Love or Pleasure?

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"Mr.Salvatore I don't think we should talk right now" Faith softly whispered. "Who said i wanted to talk? And it's William" why was she being formal? Faith Grey is one of the lowly in a small town of Massachusetts. The lowly there are considered worse than servants. She has lived her whole life in the town hiding from the people. William Salvatore is a rich businessman of the same town. Choosing to still live in this town, he meets Faith and is instantly attracted to her. But is that because she hasn't been touched by any man before so she's good for pleasure or is it because she's lonely and in need of someone that he's starting to fall for her?

Romance / Erotica
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The Lowly Of Town


They say he’s a beast in bed.
But I’ve always thought of him as someone gentle. That could be because of his lifestyle.

I haven’t seen William Salvatore. But I’ve heard of him.
And I would know him anyway for he is the only successful businessman from our town. Despite that he still chooses to live in this small town in Massachusetts when he could probably live in the most expensive building of Manhattan.

I like that about him. I don’t know how he manages his life where he has to travel to different cities every other day. But he still does.

I, however, haven’t been out of this town. It’s a small town so everyone knows each other but well there are the elite people of course who haven’t seen me and wouldn’t acknowledge my presence anyway.

Faith Grey. My mom gave me that name. But then she died two days after my birth. I didn’t have a father. They told me that my mom met him when she visited New York. They had a spark which led to a hot night in a club in Brooklyn.

That, however, made me a third class person in this town. I was an orphan whose mom got pregnant by a guy who didn’t even care about his baby. But then they don’t know if she told him that she was pregnant. So I have hopes.

But being a third class meant that, according to the townspeople, not worthy of anything. Not worthy of being talked to. Not worthy of being smiled at. Not worthy of anyone.

I ,being a third class, had never seen the “modern” part of this town. I lived in a small cottage away from the hustle of the people. The cottage was my mom’s. When I was born they took me to the orphanage where I grew up. But then I decided to come here and spend my life in peace away from the weird glares of people.

I hardly even go to the local market for the lowly people of this town to buy groceries. I like to stay at home. It feels safe here.
But when I do go out I hear women talking about him and it feels like every woman he looks at, he sleeps with her.

But that sounds wrong for someone as classy as him. I just have this image in my mind of him. Of how he is, how he acts, how he talks and how he is in bed. But I don’t think I’ll ever find that out. And I don’t know how anyone else is in bed.

That’s right, I’m a virgin. Because of my low class status no guys has ever touched me. I’ve never even experienced the climax. Yes, I’ve never been touched even by my own hands.

It’s just something I never really wanted to do. I’ve had fantasies of guys touching me but that’s only when I’m going to bed and when I start fantasizing I’m already too tired so I just drift off to sleep.

Outside my cottage I’ve created a small farm where I grow my own crops. It’s enough that it earns me money to get food. I don’t sell it in the market to the townspeople. I cover myself in a cloak to hide my face and go to a shop and sell it there.

Today was that day. Today I had to go out for groceries. The most difficult day of the month. Grocery shopping. Taking a deep breath I walked out of the cottage, making sure I looked as confident as I can be to avoid the comments of people about me being weak.

It’s a small town so it only took me 2 minutes to get to the market.


I forgot my jacket.

And It was cold.

And there they were women whispering probably about Will. About how good he was in bed. And they were in my way.

“Hey could you guys excuse me I need to get to the shop” ah the interaction, i don’t like it. Can i hide somewhere?

They stepped aside to my surprise which only meant that they were talking about something special enough to not pay attention to me. I tried to eavesdrop.

“They’re saying every person in town is invited even the lowly” whispered a blonde haired girl.

Invited to what? What am I missing? I couldn’t just stand there and listen to them so I went to the shopkeeper. Bought the groceries.

“Hey Mark, what are those girls over there talking about?”

“Oh you didn’t hear? Mr. Salvatore has organized a party at his mansion for securing a big deal and everyone’s invited.” Mark was surprised to know that I didn’t know about this because he knew I was the biggest eavesdropper.

Mark was an old shopkeeper. The only guy that I could talk to maybe because of the fact that I only bought groceries from him. I refused to go further into the market.

Thanking Mark I made my way back to the cottage. This party. Should I go? No I shouldn’t. Everyone would be there. And besides I don’t really have a dress. But I’ll get to see him. I’ll get to see the guy i never thought I’d see.

Don’t mistake this for me liking him. I’m just curious about him. I think I’m going to go. His mansion’s big so I can remain in the shadows away from the people.
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