Love or Pleasure?

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When The Sun Goes Down


Everything went still. I knew who’s hand it must be so I didn’t turn around.

“L-let me go”, God please no stuttering.

“What were you doing?” His voice alone makes me wet.

“Who are you? Turn around” it was hard to defy his commanding voice but I couldn’t turn around. This was the most embarrassing moment of my life. What did I get myself into?

When I didn’t listen, he forcefully turned me around and I collided with his hard chest. And oh lord, his beautiful face! In the darkness of the room I couldn’t see him clearly but here... He had grey hooded eyes with a chiseled jaw and I couldn’t look away from his face. His expression seemed to change when he saw me. And I didn’t realize that he was hard and his hardness was poking my stomach.

But surprisingly he let me go just as fast as he had stopped me. I stood there for a moment, confused. I snapped out of my little trance when he turned around and walked away.

What just happen? What was that? Making my way to the cottage, the reality of the situation hit me. I had just seen William Salvatore having sex and while I couldn’t decide if he was a beast or not, the screams of the woman did tell me that he was good.

I had started masturbating to William having sex. What was I thinking? Even though he let me go, I knew I was still in trouble. I didn’t know what he was going to do but I did know that he will do something.

But maybe he wouldn’t do anything. I mean the scene was crazy. He was having sex and a nobody had watched him do it. So maybe he would let it slide. Maybe that’s why he let me go. Because I wasn’t worthy enough of his attention.

So after I entered my little cottage, changed my clothes and went to bed I didn’t think much of it. I slept soundly that night just like yesterday and the day before that and so on, unaware of what was coming tomorrow.

In that moment, it didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was that I got out of there and I was safe in my bed. And with that feeling of safety I closed my eyes.


I didn’t know who she was. I barely knew the people of this town. But the nerve of that girl to come to my party, ignore the guards directing people to the ballroom and watch me have sex.

I’m pretty sure I heard her moan. Was she touching herself while watching me have sex. Now that I think about it, that was probably live porn to her. Was she that desperate? But when I saw her innocent face, I didn’t think that was true.

She wasn’t the most beautiful girl I’d seen but she had something about her that just made you think of her as beautiful. She had dark brown hair. And her dark brown eyes held innocence. And I saw that they were glassy, she was about to cry. How could I say anything to that face?

I knew what the people of this town thought of me because at the end of the day I was a rich businessman who didn’t give a care for the world. But being rich did not make me a harsh person. My mother had taught me well. Bringing women to the mansion and having ruthless sex did not make me rude. What I do in bed and who I am are two different things. So I let the girl go.

If she was as innocent as I thought and was still touching herself then that was the most boldest move I’ve ever seen a girl like her do. This turned me on. Sitting in my room, thinking about it now I realize that I was hard when I stopped her at the pool. How did she feel about that? Did she also think of me as a “Beast” after that?

I was being paranoid. And actually the title of “Beast” in bed was something I was proud of. That meant that the women I had fucked actually enjoyed it. So I wouldn’t mind if she too thought of me as a beast.

Still, I didn’t want her to think something wrong. I didn’t want her to think that just by looking at her I wanted her. I couldn’t give any girl that satisfaction. I might be well-mannered but when I fuck, I want to show the girl that she didn’t do me any favor, that I was the one who was in power.

But at this hour I just wanted to sleep, so I lay in bed thinking that I will find her tomorrow.

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