Summer nights

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Adrianne thought she was always going to be alone. What happens when she meets some new friends? " Once a month, try something you don't think you'd be good at. You can find such happy surprises." - Dianna Agron

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

One bright summer day, Adrianne was under a tree talking to her friends, Starchild and Dani ( short for Danielle) after school. She never was the one to play with the boys they were too rambunctious and violent when it came to the girls. She said to her best friend Starchild “ we should really start a band.” Just then, Dani joined in in the conversation saying excitedly, “ yeah, I’ve always wanted to be in a band and I’ve always wanted to sing as well.” They all agreed on starting a band soon.

When all of a sudden, Adrianne was hit in the head with something. She looked around and saw it was a soccer ball, she didn’t know who it belonged to until a short boy with black curly hair ran up and said “ I am so sorry, are you okay ?” Adrianne just nodded and just stared at the boy, she thought he was really cute. She handed him the ball back and watched him run back to a group of boys. During the time they had left, her best friends kept catching her staring at the black curly haired boy.

When Darren got over to his best friends he took one last look at the most beautiful he has ever seen. I mean he really was sorry for hitting her in the head with the soccer ball. Cory said to him “ dude, you keep staring at that girl you just hit in the head. Are you okay?” Darren nodded and they turned back to the group and finished their game before leaving to head back to his house. The entire time he could only think of the mystery girl and wondered what her name was and what she was doing in that moment.

Adrianne was lying on her bed thinking of the black curly haired boy wondering what his name could possibly be. She fell asleep thinking about this mystery boy that she was falling hard for. Later that night, Adrianne tossed and turned all night; she was having a bad dream where she was taking care of her nephew and a killer doll tries to kill him but she steps in and throws it against the wall and she defeats it. She woke up panting and sweating and got up to check on her nephew to see if he was alright.

Darren was lying on his bed figuring out how to make this mystery girl his. Maybe he could sing her a song, but he didn’t know what school she went to. He soon drifted off to sleep to only dream about this girl that he has no idea as to who she could be. He dreamed of the day he could call her his and he was hoping it was very soon.

The next day, Adrianne was walking in the halls when she saw the black curly haired boy. She started walking towards him when suddenly Sebastain pushed her against the lockers and grabbed her by her throat pushing her upward smirking evilly. She was choking trying to get air into her lungs but it was no use, she also tried kicking but it also didn’t work.

Darren was walking down the hall when he heard something or someone hit the lockers. He turned around and saw Sebastian holding a girl by her throat smirking evilly. Darren was about to turn around and walk in the other direction when he noticed who the girl was. It was his mystery girl. He ran over and grabbed Sebastian and pushed him off of her, they started fighting. As they were fighting, Darren yelled at Cory “ grab her and take her to the choir room !”

Adrianne was lying on the floor gasping for air when she felt like she was flying, she looked up and saw the tall brown headed boy that she saw with her mystery guy the day before. She then passed out, when she awoke she saw a group of people as well as her two friends crowded around her and her mystery guy right beside her. She started to freak out when Dani and Starchild wrapped their arms around her and she calmed down.

After the fight, Darren went to the choir room to check on his mystery girl. When she came to she started to freak out and her two friends wrapped her into a tight hug. Twenty minutes later she had calmed down he said “ Are you going to be okay?” she nodded and he continued “ I’m Darren by the way.” Adrianne smiled and said in a raspy voice,” I’m Adrianne.” Darren thought that was the most beautiful name he has ever heard and it made him determined to protect her and hopefully make her his.

Adrianne sat around the room and talked with everyone and they all became good friends. One of her good friends named Chris joined the little group of frends as well as Jenna, Lea, Diana, Naya, Amber, and Heather. In her little school family she has Cory, Mark, Kevin, Mike, Chord and Darren that protect her and the others. They never leave each other alone and to be honest Adrianne was hoping that soon Darren would ask her out.

A few months later, she has been hanging out with all of her friends everyday and Adrianne joined glee club with the rest of her friends. She just had to find the perfect song to sing for her audition. She was sitting on her bed with her headphones in listening to her playlist when she looked up and noticed someone in the doorway. She took them out of her ears and smiled seeing it was Darren, Chord and Kevin.

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