Into the Darkness (Book 1)

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Franco had his fun and left me for the time being. I had multiple cuts spreading throughout my stomach and my legs. A few of them needed stitches. My fingers on my left hand were sore from him ripping my nails out, slowly, painfully. He said he wanted to save the right hand for later. I sobbed uncontrollably until I had no tears left to cry. The only thing that continued to drip off my face was my blood from the lacerations on my face. My white lace bra and panties were no longer white but rather blood tinged mixed with areas of white that were left untouched from my wounds. I just dangled there by my arms. My legs were too weak to continue to hold me up and my knees buckled practically forcing my shoulders to dislocate out of their joints.

I had already been down here for two days prior to waking up. I didn’t know how much time had passed after Franco left me. I’ve had nothing to neither eat nor drink for the past 72 hours. I didn’t foresee Franco being that gracious to give me anything other than pain either. I had no idea how long he was planning on keeping me. I had no idea when he was going to be back to ‘play’ again, as he so called it. I dreaded thinking about having to go through all of this again. I was left to my thoughts alone in the dark, only that dumb strip of light from the door illuminating the room. My eyes were swollen from sobbing. Eventually I let the dark take control of my mind and I quickly drifted off to sleep.


I woke suddenly at the pang of my bladder. I had no idea how long I had slept for or if it was even the same day. In the seclusion and darkness of this room I couldn’t tell if it was five minutes or five days. I don’t even remember the last time I peed or ate or had anything to drink. I figured with how much crying I’ve done and the little intake I’ve had that I wouldn’t need the restroom anytime soon. Apparently my body had other ideas. Nurses were notorious for having the ability to hold their bladder. I prayed that skill would come into use now. I had to do something though. I called out for help for what seemed like an hour. No luck. I held out for as long as I could until my body couldn’t help itself anymore. My bladder released creating a puddle around my feet. I was used to being physically abused from my past. Most physical torture I could handle. But this, this was a whole other level of torture. I felt demeaned and humiliated. No one was even around to see the mess, but I was embarrassed. I was starting to wish he had killed me instead. I would have been better off. I sobbed myself to slumber once more.


I woke to the loud creaking of the door opening and the bright light that it brought with it making me flinch and turning my head. He was back. Franco flipped on the lights above my head again glancing at my disheveled body until his eyes reached the ground. A laugh escaped his lips turning sinister like he was amused at what my body had done in his absence. He walked over to his cabinet of tools and took his time choosing which one he wanted to use to torture me this time. After a few short minutes he came back with the hammer and another knife.

“Ms. Artell. Please, would you like to tell me the truth now.”

“I’ve already told you the truth. Multiple times.” I kept my head down saying lightly.

“Okay…” His grey eyes turned black once more. He blew out a sigh when a smile broke over his face. It wasn’t a kind smile. Something evil hide behind it. HIs eyes squinted shut, only leaving a small crescent shape left of his oval eyes. “Well than. Let’s play again shall we?”

My left forearm was the first to be hit. I could instantly feel my bones shatter. It left me screaming in agony. My body wanted to crumple down to the ground but the chains continued to hold me up.

“Please, please don’t…” I begged. It was the only thing left that I could do.

Seeming uninterested and unsatisfied in breaking anymore of my bones already Franco threw the hammer to the ground near his feet grabbing the blade instead. The loud clunk of the metal hitting the cement floor caused my body to jump in fear. His hand dug into his belt line pulling out the same serrated knife that he used earlier. This time he didn’t want to just cut and slice. No, this time he slowly and brutally skinned me where ever he please.

He started at a spot right above my right breast caressing it first before taking the knife to is. His laugh darkened while doing so. He would throw the skin to the ground when he was done with one spot and move onto another. I felt like an animal that he had captured, skinning it alive, draining it of its blood and saoul.

In total I had four different wounds from where he decided to inflict the torture of skinning me. They weren’t necessarily large wounds, but painful nonetheless. Blood trickled down each spot. I could hear the faint drips of liquid drop to the floor. I didn’t look to see where it was coming from. I already knew, it was coming from my body.

My voice was tired of screaming. It had become hoarse and I was losing the energy to every whisper. My eyes fluttered open and closed as my body tried blocking my memory of the pain by blacking out. I couldn’t do this anymore.

“Pl-please, just kill me already…”

“Ohhh but Ms. Artell where would the fun in that be?”

He placed the tools back in the cabinet before coming back over to me one last time before leaving. He grabbed my chin with his hand squeezing so hard my cheeks were pressed together. He forced me to stare at him while his other hand caressed over the curves of my body. He started at my neck working his hand down to my bra, running his hands over my breasts. He continued down to my navel and moved his hand down to my thigh rubbing his hand up to my privates and then he stopped. “Like I said, such a shame you don’t know how to tell the truth Ms. Artell. Mmmm this body. The things I would do to it”

I wanted to puke at his words. It churned forcing bile to reach the back of my throat. I forcefully kept swallowing hoping to avoid the burn I would feel if it came out. There was no use. I turned my head away from him and leaned over to the best of my ability attempting to not dislocate my shoulders more than they already were. What little contents I had in my stomach made themselves present all over the concrete floor next to the other bodily fluids my body could no longer contain.

I wanted to sob. I wanted to die. Never in my life have I wanted to die as badly as I do now. Not even when Daniel was abusing me. I didn’t care how it happened, if it was at the hand of Franco or if I just fell asleep and never woke up. All I knew is that in this current moment I had no quality of life. I wanted to be put out of my misery.

Grabbing my face even harder he pulled my face back from my retching giving me a stern. “I am going to unhook your arms from the ceiling okay? I feel like being nice today. I’ll let you lay on the bed for a while. DON’T PULL ANYTHING STUPID.”

He let go of my face and unhooked my arms from the ceiling. They fell weakly at my sides. They were numb hanging in the air but the minute they fell to my side it was like a million bee stings at one moment, as my blood remembered how to circulate back to my arms and my fingers.

Grabbing the chains like a leash, Franco guided me over to the rickety cot. My legs fumbled trying to move like my body had given up and forgotten how to function. I lie down on the stained mattress and stared at the ceiling blankly. I was starting to feel emotionless; like screaming for the pain to end was sucking all the energy and life I had left out of me. I could feel myself shutting down. If this was going to be my life now, what did I have that was worth living for?

Franco fastened the shackles around my wrist and the chains to the headboard. My arms were resting above my head once more but at least this time there were on top of the mattress. After one last check to make sure everything was secure he turned to leave but stopped to look at me one last time before shutting the lights off.

“See you tomorrow sweetheart.”

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