Into the Darkness (Book 1)

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I could feel the pressure of his lips on my forehead causing my eyes to slit open. The room was still relatively dark with only the slightest ray of sun peeking through the curtains. I laid on my stomach, my arms draped over the edge of the bed. As soon as the pressure lifted off my forehead the bed dipped down next to my body bringing me out of my half asleep state.

“Come on Bella. Get up.” His hand brushed through my hair as I let a deep groan escape my throat.

I had been sleeping with my mouth open and I could feel the slightest crust of dried over drool sticking to my cheek. Well that’s fucking embarassing.

I rolled over to my back, bringing my hands to rub the sleep from my eyes and the crust from my lips. My body ached. Worse than it did yesterday. But it was a good kind of ache one that filled my mind with butterflies and the rose color haze on life. A small smile lifted my lips as the view of him sitting on the edge of the bed came into focus. That was until I saw what time it was on the face of the clock behind his head.

“What the hell Adrian? It’s the ass crack of dawn!” I felt sleep deprived as it was and now he was waking me up earlier than the damn sun.

“What’s your point? Get up.” He stated it like it was nothing to him shrugging his shoulders in the process.

“For fucking what?”

“Work.” He stood up, lifting his weight off the mattress. He was still in his boxers from the night prior. Every muscle of every inch of his body rippled with even the slightest of movement. It almost made me forget about being pissed that it was six in the morning. I could feel my tongue start to water like a damn dog pulling at a frayed leash waiting to devour what stood inches in front of it. I wanted a repeat of last night. I wanted that every damn day.

It took a second for my brain to process the word he had stated, work. Confusion rushed over my face, and I made it blatantly apparent to him.

“What do you mean work?”

“Get up and get ready mio amore.”

“Not until you tell me what you mean.” A sigh escaped his lips as he pulled his slacks off the edge of the bed and tore off the hanger. He quickly slipped his legs through but left them unfastened at the waist. He made small strides around the foot of the bed towards me. I began propping myself up on my elbows but by the time he reached me it didn’t matter. He cupped my face on either side pulling me up towards him. It was an instinct to close my eyes even now, knowing he was going to place the smallest peck on my lips. But shortly after as he pulled back slightly, a playful whisper came out of his mouth. His lips still brushing against mine.

“Now if I told you, I’d have to kill you.” He released my face, causing me to fall backwards back onto my elbows. A small chuckle arose from his as he turned to move back towards his clothes at the foot of the bed “It’s a surprise mio amore. Now, get up and get ready.”

“Fine.” I huffed out in annoyance. It never failed. Adrian and I had become closer than ever within the last twenty-four hours but he still allowed so much mystery to float between him and I.

I shifted my body weight to the edge of the bed, pushing the covers to the side. His overly large button down shirt draped over my tiny frame melting on to the bed. The only thing I wore underneath was a pair of nude lacy panties.

His eyes never left me, waiting for me to actually get up and get ready for the day. Only then would he continue getting dressed himself. I never actually looked back at him but I could feel his deep brown eyes piercing holes into me, scolding me from afar. And honestly, I wanted to see just how far I could push it.

I made my steps light, flaunting every curve my body held, swinging my hips from side to side taunting him. My feet tread past him at the foot of the bed, opening up the bathroom door. My fingers fiddled with each button of the shirt letting the sleeves fall down my shoulders as I unfascented one side from the other.

“What are you doing?” I turned my head over my shoulder just as I let the shirt fall to drape around my waist only covering my ass but leaving my back fully exposed.

“I need a shower.” He didn’t need much time to respond. Within seconds he was behind me. I glanced up at him, my head still turned to the side batting my lashes at him, teasing him. He bent his head down to my ear causing a shiver to go down my spine and exit my through my toes.

“To answer your questions from last night. No. I don’t like not being in control. And you seem to keep forgetting that I am.” His voice came out as almost a growl, frustrated by my behavior.

“Do I?” I playfully mocked him.

“You keep this up baby, and I’ll give that fucking attitude of yours an adjustment. Maybe a little discipline will remind you whose in charge.”

I turned around to face him dropping my hands to my sides causing the shirt to fall to the ground leaving me bare, all but my panties.

“Stop fucking testing me Addilyn.”

“Maybe I’m not testing you. Maybe this time I want you to be in control, to discipline me.” My voice was whispered but strong. I wasn’t scared like I was the last time.

I placed my hands on his chest and looked into his eyes. I didn’t see a man who would hurt me, not on purpose. I saw a man whose heart bleed through his eyes for me. Who would protect me at any cost. His voice, his face read one thing- dominant. (At least that’s what it felt like, a dominant submissive situation.) His eyes poured out a completely different emotion. One that had only gotten more prevalent the more I gave myself to him and gave myself in different forms. It was more than love, more than desire. It was an entirely new emotion.

I knew I was never going to lead in this life. This life, this mafia world was strictly for him to take hold of. But I hoped that one day I could lead with him by his side. And even though the words that came out of his mouth about reminding me who was in charge, I didn’t feel overpowered, demeaned, or even helpless. I felt strength, love, passion, trust. I knew that I had given myself to him wholeheartedly but this felt like more. To give him a submissive side of me gave me strength. It wasn’t like the power Daniel used to hold over my head; the submission he would force on me. That was not love. It was abuse. And that’s what I thought Adrian intended the first time he sought to discipline me. But now I knew that was never going to be the case. Looking at him now I knew submitting myself to Adrian was completely different than the submission I had been forced to deal with in the years prior. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for him and I wanted to show that.

“I won’t freak out like last time Adrian…” I kept my gaze in his eyes. “Do it.”

It was all the permission he needed. He took ahold of my face, planting his lips on mine. His kiss was full of power and passion. He pushed my body backwards until it hit the glass of the shower door, only then did he pull away.

“Panties, off.” it wasn’t a suggestion it was a command and I did as I was told looping them off my legs and tossing them to the floor. I stood there waiting for what he deemed was next. “Spread your legs baby.” Once again, I did as I was told; lengthening my stance shoulder width apart. The back of his fingers began tracing along my skin from my collarbone down. My hands instinctively went behind my back as his hand landed on my center, cupping my clit. My nails began digging at anything they could.

He shifted his head once more positioning himself next to my ear. “Who does this belong to?” He released the words with another primal growl.

I couldn’t function, my brain couldn’t function. The words were left on my tongue. And whatever came out was incomprehensible and weak. I could feel myself dripping wet for him already and the only thing my mind could process was how much I wanted his fingers to be drawing circles around my clit instead of holding steady.

“I couldn’t quite hear you baby. Who owns this?”

“Y-you. You do.”

“Good girl.” He whispered it into my ear. I could feel myself pour out at his words. My lip became caught between my teeth as I held back all the begging that crossed my mind. “Turn around. Hands on the glass.” It only took me a second to obey. “Bend over baby.” He didn’t have to tell me twice.

His hand began caressing wherever it pleased, teasing me down my fold and circling back around to my ass. I knew it was coming but somehow was not fully prepared for it all the same.


I could feel the burn against my skin, and instinctively I twitched at the momentary pain. But the pain turned into something else, pleasure. I found myself wanting nothing more than to have him do it again, and harder than before. He wasted no time reading my mind.


I let out a small moan mixed with an exhale that forced my eyes to roll back.


“Don’t think I’m done with you baby.” Every word that escaped his mouth sent me trembling. I wanted more, more of whatever he had to offer. “You are not to make a sound, understand?” I nodded my head, my lip still stuck between my teeth. “Good girl.”

His hand traced the small of my back shifting down to my crevasse until finally placing his fingers right where I wanted them all along. He began toying with my clit, creating petite circles with his forefinger while simultaneously teasing my entrance with another two.

How the fuck did he expect me to not make a single noise. I held back for as long as I could. But the closer I became the harder it was to refrain from his rule. My knees trembled, causing my hands to prop myself up on the glass. My teeth clamped down on my lip breaking the skin forcing me to painfully hold back every single scream that wanted to escape off my tongue. Until I came so close that I had to release what I was holding back.

As soon as the dull scream left my mouth he retreated from his motion. Fuck, please. Don’t stop.

My brain was so focused on craving the pleasure of his fingers that I never anticipated the next sting.


The familiar tingle crossed my ass once more. His hand brushed around my neck, cupping my mouth.

“Break the rules again and there will be punishments baby. Understand?” I nodded my head once more, looking at him silently begging for him to continue. He obliged instantly, diving his fingers back onto my clit.

He could tell I was getting closer the more my legs convulsed beneath me. His fingers could feel the clench of my core. “Are you close baby?” He taunted me. I silently nodded yes, still holding back screams. “You don’t cum until I tell you to.”

Fucking great. Another thing I need to concentrate on.

He edge me closer. The closer I became the more I pleaded to him through my eyes. Eventually I knew there would be no stopping the inevitable and I’m sure a ‘punishment’ would follow. But luckily, just like every other time, he read my mind.

“Okay baby, cum for me. Let out all those screams.” He cooed it in my ear and I didn’t need a second longer to debate. My throat opened letting out every single sound trapped inside. My body trembled as the release hit. My nails scratched on the glass trying to hold onto anything tangible. I rode the wave of my climax out against his hand as he placed small kisses upon my shoulder blade.

“Jesus fuck... If that’s what I get... for being disobedient... I’m going to have to cause... a little more trouble.” The words came out between pants. I turned around to face him, my body beat red for the pure pleasure he had just caused. I could tell he was aroused by the bulge in his pants. “Come here handsome.” I could feel the lust pouring from my eyes as I waved him to come closer to me. I wanted to cause as much pleasure for him as he had done with me.

“Nah-uh. You need to shower and get ready. I make love to you once and all of a sudden you become sex crazed.” He let out a small chuckle.

“Adrian DeLuca. If you do not get your ass in this shower with me, I’ll never forgive you.” I gave him a seductive smile taunting him to come play a little more. I opened the door, turned on the hot water and pushed my back against the tiled wall, waiting for him to come to me.

It only took him a minute to strip off his pants and boxers and rush into the shower, slamming the glass door behind him. He cupped my face in his hands bringing my face closer to his, kissing me feverishly. This. I want this. Every day. Every minute. Every second. I want all of him over and over again. I may have turned into a sex crazed woman, but only with him. I was his. And he was mine. He was home.


Water cascaded over my shoulders as his hands lathered the shampoo in my hair. My eyes grew heavy when his fingers massaged my scalp like a little kid being comforted by their mother playing with their hair.

“Come on, tilt your head back baby.” I did as I was told, tilting my head back as he washed the suds from the thick strands.

“Remember the first time I was in this shower?”

“How could I forget Bella?” His hands lightly brushing through my hair pushing the suds out.

“You were trying to take care of me then too. I was terrified out of my mind. Exhausted. Malnourished. Beaten, battered beyond recognition. The sight of you brought tears to my eyes both from fear and relief. But when you touched me…” I turned around to face him. Little specks of water rested on his skin accentuating every muscle he trained so hard for. I placed my hands on his chest letting the rush of the scalding water flow over both of us. “It was like you brought me back to life. I never wanted to admit it. Especially because I didn’t know how to fathom my own emotions. Part of me wanted to keep you at a distance for fear of the unknown. For fear of letting someone in and falling victim again to the cycle of abuse. But I knew. Knew that my whole life was going to change because you saved me. One touch, that all it took. And here you are still taking care of me.”

My eyes cast down to our feet, watching the water swirl around the metal grate. His fingers pressed lightly under my chin lifting my face back to meet his.

“Baby, look at me. You think I saved you? All I needed was one look at you in that hell and I was done. It didn’t matter what he did to you, what condition he left you in, you made my heart melt into a million pieces. I loved you before I even knew I loved you. You ignited something in me that I never knew was possible.” I could feel my body redden at his words. My chin pushed against his hand trying to look down from the overwhelming emotions soaring through my body. “Hey, no. Look at me Addi.” My eyes raised to meet his. They were full of love and sorrow, hope and promise. I couldn’t place my finger as to why I sensed sorrow in his eyes. “Before you I was going through the motions. Doing what needed to be done. I wasn’t a good person Addi. I’ve told you this before. But the things I’ve done in the past are unimaginable. You, Addi, Bella, you think I saved you. You saved me. A million times over. And now I get to watch you flourish into this amazing, bullheaded, assertive, courageous, resilient beautiful woman. You save me every day Addi. And if that means I take care of you until the day we die, I promise you I will. Because you, you are the only woman I want to rule this crazy, fucked up life, with. You Addilyn Elizabeth. You.”

My head shook in confusion. Did he really just say what I think he did. “What?”

He lathered the body wash in his hands before applying in lightly to my chest. His hands worked in circular motions, massaging the soap over every exposed inch.

“Turn.” He motioned me with his forefinger waving it in a circle wanting me to face away from him. His hands gingerly trailed down my back for only a second before he pulled my body back to his placing his arms through mine, wrapping them around my waist. I could feel his chin resting on my shoulder, his cheek pressed against mine. “You heard me right Bella. I want you right beside me. Not behind, not in front. Next to me. Taking this world by storm. You’ve earned that right and you’ve proven to me time and time again just how capable you are. You just need to see this world from my angel. That’s why you’re coming with me today.”

His arms unraveled from my body leaving me feeling bare without his warmth. The water abruptly shut off not long after forcing my teeth to chatter against themselves from the rapid change in temperature. I turned my body in hopes to find him near me again, craving the heat from his embrace. Instead I found him holding a towel up in the air, waiting to dry me off.

“Come on baby, let’s get you dried off and dressed.” His hands shook vigorously with the towel in tow over each of my limbs. It was an odd feeling, being taken care of. I was so used to being the one taking care of everyone else. Maybe it was just the nurse in me that felt odd, almost guilty whenever someone tended to me. It made me feel worthless to think that I couldn’t even manage to do one thing for myself. However, I never truly realized how much stress it caused holding everyone else’s life together while simultaneously holding mine up. It was almost a relief to have someone take care of me for once despite the feelings of guilt bubbling up inside of me.

“You still not going to enlighten me as to where you’re taking me today?” My hands balanced on his shoulders as he squatted down on the balls of his feet to dry off my legs.


“Do I even get a hint?”


“Adrian Antonio DeLuca, you’re impossible.” He stood back up, lengthening his spine. He placed a small kiss on my lips and pulled back exposing a giant grin mixed with a small laugh.

“And you love me all the same baby.”

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