The Royal Prisoner

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I wasn’t suppose to fall in love with him. Because falling in love with him, had me experiencing something much worse than death. Death. It is suppose to be peaceful, right? I guess none of us can actually say, until we have experienced it ourselves. But then again, who would of thought that falling deeply in love with someone, would end up with me experiencing something much worse than death. And definitely not peaceful. ----- He was a ruthless monster sent to kill me. A highly trained hunter. A man who made me believe him. Made me trust him. And, made me love him. Twice. Stupid, I know. That however, was my first, second and last mistake I would ever make. But just because I mention the word love, doesn't mean this is a love story. Like I said, he was a monster that was sent to kill me. And that's just what he did.

Romance / Fantasy
Grace Toft
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The Royal Prisoner

I'm going to tell you a story.

Not just any story.

I'm going to tell you my story.

My story of how my past caught up to my present.

My story of how my life was completely obliterated and turned upside down just by a few words.

My story of how one person changed my life.


None of you will like me after this story.

Well, I mean if you do then you must be just as crazy as me.

I'm not even sure I like myself after this story.

Honestly, I sound completely and utterly insane.

Feel free to stop reading at this point.

I would.



How could a place be so full but also so empty at the same time? Faded and cracked headstones now stood in the place of what once was a human being. A living person. Now replaced with an object that bore their name.

A bitter chill ran along my spine, I hated this place.

It reminded me of everything I had lost.

"Who would have thought we would have ended up this way?" I whispered, running my hands through the grass that was now growing onto his grave. It would soon be snowed over from the recent weather. I breathed in as the fresh wind blew, making the autumn, frosted leaves fly and the bare trees writher in a silent scream.

I sniffled, the recent cold finally getting to me, and placed the new colorful flowers I had just got from the shop into the new pot holes. I was the only one who ever visited. He never did have many family members. Well, none that I ever met. He never liked to talk about himself, which come to think about it was weird but at the time but II thought nothing of it.

He was never a big fan of flowers.

"I met a new friend today, she's called Emma. She isn't my usual type of friend, pretty and popular but she seems nice, well the only person who is nice," I breathed out a laugh, tucking my hair behind my ear. I hated school. He was the only person who made it better.

"I know what you would say. It doesn't matter if she is popular or pretty, if she is awesome and crazy like me, we will get along just fine," I recalled the memory.

"Mum and dad... well they haven't been the same since you and Oscar," I spoke my brother's name proudly.

My brother was everything to me, just like Noah was. They say that when you have your first love; it will never last, that you will always branch out and experiment with the life you have been given. That’s a lie. I hated him when we first met but that hate grew into love, somehow. Honestly, don’t ask me how or why. It baffles me just as much as it baffles you. Seriously. But it happened. He became the one person I depended on. The one person I would turn to when things went wrong. The one person I loved more than anything.

I was supposed to die with him that day. We were supposed to die together.

"They fight all the time. Mum spends most of her time drinking and well, my dad, I don't see him that much he is either out or in his room," I silently sobbed, thinking back to the way my family used to be.

Nothing like it was now.

"Nothing is like it was before when you were here, It has all changed and I honestly don't know what to do anymore," I whispered, tears racking through my slender frame, quickly sucking in air as if I had never breathed before.

"Why did they have to take you away from me?" I cried, clenching my fists. The bitter wind blew, making me wrap my coat more firmly around myself.

I looked at the new headstone that now stood in his place, nothing compared to the real version.

'Noah Oliver Rivers'

'Beloved son and brother'

'Died 25th March 2015'

'Aged 17'

'Forever in our hearts'

'Always & Forever'

'Till we meet again'

I sat there for what felt like forever but was only another fifteen minutes; silently sobbing and wishing that I had cherished more of our moments together, wishing that I had more photos, more memories and wishing that he was here, right by my side.

But he wasn't.

And he was never coming back.

One year ago

"Noah..." I giggled, as he rained kisses along my neck, running his smooth hands along my sides.

"Just one more minute," He mumbled, his voice muffled in my neck.

"One minute will turn into ten and you know it," I laughed, pushing him off me and straightening out my shirt.

"Come on, you know you want too. How could you resist this," He wiggled his eyebrows seductively, gesturing towards his hot body.

"I honestly don't know, maybe you just don't do it for me anymore," I shrugged, a slight smirk playing on my face.

"You better take that back," He replied, raising his right eyebrow.

I bit my lip, running my tongue along my bottom lip making him groan.

I leaned in towards him, close enough I could feel his minty breath across my face and brushed my lips tentatively against his.

"How about...nope," I whispered, pulling back but I wasn't quick enough because he grabbed my waist, throwing me back onto the bed.

My back hit the bed and he was straddling me straight away, careful not to put his full weight on me.

I laughed as he tickled me, knowing my weak spots.

"Sto-p, Noah...stop," I giggled, fighting away his grabbing hands.

"No, you deserve this, you know better than to tease me," He laughed, a coy smile playing along his flawless face.

I ran my finger along his face, pushing away his dark brown hair out of his perfect, bright blue eyes.

"You love it when I tease you," I replied, running my finger along his lip.

"No, but I love you," He whispered, smiling and pressing his full lips firmly against mine.

A Thousand Years Ago

"Please, my love. Run away with me," She whispered, clutching at his blue, frozen hands.

"You know If I could, I would but I cannot," He replied, running his finger down her slender face.

"I...I need to leave Xavier, please come with me," She sobbed, silently pleading him with her eyes.

He sighed, looking down on the pleading woman he loved. He couldn't possibly leave, not without drastic consequences. But something had got her scared, making her want to leave and he couldn't just abandon her.

"I have duties Athena; the King will kill us if he ever finds us. I can't risk that, I can't risk your life," He whispered, removing his hands from her tight clutch.

"You're not risking my life Xavier. I am risking my life. We could get a witch to hide us away and run far away from here. We could even go to the human world," She pleaded, grabbing his hand once again.

"I cannot do this Athena, I'm sorry. If you really need to escape then I will help you but I can't come with you," He replied, silently turning his back on her and starting to walk back to the castle, his heart breaking in two. This was the best. She did not aant this life and he did not want it for her. She deserved so much better which was something he could not give.

"Don't leave me Xavier, I need you," She sobbed, her chest heaving. He carried on walking, her words becoming distant.

"I'm am with child," She whispered, not sure if he had heard her. He froze, the muscles in his back becoming tense and his fists clenching at either side of his hips. He whirled, eyes flashing red with anger and stormed back furiously to where the love of his life stood.

"That is not possible," He shouted, his face contorting in anger.

"It's true Xavier. I am with child, your child," She whispered.

"You're lying, there is no way this baby is mine. You have been unfaithful to me, admit it," He roared, flinching from his own tone of voice.

She clenched her jaw "You know I would never commit such a crime; how could you say such a thing? This is your baby Xavier, our baby...I promise you," She sobbed, grabbing his arm.

His face contorted in pain, not knowing whether to believe her or not.

It was impossible for a human to carry a vampire child.

A vampire child would simply kill the human carrying it. That's why a human would never be able to conceive.

"I don't know how it has happened Xavier but it has, it's a miracle," She smiled, placing her small hand on her flat stomach.

He flinched, watching her small movement of her hand.

"This is no life for a baby," He retorted, running his hands down his face.

"I know Xavier, that's why we have to go. We could have a life, a family. Xavier, we are having a child. They will kill me if they find out, please we need to go," She sobbed, removing his hands from his face and holding them at his side.

He sniffed and wiped away her tears, nodding.

"Meet me here in twenty minutes and we will get as far as we can away from here," He replied, kissing her hand and then walking in the opposite direction to her.

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