Love or Pleasure?

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Who was I? I was different from my normal self in front of her. I wasn’t that playful usually but she made me let loose. Sitting now on my bed I couldn’t help but smile to the moment I kissed her, the way her eyes went wide and her face turned red but she still didn’t stop me.

I didn’t know I could be that gentle. I’m rough with the women I have, I like to live up to the title of the beast. But with Faith I was careful as though she was a glass that would break if I applied too much pressure.

I didn’t know what I was going to do with her but I did know that I wanted to see her again and I couldn’t wait for today. I didn’t wait for breakfast and left the house. Again in my most best disguise I made my way towards Faith’s cottage.

When I knocked at her door no one opened it. Looking around in the cottage from the windows, I saw no lights were on. Suddenly I could feel a burn in my heart and restlessness.

She must be in the market so I tried to look for her there but Mark said she only went to the market once a month. I had to find her. She couldn’t just run away from me.

As I got back to the mansion, I made a phone call to my chief guard to find her. He brought me a file on her and briefed me about who she was. So I was right she really was innocent.

Something about her being untouched but masturbating to me having sex turned me on but it also made me happy. I wanted to be the one to make her feel the bliss of being touched, the blackness of a climax and to take her virginity.

“After yesterday, she hasn’t been seen by anyone” Jacob, my chief guard, explained to me. “We checked her cottage and all her things are there but there’s no sign of her. We checked the places where she could’ve been but she’s not there”.

“Find her! I want you to find her for me, be it from the core of the earth” Jacob looked at me weirdly as if I was asking for a worthless toy and I knew that’s what these people thought of her. But not me, I had more of an open mind to see that it wasn’t her fault she was an orphan abandoned by her father.

“Yes sir” was all Jacob said and as he left, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was me who led her to disappear. But why would she leave? I didn’t say anything to her that could make her leave, did I? Deep in thought I left the living room to go to the kitchen to have something to eat.

When I stepped into the kitchen, I heard a sound. It couldn’t be any maids, it was Sunday it was their day off. The mansion was empty except for me and the guards outside. I went close to the source of the sound, there was a shadow of a girl but as I went close to the shadow, she sensed me and ran.

I couldn’t see her face but I immediately called the guards to find her in the mansion. Could it be Faith? Could it be that I was looking for her in the whole town but she was hidden in my own house?

If it was then I have to give it to her. I didn’t know she was a beauty with brains. If I find her today in my mansion I’m not going to let her leave.

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