Love or Pleasure?

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At Midnight I Feel Bliss


You cannot enter my room if I’m not there

That is what he said. And that is exactly what I did. His room was the biggest room in the mansion with a round bed set on a platform. On the left was a pool divided by the room through curtains.

He has a pool on his room.

On the left was a door which I assumed must open into a bathroom. The wall in front of the main door was lined with books. In fact there wasn’t any wall, the whole wall were bookshelves.

This room looked as if it belonged to royalty. In awe I moved towards the pool. The wall had three large windows overlooking the beautiful forests of this town.

I was gaping at all this amazement around me when someone came into the room.


He stopped when he saw me standing in front of him. I’m in trouble. “I told you not to come here when I’m not at the house”, his voice wasn’t angry, he was surprisingly calm.

“I was just... curious”

“You shouldn’t come in here. You might see something that you might not like.”

“Like what?”

“Like my penis thrusting inside a woman”, my cheeks flushed. No. My whole face was red. I cleared my throat, “I think I should go now”.

Walking towards the door, a question popped up in head and I turned around. “Mr. Salvatore, why are you keeping me here?”

“I find you... I don’t know. You’re innocent but that day you did something bold. I want to find out who you really are”

“What will you get out of that?”

“Faith, you’re staying here until I say so. Stop asking me questions.” This did not make sense. It felt like he was wasting his time. “And yes, come to my room tonight at 11:00. Oh and you can call me William”

I was about to ask a question about why I had to come to his room that late at night when he hushed me so I walked out of the room.

At exactly 11:00 I went to his room. He was standing in front of his bed shirtless with his hands behind him.

What is it with him being shirtless in front of me?

As I walked in he took my hand gently and turned me around. His touch sent a spark of electricity down my spine. He put a blindfold on my eyes.

“What’re you doing?” Why was I being blindfolded? What is this?

“Seeing just how innocent you are” is all that he said, then took my hand and walked me out of the room. I don’t know which way we turned but he brought me to a room that had only a bed and a couch in it. To my left was a door and behind me was the door that we came in from.

On the bed was a naked woman.

I was confused would be an understatement. I looked at him in confusion... with my whole body going hot. He pointed towards the couch and said “go sit down and enjoy the show”

What show? Is he going to do what I think he’s going to do?

I knew he was. But my feet moved on their own accord towards the couch and I found myself sitting and looking at William.

He moved towards the bed and unzipped his pants while the woman spread her legs. He took off his bands and then got rid of his boxers and oh lord... this man didn’t disappoint.

He took it in his hands and started moving them and looked towards me. I didn’t know what to do. His gaze was intense but I couldn’t look at him, my focus went to his hips. He gave me a sideways grin and got on the bed.

The woman instantly wrapped her legs around his hips and he bent down to kiss her nipples.

This was too much.

I needed to get out of here.

But... I couldn’t. I couldn’t move a muscle. I was just siting there watching them.

The woman was moaning softly and telling him to do it.

He looked at me again and frowned.

“Touch yourself”, it was an order. I didn’t like people ordering me around. But I was so hot I had to do it. I moved my hands to my wet core and it almost sent me bursting through the sky.

He was still looking at me when he entered the woman’s body and started moving slowly. My hand was moving over my clit but my eyes were glued to his.

This is what he wants. He wants to see me like this.

The thought popped into my mind and I removed my hand from my sex and my eyes from his.

“STOP” I stood up, “What are you doing, Mr. Salvatore? And why am I here?”

But he didn’t stop, he wasn’t looking at me anymore and I felt like he didn’t hear me too. His eyes were closed and his movement in and out of the woman was fast. Both the woman and William’s faces frowned and the woman finally let out a loud scream.

This was... I couldn’t stay here.

I was sure my face had turned red like crimson paint. My sex was still wet and I still wanted it. If I stayed here, i might do it and he will be satisfied which I did not want so I left the room.

As I came out of the room, I realized this is that same room with the two doors. The room where I had first seen him. But that didn’t stop me from running away from there and finding my way to the room I lived in.

As soon as I entered, I looked the door and put my hand through my panties to my clit and started rubbing until I saw the stars.

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