Into the Darkness (Book 1)

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The Inviting Darkness

A/n: ⚠️there is mention of sexual abuse in this chapter. Mature audiences only⚠️

I couldn't sleep anymore. I just lay there staring at the darkness that surrounds me. I had been sleeping on and off again for a while now. I had nothing better to do after all. All I could do besides sleep was to think about my life before all of this. The past year of my life had been the best year. I found Sofia. I found a work family. I found peace. My life was starting to finally come together and then all of this happened. I didn't want to think about any of that though. It upset me to know there is a good chance my life was never going to be the same again. I knew there was a good chance that I was never going to see the beautiful light of day again. I thought back to the night that all this happened. The black of the night, the city lights low enough to see the bright stars, watching people walk by outside watching their breath freezing in the air as they exhaled. I will never see any of that again. I knew that I was most likely going to die here. I knew that Franco will kill me.

I pushed the thoughts of being killed out of my head along with the thoughts of the beautiful world I lived in before all of this. I suppressed any thoughts I had about Sofia. She is probably worried sick about me. But thinking about her made me want to cry, and I had no tears left. I wanted to feel numb; to feel no emotion of any kind. I wanted to just blankly stare at the ceiling and not think about a damn thing. But that was unrealistic. Being in a dark room with nothing besides your own thoughts made it difficult to not think, to not reminisce. If any time were a good time to pray, now would be it. For someone not very religious I found myself praying an awful lot the past few days. "Lord, please. Save me from this torture. Give me the strength I need to push through this. Give me the strength to survive, please." I whispered to myself.

As I finished praying I heard a loud crash near the stairs behind the door. It was him, it was Franco. Franco swung the door open with force. The light in the hall in front of the stairwell was bright and blinded me again. Squinting I watch as Franco attempting to make his way towards me wobbling like an unbalanced fool. He was drunk. No, not just drunk. The man was absolutely shitfaced. He managed to finally stumble his way towards me.

"Well look at what the cat dragged in," he said slurring his words. "Jesus fuck would you look at that body." He was practically drooling over my broken down body. Sick pervert.

He sat down on the edge of the bed nearest my thighs. He took his hand and began stroking my thigh working his way up to my breast. I turned my face and closed my eyes tightly hoping he wasn't going to do what I thought he was going to do. "No, please no. I can't go through this again," I whisper to myself. Please, God, don't let him do this to me.

He continued to fondle my breast. He groaned while sitting there touching every inch of my body like he owned me. I small tear began to roll down my cheek. Before I knew it Franco was standing over me ripping my underwear off and sliding his pants down far enough to let his manhood out. I tried to kick and scream. I tried to fight the inevitable but I was too weak and he easily overpowered me, pinning my legs down. I lie there lifeless, giving up, as he stroked himself and began fondling my core. I tried to pin my legs closed but again he overpowered me once more forcing my legs apart. I wanted to puke. I couldn't look. I could no longer scream. No one was going to help me. God wasn't going to answer my prayers. So I went numb, I shut myself off as I've had to do too many times before.

He took his erect manhood and in one swift motion slammed it into my center. I started sobbing, whispering please stop over and over again. The pain was excruciating. There was no gentle touch from him. He repeatedly slammed himself into me. I could feel the blood starting to pool out from the trauma he was causing. It lasted only minutes but it felt like a lifetime. He forced himself into me faster and faster until he deepened himself completely and released himself as he let out a final moan of satisfaction. He placed his pants on, loosened the chains from the headboard, stood me up and re-chained me to the ceiling back in a standing position.

He double-checked the securement of the chains and shackles, put my underwear back on and turned to walk away. Finally he turned off the lights locking me back into the darkness. I went silent. My tears dried on my face. My mind went silent. I couldn't do it anymore. I had sobbed every last tear that I had left, no more would come. I invited the darkness in and let it take control of me.


Nothing. I still felt nothing. I just stood there chained like an animal that he own. I invited death to take me. I wanted to be released from this living hell. I begged God to take me to end my suffering. I've always believe that things happen to people for a reason and that we are not given anything that God doesn't think we can handle. But what was the purpose of all of this? It started to make me think about whether God even existed. All that kept replaying in my head was one word- why. The darkness completely took over my head, which I let it. It was the only thing left to do. When I tried to think, to think of anything at all, all I saw was darkness. It was almost a relief after chasing my thoughts away from the beautiful live that I lived before.When I tried to have any emotion besides fear, my heart felt black and empty. My nerves shut down. I was no longer in pain. I no longer felt the world around me. I no longer wanted to live. I would rather have the darkness in my mind than racing thoughts of a life I was never going to live again.

I drifted back off to sleep a few times waking up periodically from nightmares replaying in my mind and panicking with every small noise I heard thinking it was Franco coming back for more. Sleep was my only escape. I had finally drifted off again to a sweet dark, dreamless slumber when I heard someone coming down the stairs. No, something was off. There was not just one person coming down the stairs, there were two.

I glanced down to the thin line of light from under the door, the only thing that tied me to the outside world now. Like so many times before I could see the shadow of feet under the door. This time there were two shadows, meaning two people. This wasn't good. I started to panic. My breaths became faster and tears began to well at my eyes. The dark tried to beckon me back into it so I wouldn't feel the fear that was creeping under my skin. But instinctually the tears fell. My body only calmed slightly when I began to hear a hushed argument starting to take place between the two shadowed men. One of the voices belonged to Franco. The other I had never heard before. I forced myself to slow my breathing and forcing my tears to dry so I could listen.

"What do you mean I can't go in there? Franco this is my damn house. You cannot tell me what the hell to do. I have a man in the garage that I need to put in here. I need information from him. So you have two fucking seconds to give me a damn good reason why I can't use my own room in my fucking house!"

"Okay listen. You're going to be pissed."

"When am I not fucking pissed at you Franco?"

"Let me explain. While you were overseas I took the liberty to attack Dominic. We almost had him but he ended up getting away with a few gunshot wounds. We tracked him down in one of the hospitals. We ran into a nurse who was covered in blood coming from the OR and we knew that she was housing him and taking care of him. We made her show us where he was but by the time we had gotten there he was gone. Apparently they have a mole on our side that has been giving them information. I knocked the girl out cold and brought her here to try to get information from her. She's in there right now that's why you can't go in there."

"WHAT IN THE LIVING HELL WERE YOU THINKING FRANCO? Those were not my orders! Amelia!!" the stranger shouted up the stairs. "Take that asshole in the garage to the safe house. Try to get information from him there for me. Apparently I have another one of Franco's fucking messes to clean up here."

"Yes, Boss." I heard a dainty faint voice respond.

"Well was torturing this girl at least worth it?"

"Not much. She's hiding something. The only useful thing she told me is she overheard Dominic and his brother speaking about wanting her. They said she would be useful to them, that if they left without her they would track her down. Dominic wants her badly Adrian. My sources over on Dom's side said he's been a mess trying to find her. I was thinking that we could at least use her as bait to lure Dominic out. He doesn't know that we have her."

"That YOU have her. I was in no part involved in this but here I am about to clean up another one of your fucking mess again! Fuck Franco! You just can't ever fucking leave well enough alone. I get that you're my uncle, and that you are blood but sometimes I really want to beat the living shit out of you. Open the fucking door Franco. Let me see her."

Franco did as he was told. I braced myself for the bright light to hit my eyes from the stairwell. He opened the door completely. Two black figures stood in the doorway, the stairs behind them illuminated from the light. I couldn't make out any features of the strange man but I saw him lean his shoulder against the doorframe while Franco walked towards me to turn on the light. A bright light shone throughout the room once more making my eyes flinch from the pain. I forgot that Franco had left me in only my bra and panties practically saturated with blood. I squirmed trying to cover myself from the two men keeping my eyes down to not look at the new man staring at my half naked body.

"FUCK Franco, what the hell did you do to her?"

"The usual. We had fun didn't we sweetheart?" He said in a baby voice grabbing my face by the chin squishing my cheeks in together shaking my face from side to side. I kept my eyes to the floor at all times.

"ENOUGH FRANCO. Leave her be. My office, NOW."

Franco turned to walk away like a sad puppy with his tail tucked between his legs after being disciplined for playing too rough with others. He reached to turn off the light when the man told him to leave it on in a firm voice. They stepped out and closed the door.

"You have 24 hours. Convince her to be the bait. And for Christ sakes Franco, unchain her and give her some damn clothes. She's a human, an innocent girl at that. She is not a fucking animal."

"Oh, boss. She's far from innocent," I heard him chuckle.

In one swift moment there was a commotion outside the door. All I heard was, "24 fucking hours Franco, and then she walks. You got it or is that too fucking hard for you to understand? You will listen to my fucking orders and if you fucking disobey me again there will be fucking consequences. Pull a stunt like this again and I will execute you, do you understand me? I may be your nephew, but I am still you're fucking capo."

The footsteps faded up the stairs, practically stomping the whole way. I closed my eyes again begging for sleep to take me once more. Eventually it did.

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