His bare chest pressing me against the wall. My feet raised to my tiptoes to shorten the distance between his tall figure and my short stature. My arms laced around his neck once more pulling every part of him towards me. I felt the word vomit coming all over again. There was no stopping it. All the emotions his body forced through mine. There was only one thing I could think of.

I pulled away from his lips, resting my forehead against his keeping my eyes closed for a second before glancing back up to meet his staring at me with nothing besides love. He didn't have to say it. Every actions he'd taken for me the last six months, his actions now, his kisses, his skin against mine; I felt it. He didn't need to say how he felt. But I did.

"Adrian..." It came out in a whisper, like I was about to tell him a secret that was only meant for him.

"Don't say it baby. Don't say you love me. You say that and I'll lose it. I won't be able to hold myself back from making every fucking inch of you mine."

Good. It's exactly what I wanted. My mind had been filled with thoughts of him for months now. I wanted him. I wanted only him. I wanted him to the first and only person I gave myself to willingly. He was my home. He saved me. But not just from the hell he found me in. No, he saved me. He gave me a place to feel safe. He gave me a place to grow. He gave me the family I had dreamed of having. I was allowed to be me; to figure out who I was and what I wanted. He gave me space when I needed it, and even when I didn't. I didn't deserve this man. So I told him exactly how I felt.

"Adrian Antonio DeLuca. I am so unbelievably in love with you." A smile turned my lips upwards. My eyes closed as the words coursed out of my mouth. I hadn't realized how long I had been holding those words in. But when they were finally out, my body sighed a breath of relief I didn't know I was holding in, relaxing from the tension it built up.

Before I could even process what I had just said to him I felt his hands drop to the back of my thighs lifting my small frame off the floor like I was weightless. My back slide up against the wall as he raised me up for my face to meet his. His lips collided back over my delicate ones fighting to be let back into every crevice they held. I could feel the smile hidden behind his lips. My arms wrapped around his neck helping hold myself up. My calfs encircled around his waist, his hands balancing on the bottom side of my thighs holding me against him. His hips pressing into my throbbing center.

I was so focused on him, on every tingling nerve that he was causing that I had no idea that we were moving away from the wall until he sat me on the bed. His lips were still connected with mine. My arms dropped down to my side holding myself up as his knees found their way to the bed next to my body. He leaned closer into me causing me to start to lose my balance and begin to lay back. My body gracefully found the mattress forcing my back to rest against the comforter. His large body balancing himself over me, only using one arm to prop himself over me while his other hand explored my body. His hand grabbed my chin and forced my head to go to the side as he began trailing kisses down my neck once more.

My back arched as he caused pleasure in ways I had never experienced before making my center saturate my already soaked lace panties. His free hand caressed my thigh traveling up from my knee to my hips, his nails all but digging into my skin as another moan escaped his lips.


His body shifted on the bed. I had no idea where to. I just felt the pressure of his weight lift off the bed momentarily and then...

"Ohhhhh, Adrian." His hands gripped onto my hips just above my panties. His lips trailing kisses from my knees up. Getting closer and closer to where I wanted him to be. My back arched as his hands let go of my hips forcing one of my legs to separate from the other. His tongue began to draw small circles on the inside of my thighs work its way up to my core. My head thrashed to the side as my arms found a spot above my head opening my whole body to him. I couldn't think. The pleasure overflowed in my mind forcing incoherent words out of my mouth.

"Fuck...oh... Adrian."

His hands fondled my skin again at the hem of his shirt tracing the curves of my waist. His lips continued to make their way up to my panties. His fingers pushing the hem of my shirt up exposing my stomach in hopes to continue his path. My body froze at the realization. My scars were out in the open, visible to him. He was going to to think they were disgusting. I was going to lose him. I started to panic.

He must of felt my body language change. He stopped his trail of kisses, his eyes shifting to make contact with mine. His body trapping me underneath his arms now on either side of my body as he balanced over me.

"Baby, what's wrong? Are you okay?" My eyes darted to the ceiling, not wanting to make anymore contact with his. I felt his face glance from mine back down to my stomach. Any question he had instantly resolved. He knew why I shut down, why I flinched under his touch.

The weight shifted off the bed again as he stood up at the edge of the bed. He held his hand out to me.

"Come here Bella." What? I looked back at him tilting my chin down to my chest from the previous semi- comfortable spot I had been staring at on the ceiling. My eyes contorted in confusion questioning what he could possibly want from me. When I didn't take his hand he motioned again for me to take his hand. "Come on baby, trust me." I did trust him. Every cell in my body trusted him. But I was scared. Scared he wasn't going to see me the same after he saw every healing scar my body held. Every inch of my body was covered with my past. Scars from Daniel and Franco. Flaws I could never look past.

I reluctantly took his hand as he pulled me to my feet. He began walking pulling me with him towards the bathroom. He grabbed my shoulders positioning me in front of the vanity above the sink. He stood behind me. The look in his eyes still full of love and desire.

"Lift your shift up baby."

"What? No!"

"I didn't say take it off. Lift it up. Please. Trust me."

I did as I was told lifting my shirt up just below my breast. But my eyes closed and my chin turned towards my shoulder not wanting any part of the view the mirror was about to give. I hated looking at myself. I hated seeing my past. It was ugly. It made me ugly.

"No baby, look. Tell me what you see" One of his hands snaked around my back to rest on my waist and the other grabbed my chin softly forcing my head to look at the mirror. I didn't want to look but I knew he was going to keep pushing until I did.

My stomach was full of ridges. Ridges I wasn't born with but rather acquired. They were jagged leaving most of the skin around my navel contorted. Tears welled at my eyes again at the memories each scar held. I could recall each time I got a new one. Why Daniel gave me each scar, what I had done wrong. I could tell anyone which ones were from Daniel and which were from Franco.

"Baby, don't cry. Tell me what you see." His voice was so soft, so soothing. He wasn't the kind of person to be patient. But here he was. The answer to his question was stuck in my throat. I couldn't get the words out. I didn't want to get them out. How did I tell him that what I saw was ugly, past wounds, that remind me every damn day of what those men did to me. I couldn't say that to him.

"How about this. Tell me who did this to you."

"Them..." My meek voice answered. It was the best I could do.

"I need you to say their names baby."

"Adrian, please..."

"I know it's hard. I know you don't want to think about it. But you need to. It's the only way you are going to heal. I promise you. Who did all of this to you?"


"Good. And?"


"And who am I baby? Am I one of them? Would I hurt you?"

"No." I never questioned if he would ever hurt me. Because I knew he wouldn't. But I didn't realize it until now that even though my mind knew he would protect me at all cost, my body still felt like every male was an enemy.

"Okay." His voice was whispered. Both of his hands wrapped around my waist. HIs chin rested on my shoulder speaking softly into my ear making eye contact with me through the mirror. "You know what I see? Every battle you won against them. Every scar tells a story of survival. Each scar is a battle you won. You didn't give them what they wanted, your life. You fought. I see a goddamn warrior standing in front of me. You have more strength than you even know. I don't see scars Bella. I see you. I see beauty. I would love you with or without them."

I took one thing out of his speech to me. The rest of it blurred together lost with time. His cheeks raised showing his dimples as he smiled at the realization of what he just said, and that I caught it too.

"You... what?" He dropped his hands from my waist, grabbing my shoulders turning me around to face him. My face tilted up to meet his. His eyes gleamed with something I hadn't seen in awhile from him, happiness. His hands embraced my face softly once more.

"You heard me Bella. I am so in love with you too. And I will be damned if the woman I'm in love with ever thinks of herself the way you do. I will protect you no matter what, even if it means from the words that rattle around in that beautiful mind of yours. I love you Addilynn Elizabeth Artell. So much."

His lips crashed upon mine without hesitation. My hands raised to meet his neck as he picked up my thighs, sitting me on the sink. My legs opened, allowing his hips to slide closer to my center. Every feeling of doubt that crossed my mind earlier, every ugly feeling, every instinctual flinch disappeared out of mind. It was just him and I. It was all I needed.

My hands found his hair lacing my fingers, intertwining them in his locks. My heels dug into the back of his thighs bringing his hips closer to mine. My hips rocked slightly against his pulsating member. I had never wanted this as much as I did now. My hands dropped to his waist bands and my fingers found the elastic holding up his boxers. I wanted them off. No, I needed them off. My hands pushed under the fabric placing them on his ass, pulling him even closer to me. I didn't want any remaining room between us. And even when there wasn't it wasn't close enough. I needed him inside me. His lips pulled away from mine for a second as I began to pull his boxers down, leaving me feeling cold.

"Baby, as much as I want every inch of you. You aren't ready."


"You aren't ready. You may think you are but I know you. We do this now, and you're going to lose it. Especially if shit hits the fan tonight."

"That's exactly why I want this. I need it."

"Baby. You need to ease into this."

"Then ease me into this Adrian." My eyes begged him. My eyebrow raised with attitude. I needed to feel him. I needed to feel something, anything. I wanted him to cause my body to shake from pleasure. He was the one I wanted to give every cell of my body to.

"Don't- don't you dare look at me like that." My teeth trapped my bottom lip between them, pleading him to have his way with me. Tempting him to keep going. Part of me tried to look innocent, which wasn't too hard to do, but part of me felt like pushing him. Seeing how far I could take this. "Stop baby. Don't. Fuckkkk..." I grabbed the back of his neck forcing his lips to crash onto mine again in the middle of his words to me.

His hand wandered caressing every curve my body held. Soon enough finding my breasts, squeezing them into his massive hands. It changed from squeezing to pushing my frame back forcing my back to rest against the mirror.

"You'll regret this baby. Playing games with my head." his face was inches from mine taunting me to reach for his lips again. But he beat me to it, brushing against them but pulling away leaving me longing for more. "Lift your hips up Bella." His tone was seductive.

I didn't question him. I did as I was told. His body sank to his knees. His hands brushing over the skin around my hips grabbing ahold of the lace that seperated my being from his touch sliding them away from my skin exposing me completely. My ass now completely bare sitting on the cold counter. His lips began traced my inner knee again trailing small, soft kisses up to my inner thigh getting rougher the closer he.... Ohhhhhhhhhhh. My mind went blank. His fingers traced over my clit as he stood up again forcing me to close my mouth from moaning to kiss him. His fingers traced small circles around my center, teasing my entrance. I could feel my face becoming flushed. The more his fingers brushed over my opening, the more I wanted him to enter me. But he continued to tease, rubbing back and forth from my clit, separating my crease to circle around my opening.

"Fu- fuck. Adrian." My head tilted back hitting the mirror. Moan after moan escaped my lips without warning. I could feel myself getting closer. My back arched and my legs spread further begging him to do more, give me more. His face nuzzled into my neck lightly kissing my skin. I heard him whisper under his breath.

"You want to cum for me baby? Then beg."

"P-pa-please. Oh. Adrian."

"Say my name again Bella."

"A-ad-adrian. Oh Fuck. Baby-please."

His face now sat in front of mine. His face was straight ahead, but his eyes looked at me from the bottom of his lids.

"Who do you belong to?"

"Ahhh, Fuck. You." my breathing became faster, practically panting. My legs began to shake. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to speak besides the moans that were progressively turning into screams.

"Your mine. Don't forget that."

"Adr-adrian pl-pl-please.." I couldn't get my words out.

"Please what?"


"Say it baby, tell me what you want me to do."

"M-make me cum." Without a second thought his lips pressed against mine. His finger pressed harder into my clit making me moan louder than before. His hand changed position his thumb now rubbing vigorously while his fingers split my folds putting just the tip of his first finger into the opening. I couldn't stand it anymore. I grabbed ahold of his hand slamming his fingers into me. A scream I didn't know was possible came from my mouth from the satisfaction of finally feeling part of him inside of me.

His pace was slow at first as he tried to multitask between rubbing and thrusting. The louder my moans became the faster he thrust his fingers inside of me.

"God baby, you're so wet. You're close aren't you"

"Y-yes. Don't, pl-please, don't st-" Before I could get the rest of my words out begging him to keep going my body convulsed onto his from the pleasure. My nails dug into his skin on his back drawing blood. I could feel my sex pulsate around his fingers causing my hips to rise and fall on his hand as he moved his fingers only slightly inside me.

My mind was hazy. The only thing I could think was how incredible all of that felt. I wanted more. But I knew he was going to object. His fingers withdrew from me dropping to either side of my body before kissing me lightly again.

"How did that feel baby?"

"Fucking amazing." My arms laced around his neck again as he just stared into my eyes practically peering into my soul. I was exhausted. My breathing still coming out in pants. We sat there just staring at each other. I'm sure it was only seconds but it felt like a lifetime. My eyes bounced between his and his lips holding in a comfortable silence before reality set in again. "I love you Adrian."

"I love you too mi amor. Come on. We both need to sleep." His face was peaceful and full of pride at what he just accomplished. One of his arms wrapped under my legs and the other around my back, scooping me into his arms. He walked us back into the bedroom crawling on top of the bed with me still in his arms as my cheek rested on his chest. His heartbeat was rapid and strong pattering away into my ears luling me to sleep.

This was the only place I wanted to be. I wanted this moment to last forever

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