Into the Darkness (Book 1)

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The Truth

Side note: strong language


Swirls of pink traced around my feet as the water cascade over my shoulders washing the blood off my body down the drain. My mind was littered with what really happened tonight. What I told her was far from the truth. My gut did flips thinking about lying to her. But it was for her best interest.

I leaned my hands against the tiles bracing my weight against the wall as memories passed through my mind from the previous hours.


Storm clouds had begun rolling in. Fog was building up on the windows of the apartments we were parked by. The vicious wind rattling the fire escapes hanging from the buildings letting us know that severe weather was approaching. The frigid temperatures turning any warm air into foggy condensation. The only thing keeping us semi warm was the structure of the car we currently sat in which was hiding in a dark alleyway between two apartment buildings about a block away from the club. I had dispatched Alex and his team to take care of the guards at the back door discreetly. Riccardo, Adam and I continued to freeze our asses off impatiently waiting for them to be done.

“Fuck, how long does it fucking take for them to do their damn job.” I said letting a shiver out. The air from outside was starting to creep into the vehicle making my breath turn to fog with each exhale.

“It’s only been a few minutes. Give them some time Boss.” Adam turned to face me from his spot in the driver’s seat trying to talk some sense into me before I blew up completely. It was funny how at home I was just his brother. But when it came to business he always addressed me as Boss.

“We don’t have fucking time.”

“I get that you want this done with Adrian but be patient, fuck. They can only fucking work so fast.”

“I don’t give sh-” Just as I was in the middle of my rant my phone rang. Like he was reading my mind. It was Alex. “Yeah?”

“All clear Boss. We have our eye on the guard in the front. The guards in the back are currently being disposed of.”

“And the one inside?”

“Taken care of as well.”

“Good work. We’ll be there shortly.” Thank fucking god. I didn’t know if I was itching to get blood on my hands or if I was itching to get this done with so I could get back to her. Maybe a little of both. It had been awhile since the little demon inside of me got to come out and fucking play. And it was clawing at the surface anticipating the war to come.

I stepped out of the car, slamming to door behind me. Riccardo and Adam followed behind. This was it. The moment I had been trying to draw out for as long as possible. Now it was all up to Adam and I. Adam would be my second in command in the room to have my back in case shit didn’t go as planned-which always seemed to be the case. Riccardo would stand outside the door as my eyes. Likewise Alex would be my eyes outside the building. I could make it easy and just go in and kill the bastard but I wanted information first. I wanted to torture the son of a bitch. Really I wanted to make his life a living hell just like he intended to do to Addi. But I had to think rationally. I couldn’t go in there guns blazing and light the whole place up. No I had to think strategically. I had to make it back to her. I had to see her beautiful face again, feel her soft skin run over mine. I needed to feel her alluring lips on mine. I wanted to be lost in her and never leave.

I stood outside the car, wrapping my arms around my body in attempts to stay warm. Part of me really wanted to get this done and over with. Part of me really wanted the blood on my hands. And the other part of me just wanted to be home with her. Adam picked up on my hesitation.

“Boss. You ready?” His facial expression told me all I needed to know. He was ready to get this done and over with too. To be back in the comfort of our own home, safe with her. She was changing us. She was making us all soft. We used to hop at the chance to cause a little blood shed. Now none of us wanted this part of our life, the mafia life. All we wanted was to be at home surrounded by her, and her beautiful smile.

“As ready as I’m ever going to be. Lets just fucking get this done and over with.” I snapped a magazine into my gun, slid the chamber back loading the gun and snapped it back shut and tucked it into my waistband. “Let’s go.”

Adam lead us gun in hand. Riccardo stayed behind me keeping an eye on the back ensuring we weren’t being tailed. We had a short walk to accomplish before we met Alex standing at the back door of the club as the rest of our men scurried around him cleaning up the mess they had silently made just minutes earlier.

Alex leaned against the brick wall of the building watching them complete the task he was sent to do. A cigarette teetering between his lips as he smiled towards us like he had a fucking hard job to accomplish and he did a good job at it. It was if he wanted some kind of fucking reward for doing his damn job-an easy one at that.

“Alex” I nodded to him. “Get that shit out of your mouth.” I motioned towards the cigarette which he quickly pinched between his fingers and tossed to the ground stomping it out with a twist of his foot. “You only did half your job. Keep your fucking eyes open when we go in. Understand fuckhead?” He just simply nodded to me pushing himself off the wall to stand up straight. “What room Alex.”

“Second door on the right Boss.” He gulped hard like he was waiting for me to beat the shit out of him for his cocky attitude.

“Keep your phone on you. I’ll call if I need you.”

“Got it Boss.”

We took one last inhale in like it was going to be the last time we ever breathed a breath of fresh air. Adam grabbed onto his gun holding it in front of him slightly bent over prepared for anything that may happen once we stepped inside.

Adam grabbed onto the metal handle of the glass door swinging it open letting Riccardo and I follow him into the hallway. The back of the club was dimly lit with shades of purple and red lights splattered in circular orbs across the walls dancing back and forth to the beat of the music. Glitter was sparkled across the floor, no doubt from the mass amount of body glitter the whores covered themselves with. The walls were painted a dark grey making the whole place seem smaller than it actually was. Music blared from the front of the club causing the walls in the back to rattle from the base.

Adam crept through the hall with stealth, gun in hand until we reached the door. The moans of Dominic’s nightly whore seeping through the cracks practically making our ears bleed. Adam held his back to the wall and glanced in my direction giving me the silent nod saying ‘you ready?’. I nodded my head back to him and he glanced back to Riccardo motioning to stay put and keep eyes out.

I cautiously stepped around Adam from the wall positioning myself in front of the door. I didn’t even realize I had been holding a breath in until my stomach began doing flips and my head became light from not getting enough oxygen. I let out one heavy breath puckering my lips to breath out. I lifted my foot up and kicked in the door with a forced that left the door practically bent off its hinges. The only thing that could be heard was the screams of Dominic’s nightly pick who once again happened to be - oh what did Alex say her name was- Scarlett.

There he was sitting on the couch his arms slung over the back cushions as Scarlett’s body slid off of him in surprise attempting to cover herself up. His pants were still mostly on but his dick hung out from his unzipped pants. It wasn’t really a fucking sight I wanted to fucking see tonight. Honestly, it kind of made me want to vomit.

Smoke filled the room from the cigarette in his mouth making the room hazy. Scarlett grabbed her clothes - if you even want to call the tiny pieces of fabric that- and hurried around us standing in the doorway. I wasn’t there for her. She was innocent in all of this.

“Sorry to interrupt a good time there Dom.”

“Bout fucking time you assholes showed up.” He began standing up, the cigarette still in his mouth as he spoke. “But you fuckers couldn’t have let me get off first? Jesus fuck.” He finished tucking his junk into his pants and in one swift motion began zipping his pants back up.

“Excuse me?” What the hell did he mean it was about time we fucking showed up? Was he expecting us? My head cocked the side in confusion eyeing the brute the now stood before us tucking his button down shirt back into his pants.

“You honestly fucking think I haven’t been fucking waiting for you to show up for months now? How naive of you?” A sinister laugh left his mouth.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“I know you have what I want Adrian. Please sit, let’s talk.” His eyebrow raised in my direction, showing blatant disgust in me. He grabbed the cigarette out of his mouth, pinching it between his forefinger and his thumb, smashing it out in a nearby ashtray. With his free hand he pointed over to the wooden chair that stood in the corner of the room.

I stared back at Adam, both of us still confused. I did as I was told taking hold of the chair and positioned it in front of the couch. Dominic pinched his pant legs pulling them in an upward motion, giving his pants a little slack before sitting back down and lighting up another cigarette. I straddled my legs over the chair keeping my gun directed at the bastard.

“You wanna talk, then let’s talk Dominic. What do you want with her?”

A small chuckle left his mouth. “Oh Adrian. Remember when we used to be kids. Whatever I had. You wanted. Funny... how the tables have turned now… Remember how we used to be so close. What ever happened to our friendship Adrian?” His sarcasm poured out like a swift river.

“Friendship?” I spit my words towards him in pure utter disgust.

“Oh… yeah. That’s right. I completely forgot.” His fingers tapping his forehead mimicking the behavior like he truly forgot. “I killed your father.” Dominic leaned forward pressing his elbows into his thighs as the ember of the cigarette burned away the paper surrounding it. On any given day, women would swoon over him and his charm. But now, his eyes were black. His head was tilted down just enough where he was forced to look past his eyebrows at me. A slick smirk pressed onto his face as he fully remembered what sadistic things he had done. He was proud of his actions. But now, now, he was only trying to get a reaction out of me. He wanted me to get fucking pissed, which I was. But nonetheless, he still hadn’t answered my questions and the anger boiling inside of me would have to simmer for a moment longer until I got what I came here for.

We did used to be close, Dominic and I. We actually grew up together. Our families used to rule the city side by side, one never stronger than the other, but with a healthy alliance. Until Dominic grew older and became violent, spiteful, greedy. He was in line for rank when his father passed and unfortunately, time was not on Dominic’s side. So he made time where there was none. He wanted the world to himself. The sick bastard pulled the trigger on his own parents. But that wasn’t enough. My family stood in the way of his kingdom and he could fucking have that. So, he pulled the trigger on my father taking out everyone that stood in his fucking way. He took control of every profit between the two families, every wearhouse, any drug, gun, women he thought belonged to him. It left my family in shambles attempting to pick up the pieces and starting over from zero while Dominic gained soul control over the city. I was forced to take my father’s place unprepared, and without full knowledge of this world. I was weak, unfit for this life. I never stood a chance against anyone like Dominic. At least, not at first.

Now our two families had been at each other’s goddamn throats for years. I built a fucking empire out of revenge and spite that overpowered his and he was slowly reaching his limit of failures. Dominic was always biting at the bit to take what he thought he was due. But unknowingly, his life was fucking shattering into pieces around him, just like I wanted it. What he was due was nothing more than a lifetime of torture and failures. I was slowly giving the bastard just that, and he was fucking clueless.

“What. Do. you. Want. With her Dominic?”

“So possessive aren’t we?” An exaggerated sigh parted his lips. “Anyway. Since you have to be no fucking fun. I wanted her because she would have been fucking useful to me dumbass. Why the fuck else would I want her. Smart, beautiful, handy with fixing gaping gunshot wounds. Even if she wouldn’t have complied with being my personal nurse, her head would have costed a pretty penny to some other prick who would find better use for her than her intelligence. Oh… that’s right. Franco already figured that one out didn’t he?”

“Shut your goddamn mouth Dominic.” My body pushed the chair out from under me. Every inch of my body screamed for me to make him eat my fucking fist. I began to lung towards him when his blood curdling voice halted me in my tracks.

“Ah, ah, ah. See Adrian. I know something you don’t about her. A little secret if you will. Care to know? Of course you do. You’re practically in love with her, aren’t you? Silly me, why would I even ask?” His grin spreading from ear to ear. His voice was condescending, making him sound like more of an asshole than he already was.

“You smug fucking bastard. You have two seconds before my fist meets your face.”

He leaned forward once more on the couch. Positioning himself like what he was about to tell me was meant to be kept between him and I.

“Now, I can only imagine the little bitch probably feels the same way about you as you do about her. I mean after all, a girl like her and a guy like you. Fucking pathetic love story if I ever saw one. Nonetheless. I’m sure she’s probably told you her little fucking pity, whoa is me, backstory hasn’t she?”

“Do you have a goddamn point Dominic?” My patience was running thin and my blood was about to boil over spilling into violence against him.

He held his hand up to me, cutting me off. “Damn it. I’m getting there. Shut the hell up. Did she ever tell you who Daniel really was?”

“How do you know about Daniel?” Confusion caused my flaming skin to cooled in an instant. I didn’t like where this was going.

“I have my resources shit for brains. Figure it out. But I’m sure she never knew herself. Daniel and I, well, we go wayyyy back. See here’s the thing. I had no idea she was his girl when I met her. But when pathetic little Franco came around the corner, he filled in every little piece of the puzzle. It was fucking fantastic really. One of my guys, looking for his runaway girl who didn’t even fucking know she was involved in this mess from the beginning and is now currently in the hands of someone I despise. Talk about motherfucking perfect.”

I couldn’t process what he had just said to me. I looked back at Adam whose jaw was practically on the floor. It was like a bomb had gone off in the room.

I had been trying for so long to keep Addi out of this world, when she had been placed into this world long before she had ever come into my life. I couldn’t wrap my head around the information.

I turned my head back to Dominic who once again was smothering another cigarette into the ashtray. He abruptly stood up, placing his suit jacket back on and buttoning up the front with a smirk on his face.

It was like I was frozen. The information that had been dropped halted all motion function. But only for a second until his words brought me out of my trace once more.

“Well, gentlemen. So lovely to catch up with you. But if you’ll excuse me, I need to see a man about his girl.”

“Sit the fuck down Dominic.” My gun raised back up to him, aiming directly at his chest.

“Ahhh, see I would watch where you point that thing Adrian. Wouldn’t want anyone getting shot now would we? Actually hey. Great idea. Wouldn’t you two just love to meet Daniel?” I still had no idea what the hell he was talking about, but his attitude was making my finger tickle the trigger of my gun just a little more firmly. But as his last sentences slipped through his teeth, his sly grin disappeared transforming into pure and utter evil. His face was void of all emotion except rage, anger, bitterness. His eyes were black as night. He stood erect, attempting to tower over me. I should have shot him right then and there. “Hey. Boys. Get the fuck in here.”

Without much hesitation, the door slammed open. Riccardo began taking small steps into the room, an unfamiliar set of hands holding a gun to his head pushing him in step by step. The further he got into the room, the more the noticeable rat-like features became apparent; Franco. And then, something I never fucking anticipated. Alex. His hands raised up to his chest, his palms facing outward, silently claiming surrender. Expect the stranger behind him holding the gun was a face I had never seen before- Daniel.

“Adrian, meet Daniel. Daniel, Adrian. Now this is going to go one of two ways. You shoot me, they kill your wittle baby brother- god that made me want to puke just saying it- Adam and whatever the hell his name is.” He pointed in disgusted to Riccardo making it seem like he was just another insignificant life. “Or you let me walk. My men, let your men go. And everyone walks out alive.”

I glanced over at Alex. Fear was traced behind his eyes. Subtly, but it was there. His mouth moved in slow motion. It was almost unnoticeable. He was mouthing the words ‘do it’ letting his eyes bounce back and forth between Dominic and I. I turned toward Adam who gripped his gun tightly, waiting for the hell to break loose, nodding in approval to Alex’s mouthed-words. Alex knew the cost of this decision, but he was putting Addi before himself.

I lowered my gun, making it seem like I was going to choose the path of least resistance.

“Good choice Adrian.” but as his words rang through the air, my arm raised up and my finger did the one thing it had been itching to do since the first second I saw the bastard’s face. I pulled the damn trigger, causing blood to spill from the tiniest hole in Dominic’s chest before he collapsed to the ground. Adam took my lead emptying his gun towards Daniel and Franco. By the time Adam had any chance to aim properly at either of the men, Riccardo and Alex had become entangled with them in hand to hand combat. Making Adam’s aim relatively impossible. Until by some miracle I managed to hit Daniel in the leg, sending him to his knees on the ground which Alex took full advantage of sending a swift blow to his face, causing him to lose consciousness.

There was one more ring of a bullet being fired. I looked over to Adam assuming it had come from him. But all I saw was horror flood his face. Everything became slow-motion as I saw him scream Alex’s name and began rushing towards him. I looked back over towards Alex and Riccardo to find Riccardo unconscious-breathing, but out, and Franco fleeing, gun in hand.

Alex clutched his stomach as his eyes began to roll into the back of his head causing him to fall on his knees blood pooling out from around the wound dripping onto the floor. I rushed to his side, kneeling in front of him, panic coursing through my veins.

“Alex, buddy. Stay with me okay?” His body turned limp falling forward onto my chest. “Adam!” I screamed the loudest I had ever screamed in my life. Tears streaming down my face. “Adam. Get Riccardo. We need to leave. NOW.”

I picked up Alex’s half-lifeless body cradling him into my arms. Everything blurred out from that point on. The only thing I could concentrate on was his face and the blood gushing from his abdomen.

Damn it I couldn’t lose him.

I slid into the back seat of the car, still holding him in my arms. His eyes fluttered open for only a second. Tears began pouring from his eyes.

“A-ad-adrain. Do-don’t let me die. P-please. I-I-I don’t-don’t want to die.”

My fist found the tile, causing a loud crack to echo through the bathroom. How the fuck was I supposed to tell her that. Any of that. How was I supposed to tell her that her abuse ex boyfriend was actually part of the mafia all along. That she had been involved in this since day fucking one. There was no way she could ever handle the truth. It would break her.

I shook the thoughts and the memories from mind, forcefully shutting the water off from the shower. I grabbed a towel wrapping it around my waist before slipping on my boxers.

I just needed to sleep. This day just needed to be over with. Tomorrow will be a new day, a new start.

I kept my footsteps light as I made my way into her room opening the door quietly attempting to dull the creaks. There she was. Curled up on her side being consumed by the king sized bed. Small peaceful snores vibrating through her slightly parted lips. The thought of her save, peaceful, waiting for me brought a half smile to my lips.

She began to russel around in the sheets momentarily before opening her eyes into small slits to see me leaning against the door pondering at her beauty.

“Baby? Are you okay?” her voice was soft, almost hushed.

“Now I am.” my half smile turned complete, turning up both sides of my lips.

“Come here. Come snuggle.” She buried her face into a pillow as she patted her hand on the empty spot next to her.

“I wouldn’t ever dream of saying no.”

Her head lay comfortably on my chest, her arm sprawled out across my body and soon her soft snores became rhythmic once more. My arms wrapped around her tiny frame, holding her as close to me as I could get her. I wanted to enjoy every second with her that I could get. Because if only she knew what hell was coming, she would run.

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