Into the Darkness (Book 1)

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iii | Keep Him Alive

As I lead the two men through the dark staff halls all I can feel is the gun pressed between my shoulders, ready to fire at any minute for any mistake I make knowingly or not. The nearer we got to the OR the colder the halls had become. Most of the lights are turned off at this time of night except for the emergency lights, perks of working night shift. While the halls are illuminated just enough to see where to go, it still give an eerie vibe. It didn’t help that every once in a while one of the lights would flicker like in a horror movie. Great, my life was becoming a legit horror movie now. We had the bad guys, the innocent nurse and even the damn flickering lights in the dark haunted hospital.

I finally made it to the OR board to look at what room “John Doe” had been taken into.

“He’s in this room,” I point at the board showing the guys. It was all electronically updated. Usually there weren’t many surgeries at night unless they were emergent. It look like only two rooms had been filled- an emergent heart cath from the floor and our trauma from ER.

“Why the hell does it say John Doe?” the brunette man finally spoke up.

“Well considering you guys decided to pull a gun on me instead of sitting down like civilized men to tell me what happened and what your names are or his name for that matter, it automatically goes on the board as John Doe when we don’t have a name in a trauma case” My eyes became wide at my own words that had just slipped through my mouth. SHIT. I shouldn’t have said that. It all came out with little effort, I couldn’t help it. Maybe it was the nerves of having a gun pointed at me for the last five minutes. Or maybe Sofia really did change my life and my attitude. I always use to coware down to any guy, but especially guys like this. I learned the hard way at an early age to keep my mouth shut and my head down. Now, look what I’ve done.

“Shit, I’m- I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean that.” The man’s eyes squinted with rage. It didn’t matter how many times I apologized or even if I dropped to my knees to beg for his forgiveness. I knew a man like him would do what he pleased, when he wanted to. There was no convincing him otherwise.

“Little nurse thinks she can talk back to the man that’s holding the gun to her head. Should we teach nursey how we handle girls like that?” he growled at the brunette.

As soon as the words came out of his mouth blondie raised his hand that didn’t hold the gun in the air. I knew what was coming; I had been through it before. I braced myself just before the impact. All I felt was the stinging of his palm across my right cheek. A blistering pain coming with the bright red flush imprint of his hand.

“Watch it nursey…” the blonde points the gun up at my face. “That was just the warning shot. I went easy this time seeing as how you seemed to forget which one of us has the means to kill pointing right at your face. Here I thought nurses were supposed to be smart.” He chuckled at the last part as if almost amused by his torment against me.

Holding my face with the palm of my hand trying to adjust my jaw that was momentarily popped out of place by the smack of his hand, the attitude just coursed out of me without a second thought. A steam rose inside me that I had never had before. Maybe it was still the adrenaline from before that my body couldn’t decipher when to run or when to fight. But right now all it wanted to do was fight back.

“No offense, but we’re in a hospital. I have all the means I could ever possibly want at my fingertips if I really wanted to kill you. And half of those said means you’ve probably never even heard of. Because yeah, nurses are damn smart. And trust me, I may have the smarts to know what to use to kill you off quicker than you can get one last breath in but fortunately for you I’m just not that stupid to attempt to try something like that. Oh and lastly. I have a name; not nursey, not doll, not little girl, Addi. Thanks for asking.” I sneered back at him, until I realize what I had just said. My eyes widened in realization. FUCK.

This time instead of a slap across the face, I got a swift kick to the ribs. As I doubled over holding onto my ribs trying to catch my breath the jackass nears my ear, his steaming breathing resting on my cheek.

“I won’t tell you again nursey. If you want to live to see tomorrow and that little friend of yours down in the ER, I’d quit the back sass and learn some respect if I were you. Now, walk. Before I become a little more tempted than I already am to use my knife or my gun the next time you cop an attitude.”

Clutching the side of my waist and attempting to catch my breath from my newly bruised rib cage I took the two men to the door of the operating room John Doe was in. I peered through the window placed on the side of the door just above the cold, metal handle handle. Everything seems to be going effortlessly in there. At least that was somewhat of a relief.

“See, he’s okay. They are working on him right now. His vitals all appear to be stable, can I go now?”

“Get in there, make sure nothing happens to him. Remember, he dies, you die.” Blondie says back.

“Then I need to go back to the scrub room and get changed into surgical scrubs and scrub in, it’s protocol. You want his surgery to go as planned, then I can’t risk infection by going in there with blood soaked, germ covered scrubs.”

“Fine. Lorenzo, go with her. Make sure she doesn’t run away or do something stupid.” blondie barks waving his gun and nodding at Lorenzo.

“Well at least now I know one of your names,” I snark under my breath making sure neither of them hear me. “Come on, come with me.”

As we walk back towards the entrance of the OR, I can feel Lorenzo’s eyes piercing the back of my head. He didn’t pull a gun on me like blondie did but I know he isn’t afraid to. He’s more silent then the other man. It’s almost a relief but frightening at the same time. If I have learned anything at this job it’s that silence can be just as deadly.

After some time we finally reached the door I needed.

“So Lorenzo is it? Well, Lorenzo this is the scrub room.” I say pointing towards the door with a badge reader by the handle. “If you don’t mind I will change quickly and be right out.”

“No, no. I’m going in there with you. I am not to leave you alone. Nor do I trust you alone. “

“Seriously? Now you need to watch me change? There’s literally no other way out other than this door. Great. Whatever. Fine.” I motioned him to follow me in.

I badged into the door opening it to a quiet, dark room. The automatic lights flipped on shining on the lockers that were set in five rows to my left. The room was practically so cold you could see your breath. In the corner on my right stood a machine with cubby holes with see-through plastic doors. Light blue blurs rolled up and lay behind each door. I walked up to the machine hesitantly to badge in and grabbed a pair of surgical scrubs. I could still feel Lorenzo’s eyes piecing the back of my head. As I turned around to start to undress I see him lean his shoulder up against one of the lockers, his arms crossed over his chest and his gaze still intensely focused on me.

“If you’re going to watch me change the least you can do is tell me who blondie is and who John Doe is.” I remark knowing it was probably a stretch.

“Blondie, as you so call him, is Marcello. John Doe, his name is Dominic.”

“Why is Marcello so worked up over all of this?”

“Dominic and Marcello are my older brothers. Dominic is our capo.”

“Capo?” I asked inquisitively.

“He’s the boss. That’s why Marcello is a little uptight right now, not that he isn’t always this uptight.”

“So you guys are in some kind of what- family business?” I said sitting down on the wooden bench to take my scrub pants off, and pull the new ones on. If he was going to keep answering my questions I might as well keep asking him, right? My face scruntched up as I took my shoes off the change my pants. As soon as that task was accomplished I quickly stood up and turned so my back faced Lorenzo. He didn’t need to see anymore of a show than he was already getting. I began taking my blood filled scrub top off.

“Yes, you could say something like that.”

“So, being the youngest brother, is that why you’re so quiet, and can actually manage to have a conversation with me other than waving a gun in my face and barking orders?”

“I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut in cases like these, which clearly you need to learn too. Marcello is not one you want to cross when he is in a state like this.”

“Clearly.” I said pointing up towards by cheek that had already begun to bruise.

I finished pulling the surgical scrub top on in silence quickly placed my shoes back on, fixed my ponytail into a messy bun out of my face and once ready to go lead Lorenzo back to his brother who was patiently, yet impatiently waiting outside of the door of Dominic’s operating room tapping his foot in annoyance.

“Alright, if you want me to go in there I need to go scrub in that room across the way.” I pointed through the window across the OR to the wall furthest from us made out of glass with rows of sinks. “You guys are not allowed to go in there and like I said, if you don’t want to jeopardize your brother’s surgery I would now suggest we change roles a little bit here and you do as I say. Got it? You are more than welcome to stay outside the door here and watch.” I bite my tongue as more attitude started to flow out and braced myself for whatever pain I had just caused myself. But whatever I said, attitude or not, was the truth.

Towering over my face again, his nose practically touching mine Marcello’s eyes black as night, almost mocking me threatened in a whisper, “If you do anything to cross me, endanger Dominic, or if you try to run. Just know I will find you, and I will put a bullet in between your eyes. Got it?”

I stood there in silence and nodded my head sheepishly yes to the two men. Marcello and Lorenzo gave me a nod in approval to go scrub and I hastily walked towards the scrub room. My only thought now was FUCK, what did I get myself into?

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