Into the Darkness (Book 1)

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I was exhausted and pissed off. The trip back home took longer than expected but it felt good to be back. I was traveling all over Italy trying to track down this asshole ex-employee of mine who ran from us here in the states after fucking with my merchandize and profits. I didn’t care what his excuse was. He stole multiple weapons and over five grand from me. It may have been pocket change in retrospect but he was still stealing.

In a weeks time we had found him but I exhausted resources I didn’t want to use to find the prick. We had gotten on a flight today to come back home with the traitor in hopes of getting some information out of him. I knew there were others that were working with him, but he had just gotten sloppy covering his tracks. I had a feeling he was working with another mob.

We finally arrived back in the U.S quickly gathering our belongings and loading into a few different cars. A black SUV followed in suit behind mine with the sorry excuse of a man that ran from us along with my siblings. He has information that I needed and I planned on getting it anyway possible. I was feeling a little pent up, and I grinned at the thought of finally getting to release all my frustrations out of him. After all, he had caused most of my frustrations.

I sighed deeply as the house in the distance came into view. My guard pulled the car up to the long winding driveway. The sight of my home calmed me down a bit as I realized I would finally get to relax and get back into my normal routine. This house had always been the favorite of my all properties. It was a very rustic modern house in the middle of nowhere, perfect for occasions like these where no one would be able to hear the screams of my enemies.

The sooner I can get the information from this asshat the sooner I get to relax. Damn did I need a hot shower and one of my whores after this mess was done.

After winding up the driveway nearing the house we pulled into the connected garage to the house. It was a large garage, matching the house. It had enough spots for at least five cars and storage. I didn’t keep all of my cars here, just the ones I used most often. The SUV that had been following mine pulled into the garage in between the other parked cars. Alex, Amelia and the guy, Dario I think his name was, stepped out after me.

“Alex, keep him in here until I make sure Franco didn’t fuck anything up inside. Because you know he always does. I’ll let you know when to put him downstairs.” I instructed Alex, my younger brother.

“Got it boss”

Franco had a horrendous habit of fucking up something whenever I left. I always left Adam in charge whenever I take leave time, but Franco always seems to do what he pleases no matter what instructions and demands are given. He’s been trying to climb his way up in ranks since my father’s death. I’ve never given him the satisfaction of prizing him with a promotion because every time he does something to attempt to move up he ends up making a larger mess for me to clean up in the end. Even when he does follow the orders that I instruct, shit still gets fucked up. I’ve lost too many profits because of him. I didn’t know if he was that fucking idiotic or just prone to fucking up. Either way I always assumed that that was one of the reasons that I was left in charge of the business after the event of my father’s death instead of Franco. Not to mention my father had been grooming me for years to take over the business. Unfortunately he had been killed before I had finished training. So sometimes things were done on the fly. But I was still convinced that I was running shit better than what Franco would have ever done. Our family would probably have been six foot under and bankrupt by now if Franco had taken over.

I walked through the door sighing a breath of relief to be home. I had only been gone a week but whenever I left I came back realizing how much I missed this beautiful place. It’s nothing too exquisite like some of my men own. It’s not a huge mansion by any means. It’s a rustic modern house, tan on the outside with stone accents; seven bedrooms and each bedroom with its own private bathroom. A beautiful porch built in the front of the home overlooking the countryside. The house had more windows than I could count but that’s how I liked it, especially with the beautiful views of the property.

I could hear Franco chalking it up with Enzo and Riccardo in the main living room breaking me out of thoughts. My shoulders tensed up at the pitch of his voice. I already wanted to throat punch him and I had only been around him for seconds. The sound of his voice made my ears bleed. Sometime I fucking hated that he was family. He never acted like it. My father and him were never close. I always thought that Franco resented my father because my grandfather passed the business to him instead of Franco. They always had an odd relationship and Franco ended up being more extatic than he should have been at the news of my father’s death. I always questioned if he had something to do with it.

A cloud of smoke fogged my vision as I walked through the door from the garage walking into the kitchen that was connected with the living room. Three men sat on my pristine couches with cigars in their mouths smoking away.

“Hey boys. Miss me?” I attempted to say, but coughed in the middle from the accidental inhalation of the smoke that swirled around my head.

“Heyey boss, you’re home earlier than expected!” Riccardo responded happily. Technically he was one of my uncles men, but nonetheless he was still one of my best men. He came over frequently, he was practically family.

“What are you doing back so soon?” Franco asked, his voice shaking like he was nervous about something.

“We got `em. We finally tracked him down in Italy and brought him back. It took less time than anticipated. Now, if you’ll excuse me gentlemen I need to go set up for our guest.” I walked away sluggishly pulling off my blazer tossing it over my shoulder. I was still feeling a bit jet lagged from the trip. I wanted to get this done as quickly as possible. I heard heavy footsteps behind me. I didn’t need to turn around to know who it was.

“Sir, boss, I mean. With all do respect, I can’t let you use the room tonight.”

I snapped my head back. Here we go. Franco fucked up something again and I was going to be caught cleaning up the mess.

“Excuse me? What did you just say?” I turned back around ignoring his insubordination, continuing past the couches in the living room back towards the kitchen where the stairs were that lead down to my office lie.

“Adrian, you can’t use the room”

Ignoring Franco’s dumbass commands I continued walking. I finally reached my office. My giant wooden desk sat peacefully in the middle of the large room thankfully looking untouched. Well that’s one thing he didn’t fuck up. It was a pretty bland room, and darkly lit with only a few lamps residing in the room itself. Bookshelves lined each wall, making it look more sophisticated than what it was actually intended for. A door stood simply behind the wooden desk like the desk was guarding the passageway to the basement, which in a sense it was. Only those whom I trusted the most were allowed to enter that room, and only at my discretion. I dropped my blazer on the chair that was neatly pushed up against the desk. Reaching into my pants pocket I pulled the keys out jingling them in my hands as I fumbled to find the one I was looking for. I slide the key into the lock ensuring that I heard the click of the deadbolt making sure that the door had become unlocked.

I could feel Franco’s eyes burning a hole into the back of my skull, begging me not to continue. It aggravated me even more knowing his presence was still lingering behind me. Opening the door completely I flipped the lights on, causing the the walls to flicker momentarily before the lights completely illuminated the stairs. A wooden oak door stood below just seconds away from my reach. Franco’s presences was still behind me, still unmoving. I impatiently waited for his wretched voice speak up again, coming up with another sorry excuse for why I should stop. The more I heard him commanding me to not go down to the room, the more I wanted to see what the hell he was hiding from me.

I blatantly ignored anything further that came out of his damn fucking mouth. He had nothing else I wanted to hear. I continued down the stairs taking one step at a time. My feet making the perfectly polished, wooden stairs creak from the pressure placed onto them. Soon enough the rapid footsteps of Franco followed me as he grabbed me by my elbow hastily as I had become a few steps aways the from my intended destination at the bottom. He turned my body around to face him, seconds before I was about to visualize his fuck up.

“WHAT THE HELL FRANCO? Get your fucking hands off me.” I snap my arm away from him.

“Please Adrian, listen to me. You can’t use the basement. Just-just trust me okay?”

“What do you mean I can’t use the basement? Franco this is my damn house. I’ll do whatever the hell I please. You cannot tell me what the fuck to do. So you have two fucking seconds to give me a damn good reason why I can’t use my own room in my fucking house!”

“Okay listen. You’re going to be pissed.”

“When am I not pissed at you Franco. What the fuck did you do this time?”

“Let me explain. While you were overseas I took the liberty to attack Dominic. We almost had him boss, but he ended up getting away with a few gunshot wounds. We tracked him down in one of the hospitals. We ran into a nurse who was covered in blood coming from the OR and we knew that she was housing him and taking care of him. We made her show us where he was but by the time we had gotten there he was gone. Apparently they have a mole on our side giving them information. I knocked the girl out cold and brought her here to try to get information from her. She’s in there right now that’s why you can’t go in there.”

“WHAT IN THE LIVING HELL WERE YOU THINKING FRANCO? Those were not my orders! Amelia…” I screamed up the stairs towards my office. “Take that asshole in the garage to the safe house. Try to get information from him there for me. Apparently I have another one of Franco’s fucking messes to clean up here.”

“Yes, Boss.” Amelia responded without hesitancy just as she always did.

“Well was torturing this girl at least worth it?” I turned back towards Franco crossing me arms over my chest glaring him down trying to instill more fear into him than I already had. Maybe one of these days he’d get it fucking across him damn mind that I was not just his nephew.

“Not much. She’s hiding something though. I can feel it. The only useful thing she told me is she overheard Dominic and his brother speaking about wanting her. They said she would be useful to them, that if they left without her they would find her. Dominic wants her, badly Adrian. My guys from our side over there said he’s been a mess trying to find her. I was thinking that we could at least use her as bait to lure Dominic out. He doesn’t know that we have her.”

He made a solid point. Dominic has always hated me. I can’t even remember the reason anymore. Our families once worked together until something happened when we were teenagers tearing our families apart and forcing a rivalry between us. It was never made clear to me what the true reason was, but just made to understand that they were now the enemy. Now that both of us were grown and running the family businesses Dominic had always tried to make my life a living hell. I don’t even know why the hell we were enemies either, he just knew that we were. He has stolen my shipments on multiple occasions, he has killed too many of my men for pointless reasons, he used women and when he’s done with them he sells them to the highest bidder like nothing more than a piece of property. So if I have a chance to take Dominic out I should take it. I snap back to reality remembering how fucking pissed and livid I was at Franco for being the world’s worst fuck up, any thoughts on Dominic could wait.

“That YOU have her. I was in no part involved in this but here I am cleaning up you’re fucking mess again! You just can’t leave well enough alone Franco. I get that you’re my uncle, you are blood but sometimes I really want to beat the living shit out of you. Open the fucking door Franco. Let me see her.”

Franco opened the door slowly pouting like a child that didn’t get his way after being scolded. He turned on the lights that hung directly above her. Like a tsunami hitting the shore my breath was knocked out of me at the sight. I leaned against the doorframe trying to take it all in and steady myself, my jaw practically hitting the floor. My breath hitched at the sight. What stood in front of me was- I don’t know how to describe it, how to describe her. Franco had her hanging by her wrists shackled and chained to the ceiling. Her knees were buckled, barely keeping her standing. The state Franco left her in didn’t take away her beauty though. She wasn’t just beautiful, there was a presence about her that I couldn’t explain. Her dark chocolate brown hair was laced with caramel tones. It was thrown into a loose messy bun that lay in between her shoulders blades with wavy strands of hair falling out around her face and tracing down her back. Her body was petite with a short stature. Her waist was curved like an hourglass and her muscles were well defined for a woman. She almost looked malnourished. I knew Franco was most likely starving her.

Franco had stripped her into only her bra and underwear that seemed to have started off white, now riddled with blood on almost every inch. There were pieces of her skin missing in at least three spots. It made my stomach churn. Anger began boiling up inside of me. My body felt red hot. Her head remained down keeping her eyes to the concrete floor. Her body was laced with cuts from her beautiful face down to her legs. And then I saw it, the puddle that lay under her feet and the blood smeared in between her legs seeming to have come from- no, he couldn’t have. At the realization at what he had done to her I had gone from angry to irate. One thing in this world that I couldn’t stand was… that. I was by no means an honest man. I had done my fair share of illegal things, but rape. I should take his head for this.

My arms dropped down to my side as my jaw nearly hit the floor. All I could say to him was “FUCK Franco, what the hell did you do to her?”

“The usual. We had fun didn’t we sweetheart?” He spoke almost proud of his actions.

Franco grabbed the girl by her jaw squishing her cheeks in together making her lips pucker and her cheeks squish together. How demeaning could he possibly be to this girl? Like he hasn’t already done enough to her as it was.

“ENOUGH FRANCO. Leave her be. My office, NOW.” I was livid with him. She looked so innocent. Franco shut the door, and I sighed a deep breath out. I needed to calm myself. Franco still had a point about Dominic and I couldn’t let one girl get in the way of the overall picture. I didn’t want to believe what I was going to say next but Franco had point.

“You have 24 hours. Convince her to be the bait. And for Christ sakes Franco, unchain her and put some damn clothes on her. She’s a human, an innocent girl at that. She is not a fucking animal.”

“Oh, boss. She’s far from innocent.” His laugh was sinister. His eyes went dark like he had enjoyed everything he did to that poor girl. I lost it. I let my emotions get the best of me. I grabbed Franco by the collar of his shirt and slammed his body against the wall that rest behind him practically shaking the whole house.

“24 fucking hours Franco, and then she walks. You got that? Or is that too hard for you to fucking understand? You will listen to my fucking orders and if you fucking disobey again there will be fucking consequences. Pull a stunt like this again and I will execute you, do you understand me? You’re lucky I’m not putting a bullet to the back of your head for this shit. I may be your nephew, but I am still you’re fucking capo, got it?”

I wanted to kill him right then and there.

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