Love or Pleasure?

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Sunlight filled the bedroom when I woke. For a second, I had thought I was in my room at the cottage but then I realized the cottage is almost inside a forest so this much sunlight can’t come in. This room was big. Something I wasn’t familiar with and so it scared me a little.

For someone who lived basically in a forest all alone in a small cottage made of wood, feeling scared in a spacious place surrounded with security was almost surprising even to me.

Last night was the most difficult night of my life because it was the first time in what felt like my whole life, even though that wasn’t true, I had slept on a different bed in a different surrounding. I didn’t know what to think of it. Should I take advantage of this and use all these expensive things in the room to my desire. But that’s not who I am. I can’t do it just because I’ve been suddenly given them. If I were to use them, i have to earn them and that was not going to happen anytime soon.

The sound of the door opening brought me back from the thoughts and oh... I felt my heart give a flutter. He wore a shirt that stuck to his chest from sweat showing his hard chest, his face was sweaty too and when the sunlight shone on it he almost looked unreal, with his grey eyes almost turning brown. William was beautiful.

As he came into the room, I realized with a sudden jolt that I hadn’t really realized how beautiful his skin color was, a shade lighter than honey, making him appear pale in some places and tanned in some. And then I realized how I must look with my disheveled hair and clothes.

“Good morning” he said, his eyes focused intensely on me. Even that simple phrase was harmonious to hear from his mouth.

“I want to go home”, is what I decided to say partly because it was true, partly because I did not want to have a conversation with him. He kept looking at him and came to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Breakfast’s ready in ten. Be there on time, I don’t like to wait”, okay so he was going to play my trick on me. “I’d like to call the police”, at that his mouth broke into a heart-shattering smile, a smile that could make someone cry, a smile that could make you mad, a smile that if you looked directly at it you would go blind, a smile that had the right to be called sunlight.

“Sure you do”, he said while holding back a chuckle and left the room without even looking back as he did.

Making my way down to the kitchen I was trying to think of an escape plan. What if I never went to the kitchen and just escaped right now. But that wouldn’t be clever. I have to be careful if I want to get out of this house.

Even if I do leave, he we’ll find me again in the cottage. If I plan to leave I have to leave this town, I cannot stay here. With my mind so full I didn’t realize i had already entered the kitchen. The kitchen wasn’t new to me. I had tried hiding here. It was more familiar than it should be.

On the counter, there was an old lady working on the stove, a young girl I would think only a few years older than me helped her. Just looking at the food it seemed delicious. The dining table was divided from the kitchen by a lace curtain placed between the kitchen and the small quarter, the dining room. The table was long like the ones seen in old horror movies but here it didn’t seem creepy. That table and I actually had a little history while I was hiding here... or I think two hours would count.

William was sitting at the head of the table (Typical) his clothes were now changed and he no more had any sweat on himself. When I entered he gave me a nod to sit on his left side. My instincts told me to even protest against that but I knew that would be stupid so I silently went and sank down in the chair sulkily as if I’d rather be anywhere else but here.

“We need to discuss what you should and should not do in this house... since you’re staying here” said William. There was no point in arguing since I knew I was going to escape anyway. So I said nothing, just looked at him.

“Since we’re having breakfast, you should know that you have to be here at the exact time I’m having a meal”... that is a rule out of the reach of my mind. Why would he set such a rule? “You are free to roam around but be aware of my extracurricular activities”, he said it without even a pause. I knew exactly what he was talking about. I was sure my cheeks had turned red and I could feel heat coming out of my ears.

“You cannot enter to my room if I’m not there and you cannot leave this house until I tell you so.”

“Well, no surprise there” I murmured. At that he cleared his throat and said “or without me”, why would I be going anywhere with him? Insane. Thankfully, the girl working in the kitchen brought our breakfast and the conversation stopped. We ate in silence and after that William had to go out for work so I had the whole house to myself... except all the maids and the guards. But I was looking forward to this day. I was looking forward to planning an escape.

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