Love or Pleasure?

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Trapped In The Beast's Lair


I thought this would be a good idea. He wouldn’t look for me in his own house, would he? But I was wrong. He saw me. What was I thinking moving around the house like that? I should’ve stayed in one place hidden. I ruined my whole plan.

I couldn’t run that fast, they would catch me eventually. What do I do now? Dodging the stairs I finally came out in the open but oh boy! There they are. I give up.

The guards took me by my shoulders and brought me inside an office, which I assumed was William’s, and called someone.

“Sir we caught her, she’s with us in your office” one of them said over the call.

Ending the call, they took me to a room and told me to wait outside. Two of them stood on either side of me.

I didn’t wanna see him again. But I knew I will have to right now. So as the door opened I didn’t let my expression change even though he stood shirtless in front me with all his glory for me to see.

“Come in” He said to me and gave the guards a little nod to leave. I wasn’t afraid of him, I’ll go inside and get this over with.

I couldn’t help but gulp down saliva as he closed the door. He came up behind me and lightly encircled his arms around my waist. “Why did you come here?” He whispered huskily in my ear.

“I...ummm...” I didn’t know what to say.

“Were you trying to hide from me?” He nibbled at my ear and a moan escaped my lips. I could feel him smile. His breath was fanning my neck and it was unbearable standing this close to him.

I didn’t say anything, “I looked for you, I didn’t know you would be clever enough to do this” he placed a small kiss on my neck. Finally gaining my senses I pushed him away and turned around.

He raised his eyebrows and a crooked grin formed on his lips seeing my face. I was sure my cheeks were red, I could feel my ears getting hot.

“Yes I tried to hide from you because I don’t want anything to do with you” I burst out, he remained silent for a moment but then he took a step closer.

“You are not going to leave this mansion. I have prepared a room for you, you will stay there until I say so” He said seriously.

“What? I’m not staying here. I will go
home” he had no power over me, he couldn’t control me. But maybe I was wrong because he took my hand and brought me to another room just across the hall from his.

What? Did he think I was a child? I’ll run away from this room, from this mansion. And I already had my escape plan in mind when I saw a huge window looking at the back of the mansion, the pool. As soon as he left I opened the window as noiselessly as I could and started climbing out.

When I reached the bottom, I tried to move towards the edge of the hill but two arms grabbed me.


Without as much as saying a word, they took me back to the room.
So I guess I can’t escape? That doesn’t mean I don’t have other ways but for the time being I was tired and for that night only I accepted the fact that I was trapped.

I was trapped in this huge mansion.

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