Love or Pleasure?

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At The End Of The Hill


The next morning as I woke up, I realized I didn’t know anything about this girl so I couldn’t possibly find her. I didn’t know where she lived, where she belonged from or even her name. All I knew was how she looked.

I could pull out the files of the people of this town since the population isn’t so high but then where’s the fun in that? I liked a good chase. So I grabbed a hoodie and tried to adjust it so that nobody could recognize me that easily.

Walking in the streets, I had no idea where I was going but I kept on walking. This town really had developed! But then I entered an area not so developed and I thought this must be where the poor live.

As I kept on walking I came across a market, this looked like the end of town. I had been keeping an eye out for her. But of course I couldn’t have seen her if she was inside one of the houses.

I stopped at the last shop of the market.

“Hey how you doin’?” The shopkeeper asked as I entered. There wasn’t anyone in his shop so I could relax for a moment.

“Yeah I’m good. What about you?” I tried to be as casual as possible.

“Wait... you’re...“, there it is.

“Yes I am William Salvatore. Crazy, right?!”

“Oh Mr. Salvatore, hi I’m Mark! What’re you doing out here?” He directed me to sit but I politely declined the offer.

“Ummm... I was hoping you would know this girl. I don’t know who she is or what her name is but I know what she looks like” I knew the information was not enough.

“Well, Sir describe her features and I’ll see if I can help”

“She has dark brown hair and eyes and is innocent from what I gathered”, still not enough I think.

“I’m sorry Mr.Salvatore but there are many girls with those exact features. But I do know that in this town the only innocent girl is Faith Grey”

Faith. That sounded like the name she would have. “Can you tell me where she lives?”

“By the end of the hill in a small cottage. About 10 minutes from here.” Well that wouldn’t be too hard. I was going to find her.

“Thank you Mark, it was nice meeting you!”

As I walked out of the shop, I didn’t know what I was going to say to her or even why I was going to her, that is if Faith really was the girl I was looking for.

Coming close to the cottage, I saw that it had a small farm in front with pumpkins growing in it. The cottage itself looked really old, its wood was washed out by years of rain and it was small so that hardly two people could live in it.

For no reason whatsoever my heartbeat sped up when I stood in front of the door and knocked.


I opened the door going over the ingredients in my head for the pumpkin pie I was making. But all those thoughts vanished when I saw who had knocked.

My eyes widened when I saw William Salvatore standing at my doorstep.

“Faith Grey” He said softly as if testing the name on his tongue.

Gulping down saliva I tried to sound as innocent and unaware as I could be, “Yes?”

He squinted his eyes, “You do remember me?”

“Well yes, you are Mr.Salvatore, the town’s richest businessman”

“And we’ve met”

“Yes we did. Just now”

“Oh! So it wasn’t you who saw me have sex”, why did he have to say that? I instantly became hot and my cheeks turned red. He seemed to notice that and gave me a knowing smirk.

“I... don’t know what you’re talking about...” how can I get out of this now? What am I even thinking? Should I give in?

“You don’t remember?” He stepped in, stood close to me and whispered in my ear. “See I have very strong ears so when I was having sex I heard a sexy little moan coming from the cupboard. Tell me that wasn’t you”

I could cry a river right now I was that embarrassed. “Fine it was me. I saw you, now will you leave please?”

“But this won’t be the last time we meet, Faith” I looked at his beautiful grey eyes and their intensity almost made me laugh. There was one thing I was good at and that was hiding. He wouldn’t find me again. Thinking about this a humorous smile crept on my lips.

Seeing this, he brought his hand up to cup my cheek, “I know what you’re thinking, but now that I know your name there’s no way I won’t be able to find you”, with that he placed a soft kiss on my forehead and turned to leave.

His lips were soft and they were gentle. My heartbeat sped up and I couldn’t move. Did he just kiss me? I was still processing that when he turned around and said, “oh I’m sorry did I miss the lips?” With a shrug he added, “next time”. And then he left.

I was so done with this man. What did he think that just because I was there when he was pounding inside a woman that I was attracted to him. He was not gonna find me again, I’ll make sure of that.

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