Love or Pleasure?

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Je Te Veux


I didn’t know when Faith left. I was occupied with the... business at hand. One minute I was looking at her while thrusting my penis inside the woman I met at the bar and the second I was coming and I could think of nothing or hear anything.

Maybe what I had done was wrong. I was pushing Faith to do something she clearly wasn’t comfortable in doing. But I had still done it. Maybe she was just uncomfortable because there was another woman involved. Maybe if we were alone... I knocked on her door and it almost immediately opened.

Her hair was ruffled and her cheeks were... red. Interesting. So she did do it.

“Mr. Salvatore I don’t think we should talk right now”

“Who said I wanted to talk? And it’s William”

She began to say something while shaking her head but I moved inside and she stopped and stepped back.

“What were you doing just now?”

“That’s none of your business” I moved a little closer to her and took her hand. I saw her gulp and look at my bare chest.

“Faith” I said and her eyes moved up to look into mine “touch me”. She did not expect me to say that.

“W-what?” She jerked her hand out of mine but I took it again. I wasn’t going to let go of her now. I brought her hand to my chest. I wasn’t surprised to see that it was shaking. “W-William” the way my name rolled out of her mouth made it sound like the most beautiful word I’d ever heard. Something about hearing my name come out of her mouth turned me on. “Say it again”

“Say what?”

“My name, Faith. Say my name again”


Oh my God. This woman is driving me crazy.

I wasted no time and captured her lips with my own. They were soft and tasted of lemons, sour, but I didn’t care. My tongue traced the edges of her mouth to let it in. But she was stubborn. I put my hand on her breast and gently squeezed it, she let out a gasp and I took the chance to enter her mouth. I explored her mouth slowly and she moaned. I couldn’t help but groan myself. My hand moved from her breast to her sex and I cupped it. She jumped, surprised, putting her hands on my chest she pushed me and it felt like I was being deprived of air, of water, of food. I wanted her... no I needed her like I needed air to breathe, like I needed food and water to live.

“Mr. Salvatore, no. I’m sorry but we can’t do this”, she could hardly say it.

“So we’re back to that? Mr. Salvatore?“, I was angry, we had just shared an intimate moment and she was back to being formal.

“Mr. Salvatore, I barely know you, you do realize that, right? Not to mention I’ve never... been this close...“, my anger was fading now. I moved a little closer to her, “Faith, I know”, putting my hand to her face i tucked a strand of her hair behind her hair “I know you’re innocent. I know you’ve never been touched by a man before”

“... And Mr. Salvatore... you don’t know who I am... people in this town don’t really recognize me as a person with equal rights... I’m... nothing”

“You aren’t nothing Faith. The fact that these people made you feel like that... God I want to kill them” I hadn’t lived in this town to know about the status of the people who lived here but I knew no person deserved to be treated like this. The fact that these people still believed in status by birth or wealth was just absurd, it was infuriating. This woman lived alone in a cottage near a forest for God’s sake. Right now all I felt was a sense of protectiveness towards Faith. And possession. Like she was mine and no one could hurt her if she remained mine.

I could see a smile tugging at Faith’s lips and her eyes were suddenly glassy, she said “Mr. Salvatore you don’t have to worry about that. I’ve lived all these years in this town without anything major happening to me and I think I’ll survive”

“No. You’re no longer going to live in that cottage. It isn’t Faith. You can stay here as long as you want”

“Are you saying I can leave whenever I want?”

“I did not say that... I mean...” what had I just done? Loopholes. That’s a strong word. Faith saw the confusion on my face, smiled and said, “Mr. Salvatore it’s late I think you should go back to your room or to... the woman”

“She’s gone”, I felt like talking about other women to Faith was wrong. She shouldn’t hear about this, and she certainly should not see me fucking another woman.

“Faith, I’m sorry about what I did today”

“It’s alright Mr. Salvatore”

I turned around to leave but I felt a sense of mischief so just before I closed the door, “oh and you should get to know me more so that... we could continue on that kissing... among other things”, seeing her eyes widen I winked and said “tomorrow, maybe” and I closed the door.

When I got back to my room I couldn’t help but imagine all the good ways I could make Faith feel good about herself.

I could worship her body on this bed.

I could be at her mercy on this very floor.

I could devour her body in the pool.

All these thoughts in my mind made me feel like I was going to corrupt her soul but could making someone as pure as her feel less worthless be justified as a soul being corrupted?

What was this that I was feeling towards Faith? One minute I feel like I could give the whole of myself to her and let her make of it what she wants and the other I all I feel towards her is physical attraction. I can’t have real feeling for her, can I? I mean... I don’t know. I guess I’ll find out in the next couple of days. But right now with desire flaring up inside me I had to take a cold shower.


I stood there shocked as William closed the door. This was the first time someone had defended me, maybe not in front of other people but he had and that made my heart melt. The way his touch had felt, the way he said my name with the most gentlest tone I had ever heard him use. The way he talked with me like he had known me for a long time. The way he had groaned... I had felt myself getting wet. And when he had touched my sex, it had sent me flying over the skies. I had wanted him, but something inside me had told me to stop so I’d pushed him. And it had felt like I was drowning , like I wanted to breathe but I couldn’t. Like someone had taken the breath out of my lungs and now they weren’t capable of breathing again.


I didn’t know what he was going to do tomorrow but what he had said sounded promising and even though I was the one who had stopped him I was looking forward to what he was going to do tomorrow.

I suddenly realized I had completely forgotten about my escape plan and then another jolt hit me when I realized that now I did not want to escape. I just wanted to wait and see how things will play out. I was going to let thing happen as they were. And with making that decision I went to bed with a smile on my face and desire for him in my heart.

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