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Human's are in danger of becoming slaves to the supernatural. It's up to Ada, Kade and Merza to stop Abaddon from taking over. Ada is the daughter of a Vampire and a Witch thrown into a world where the fallen Angel, Abaddon has escaped his confines and is preparing to rid the world of human's, starting with her childhood friend Travis. The Aje Authority, headed by her father Kade, the only Nephilim left, or so they think, needs to gather enough Paranaturals to bring Abaddon down before he destroys the world as they know it. All the while Ada struggles with her own personal relationships, the kidnapping of her mother and controlling her new powers.

Romance / Erotica
Sammy King
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Chapter One

“The Nephilim were on the earth in those days – and also afterward when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown” Genesis 6:4

Ada moaned in a throaty pleasure as Johnny Depp slowly worked his tongue down her stomach towards the mound that lay nestled in the depths of her legs. She thrust her hips as his kisses became more fervent. Her ears had started to ring, the sound was getting louder and she groaned in frustration when Johnny sat up and looked at her; ending his tormenting onslaught on her body.

“What is it?” Ada asked looking around.

The ringing got louder and she rubbed at her ear to try to stop the incessant and shrill sound.

“Are you going to answer that?” Johnny asked.

Ada looked down at him still nestled between her legs as he held out a phone to her. She took the phone and tried to press the answer button but it didn’t work. The button seemed to move with every attempt she made to answer her phone.

“I can’t do this, I can’t answer it, it won’t let me” she huffed.

“That’s because you have to wake up” Johnny replied.

Ada’s eyes shot open as she groaned in frustration. The ringing continued in her ear. Ada rolled and glanced at the digital clock beside her bed it was three am. She slammed her hand around searching for the annoying sound. When she finally found the source of the incessant buzzing, she pressed the button and blinked at the blinding light to see who would be interrupting a beautiful dream of her and Johnny Depp in compromising positions. The culprit was Mae, her sister from another mister.

“Hello?” Ada said swiping at her eyes in frustration.

“Ada, God please, come quick, bring your Father, god please come” Mae screamed down the phone, her voice filled with panic and sobs.

“Mae, what’s happened?” Ada said sitting up and flinging the blankets from her body.

“Travis, he’s been attacked” Mae cried.

This was the third attack in as many weeks. The Aje Authority was investigating, but so far they hadn’t got very far in knowing who was behind the occurrences. Kade, Ada’s Father was in charge of the Aje Authority. He was a Vampire; however, he was more than just an ordinary Vampire. He was a Nephilim, the only one left alive, although Paranaturals are immortal, they are not indestructible and there are ways to kill them. Over the millenniums many had found out what mortality was like. Kade however was centuries old, his Father being one of God’s Angels. An Angel named Malachi. It’s true that God made Adam and Eve, but he also sent his Angels to procreate with the humans, the resulting children were Nephilim.

They weren’t human. They were Paranaturals; Vampires, Witches, Demons, Shapeshifters, Fairies, Warlocks and Werewolves. When God became unhappy with the human’s and flooded the earth, he saved the Nephilim; it just happened that he also saved some human’s in the shape of Noah and his family. Just as there are good and bad human’s there too are good and bad Paranaturals.

Throughout history there have been times where humans have tried to destroy the Paranaturals believing that they are some sort of evil. As there have been times that the Paranaturals have risen up to try and destroy the human race. But those times are in the past and for the most part, humans and Paranaturals live peacefully, intermingled, with some even sharing relationships. Paranaturals aren’t able to reproduce with humans now as they don’t hold the purity that Angels have, however, due to their immortality and their ability to reproduce with one another the race has continued to grow.

The Aje Authority investigates all crimes against and committed by Paranaturals. It was formed after the Witch trials when humans and Paranaturals signed a treaty to live in peace. That treaty was always a fine line, as there were threats of human’s rising up who didn’t like Paranaturals and Paranaturals who didn’t like humans, but for the most part they worked together and were able to squash any issues before a war broke out.

The recent attacks by Paranaturals against human’s were worrying, not because it was unusual but it seemed that the attacks were unprovoked, violent and committed by one group of Paranaturals. Demons. Humans tend to think that Demons are men in red suits and hold pitchforks, but this isn’t the case. It is true what the bible says, Demon’s do come from God’s most beautiful angel Satan, the Devil or Beelzebub, whatever name he has been given. Paranaturals know him as Abaddon.

Demon’s however, are no more evil than any other Paranatural. They are just more beautiful than others, a lot more vain and quick to anger. There is an unwritten rule in the Paranatural world; don’t piss off a Demon. But these attacks hadn’t been provoked. Usually Demon’s lead a quiet life and don’t interact with humans and it was no secret that Demon’s didn’t particularly like humans, but they had signed the treaty not to bring harm to the human race. However, there hadn’t been any word of a new leader in the Demon tribe, so the Aje Authority were inclined to believe this was a rogue, however, with the growing number of attacks the thought was in every Authority members mind that there was about to be something more serious happen.

Ada’s phone rang again and she knew without even looking at the ID that it would be Kade.

“Hello Dad” Ada answered to a chuckle.

“Somethings happened?” he said down the line, his voice marred with concern.

Ada explained her phone call from Mae and they agreed to meet at her home. Ada knew that Kade would beat her to Mae’s home. Although he was Nephilim he was still a Vampire. He was affected by the sun, he didn’t rely on food and he could see in the dark. Kade had psychic connections to every being. He healed with his blood and saliva and had super speed. The only thing Kade didn’t do that is usual for Vampires, is that he didn’t need blood to sustain him. He instead fed off energy. And for as long as Ada had been alive that energy always came from her Mother, Merza.

Mae, however, had been considered family since she was sixteen, ten years before Ada was born. When Mae was twelve she ran away from home and her abusive Father. For four years she was living on the street selling her body for small scraps of food, she met Kade when he was working one night she had offered him her blood for some money, something she had become accustomed to doing for the local Vampires. Kade was disgusted that a young child would be forced to live selling herself to strangers who had no moral compass. He had taken Mae into his home and raised her along with Ada’s Mother Merza.

When Mae grew older and married, she found herself with a carbon copy of her biological Father. It was Kade who helped her to escape the abuse once more. Ada never heard Mae speak about her family, the only stories she knew were from Kade and Merza. She remembered Merza saying that Mae’s parents had been killed just after she came to live with her parents, but nothing more was ever really said about it. As far as Ada was aware, Mae never told her son’s about her parents. Whenever she had tried to read Mae, she could sense the pain that ran so deep and the few times Ada tried to talk about the pain she sensed Mae got very angry, so Ada quickly learnt to keep her mouth shut.

Ada was lost in thought as she pulled into the long driveway along the dirt road of Mae’s house. A large sprawling farm house, paddocks on either side with tree’s smattered throughout the land. It struck Ada as strange that a Demon would come all the way out to her home to attack Travis when the city was closer. The Demon coven wasn’t close by, so it wasn’t making any sense.

When Ada pulled up to the front of Mae’s large red brick home she found Kade standing at the door consoling Mae and two of her sons Markus and Julien. Mae stood in Kade’s embrace, her black hair hanging down over her face, her sobs wracking her entire body. Julien continued to run his hands through his short dark spiked hair as he paced the front path along the house, his brow creased in worry, his long legs working like pistons as they marked their path. Markus stared off into a vacant space, his face pale and his hands shaking as he rocked back on his heels, his blonde curly hair was ruffled and his shirt inside out as if he had just thrown his clothes on in a hurry. Markus noticed Ada pull in and attempted a small smile, but the worry in his eyes betrayed him. Travis was nowhere to be seen.

Ada grew up with all of the boys, Travis being born only a few days before her. They had been inseparable as children, however as they grew, Travis’s sights were filled with big busty blondes and their many pleasures and Ada’s had been filled with learning about Witchcraft and the ways of the Paranaturals. However as she got closer to the house, Ada could sense Travis’s presence and his pain.

Being a combination of Witch and Vampire, her psychic powers were stronger than most Paranaturals and she was able to sense both Paranaturals and humans without much trouble. Now that Ada was twenty one, she had all her powers, some which still made her afraid at the ferocity and Merza assisted her and taught her as best she could, somethings, however, Ada simply had to learn on her own. Being a Witch was a constant lesson, but being the daughter of the Queen Witch meant that she was more powerful than most. Not only was she the daughter of a Nephilim, the most powerful Vampire, who didn’t rely on blood to live, but she was next in line to take over the coven when her Mother passed on.

When Mae saw Ada getting out of the car she ran into her arms.

“Ada we need you, we need you to heal him, he is so badly injured” Mae cried into the crook of Ada’s neck.

Ada looked over Mae’s shoulder at her Father. Kade was a strong man, who stood well over six feet tall, his dark hair hung loosely around his shoulders, his eyes as dark as the night sky, he was handsome and Ada got a lot of her looks from him. He had strong broad shoulders and a chest that seemed to ripple; his jaw was strong but his pale skin, soft. Kade always dressed in the finest suits, which Morrigan, Ada’s aunt, conjured up for him. Ada had the same dark hair as Kade, but she had her Mother’s deep blue eyes. Kade’s face was pulled tight into a frown and she could sense his alarm at what had happened.

‘He needs you’ Kade sent the message into Ada’s mind.

They had been able to speak without words for as long as Ada could remember which was helpful in situations just as this.

‘How bad?’ Ada asked back.

Kade shook his head to let her know that it was probably the worst yet. She sucked in a breath and mentally prepared herself for what she was about to see. Ada had healed a few human’s in her time, but most of the time it was just small things, the odd broken leg, a cut; nothing serious. She was nervous about what she was going to walk into. Demon attacks were hard to heal and took a lot out of the Witch doing the healing. She had only ever healed one other case of Demon toxin in her time and that was in training with Merza and Morrigan, Ada had their back up, this time she was on her own and it scared her. However, Travis was her friend, her best friend growing up. Ada released Mae into the arms of Markus her eldest son, she fell into his chest and continued to sob as Ada entered the house with Kade following close behind.

“Does he need blood?” Ada asked.

Kade shook his head. Ada, although part Vampire didn’t rely on blood. Every Paranatural could heal people and every Paranatural had a different way of healing, where Kade healed using his blood and saliva, she used her energy, one particular energy, sexual energy. For Paranaturals sex wasn’t something that was taboo, it is very normal, they aren’t ashamed of their bodies, they don’t need to repress their sexual urges like the humans do. However, the sexual energy force was the greatest and strongest energy in the human body. So it was the easiest to use to heal people with. All Witches used sexual energy to heal. Sometimes that was a little overwhelming for the human and they came away feeling ashamed. Ada knew that Travis wouldn’t be the same. He had grown up and heard the stories of the human’s that her Mother and aunt healed.

Ada rapped lightly on the door of Travis’s room, it was still night, so the room was dark bar a small lamp next to his bed. She could make out his figure on the bed and she could sense the overwhelming pain that seemed to ooze like a thick blanket throughout the room. The attack of a Demon was incredibly painful; their bite contains a toxin that slowly paralyses the body before sending it into a slow and excruciating death. Ada sent her mind forth, searching for its source; she could see the poison working its way through Travis’s bloodstream, every red cell slowly crumbling away, his muscles tightening and contracting, his nerve endings flaring like fire.

She knew that he wouldn’t be able to fight much longer. Ada turned and gave Kade a nod and he left the room closing the door behind him. As she approached the bed, she could see the pale skin of Travis’s face, his eyes were opaque and his lips quivered in pain.

“Travis, it’s Ada, I know you can hear me, I’m going to heal you.” She leaned forward and took his hand in hers.

His hand was cold and clammy, but she felt him tense against her fingers and felt the relief flood through him. Pleased that he wasn’t completely lost, she leaned forward and gently placed her lips on his. His lips were soft and she could taste the coppery taste of blood from where his lip had split. Ada closed her eyes and leaned closer to Travis, gripping his hand tighter as she began to send her energy forth.

Slowly she licked at his lips and tongue. Ada heard him groan in response. She felt her power begin to stir throughout his body and seep into the room surrounding them. Travis’s hand tightened and she rubbed her thumb on his palm in reassurance. She pushed her chest onto his and he groaned again. She could feel his muscles begin to loosen as the room started to get bright, a golden light of healing began to swirl around his body, enveloping him in the warmth of the aura. Ada’s white aura began to spark from her body like electricity, touching on the golden light, igniting it in a powerful dance.

Ada deepened her kiss and could feel the warmth of her body begin to flow through Travis. His hands once cold became warm and his moaning changing from one of pain to pleasure. Ada shifted her body so that she lay atop of his, her knees straddled across his hips. Travis’s tongue tentatively reached out to join hers. Ada reached down and took his other hand in hers and put his hands above his head, grinding her hips down onto his steadily growing erection. She rocked back and forth. Her pleasure too was mounting as their energies began to join, she could feel her groin pulse as she ground down on his waist.

The room was becoming blindingly bright so much so, that she could see it through her eyelids. She continued to grind her hips against him, feeling the warmth of her mound on his lap. Travis moaned more and lifted his hips to meet her grinding. Ada’s pleasure started to overwhelm her as she ground onto Travis harder, rubbing herself up and down on his hardened shaft under his pants. Ada sat up with a cry as an orgasm shuddered through her body she opened her eyes and watched as Travis’s golden aura danced in time with her white aura, tangling in their own dance of sexual pleasure. She heard Travis cry out and when she looked down at him, his face was no longer pale, but had become a beautiful rosy tone, his eyes back to the brilliant blue they had once been. Ada smiled down at him.

“Wow” he said.

Ada giggled and went to climb off his hips. He reached up and put both hands on her waist. She settled back down and leaned forward kissing him again, a deep and passionate kiss.

“Thank you” Travis said against her lips.

Ada smiled and kissed him lightly on the cheek. He turned his mouth and caught her lips on his, his tongue roamed across hers. Ada closed her eyes and felt the after orgasm tremors flood her body. He reached up and threaded his fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp with the tips of his fingers. Ada moaned into his mouth. Travis moved his other hand up her shirt, cupping her breast, circling his thumb around her nipple. Ada moaned again, grinding her hips down into his lap once more. Travis let go of her hair and held onto her waist, pushing her into him harder. Ada could feel how hard he had become again and couldn’t deny the pleasure it was bringing her.

Travis reached the hem of her shorts tugging at them, but Ada caught his hand and broke off their kiss. Travis groaned in protest.

“Believe me when I say I would love nothing more than to let you continue, but I think I best let you get cleaned up and then you need to come and tell my Father what happened” Ada said as she climbed of Travis’s lap.

Feeling regret at not being able to continue her pleasurable onslaught, especially after being left hanging with Johnny Depp earlier in the night. Travis suddenly looked alarmed, his aura that was still swirling in the room flashed red with fear.

“What’s wrong?” Ada said confused.

“I can’t tell him about what his daughter just did to me” he said.

“No, no, I meant how it came to be that you needed healing” Ada laughed at the relief that flooded his face, his aura went back to the golden light that danced like dust bunnies in the morning sunshine.

Travis smiled a weak smile and sat up, adjusting himself in his pants.

“Yeah I’m in a bit of a mess. I think I need a shower” he said with a chuckle.

Ada grinned and leaned forward kissing him again, running her tongue along his bottom lip. Travis groaned and dug his fingers into her waist.

“Oh girl, you’re not helping” he groaned.

Ada laughed as she headed for the door swinging her hips seductively. She heard Travis groan again as she left the room.

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