Love or Pleasure?

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The Voices Behind The Door

I decided to wear an old red dress of my mother’s that I found in her chest of memorable things. It doesn’t really fit me, it’s a bit tight. But I don’t have a choice so I’m going to have to wear it. Slipping an ordinary pair of shoes I made my way towards Mr. Salvatore’s mansion

The mansion’s located on a hill and since I’m walking while everyone’s using cars, it’s going to be hard to climb it. But after about 10 minutes of struggling I finally made it to the top.

It’s beautiful.

The mansion itself looks like a castle and when I look back I can see the lights shining below in the town. There’s a huge garden surrounding the house with all kinds of rare flowers.

Now putting my mission into effect. Observe Mr. Salvatore but stay away from people and if I don’t see him then it’s ok. But I have to, at any cost, stay away from the people.

Hiding my face with my hair I started moving inside the mansion. Thanks to the darkness outside no one saw me. I have the blessings of God because inside the mansion the lighting was also dim to set the mood of the party so no one saw me.

Inside guards were directing people to the ballroom. I however went the opposite direction and came before a set of stairs. Well since I’m here why not explore this beauty. The floor I reached had a corridor leading to a set of doors. These doors even looked beautiful to me.

I don’t know what I was thinking but I opened the door. Inside was what looked like a music room with a giant piano in the center. On either sides of the piano there was a door. And from the door on my left I could hear voices.

Not voices. The sound of moaning and screaming. Moving closer I heard another sound. A sound of flesh colliding with flesh. I gulped. Someone was having sex in there and I was standing right outside. Knowing that when they came out they would see me, I didn’t move a muscle but stood there.

I couldn’t move. Was that William in there? Of course it would be William, who else? Deciding to move, I went towards the door on my right and entered. I was panting, breathing hard. I was scared. What if someone saw me snooping around?

But then even with that I felt heat building inside of me. The sounds turned me on. But I don’t think it was a good idea being in this room so I tried to leave. I didn’t see this at first but there was a door in this room connecting it with the other room.


Someone was trying to open the door.

I had to hide.

Seeing a cupboard I opened it and slid inside. The door opened and someone walked towards the bed. I could see the back of a man, broad shoulders covered with sweat carrying a woman to the bed. The woman was panting, calling out his name.


He put her gently on the bed but she held onto his arm. “Don’t leave. I want more”

“Are you sure?” His voice was the most compelling voice I’d ever heard. And it was filled with lust.

She gave him a nod and he didn’t had to be asked twice. He climbed on top and slid I side of her. I couldn’t see this. This was something private.

Despite that my hand moved towards my sex. And I started rubbing. I didn’t realize and a moan escaped my mouth. William’s head snapped up. How the hell did he hear me from her screams?

I hadn’t even climaxed yet. This was a nightmare. I was stuck. And I was sure that he would open the cupboard door but he didn’t. He went back to pleasuring the woman.

After they both came, he climbed off her and turned around. Oh God! Did I just see a naked man and that too William Salvatore? And he was big. Big enough to make you choke without much effort. Then he looked towards the cupboard and squinted his eyes. I was sure he saw me but he didn’t do anything. He just left the room.

After about 5 minutes I tried to get out of the room. And as I did come out of the door, I breathed in and ran. I ran as fast as my feet could run. I ran down the stairs and out into the garden.

But wait. This was not the way I came. This was the other side of the mansion. There was a huge pool in the middle but no one was here. I decided to just go down the hill first from this side and then find my way to the cottage without going to the front of the mansion.

But as I moved, a hand grabbed my elbow.

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