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"That was…." I started. "Perfect." Logan looked over, trailed a finger over my cheek. "just like you." Maya Patel is an independent 26 year old who loves her family more than anything and loves her job as a vet until an age old contract throws her into the deep end into something she never agreed to. Logan Anderson is a 28 year old businessmen. He is cold, ruthless and arrogant and of course he believes he is greater than anyone. What happens when these two meet? Will they manage to get along?

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Chapter 1

Waking up at 6 every morning was always a struggle, but I did so because I had to and also because I loved my job. Yawning and rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I slowly got out of my warm bed and proceeded to go into the shower. The hot water was always the one thing that woke up me and made me feel like I was ready for the day. Of course the only problem was that I could never get out of the shower. I mean who would want to leave the hot, calming water? Sighing, I reached for my towel and quickly wrapped it around my body. I headed to my cupboard to grab my work clothes and quickly changed. I then did all the necessities, brushed my teeth, washed my face and finally tied my dark brown- almost black hair into a high ponytail.
I reached for my makeup bag and only got out the concealer, powder and mascara. Humming to myself, I went over to my mirror and quickly did my makeup. Shopping for makeup was never easy, I could never find a shade to match my brown skin. It was then that I made my bed and opening my blinds to see the sun rising up over cold, gloomy England. I grabbed my already packed lunch from the fridge and made myself a cup of coffee which as always I poured in my thermal cup and I was off.
I got into my cold car and took a sip of my hot coffee. Looking at my phone it read 7:10 and I sighed in relief. At least I wasn’t late. Turning my car on, I remembered it was a Friday, which was a relief! It meant that no more work till Monday but every other Fridays were the days that my whole family met up for dinner. Being Indian meant it wasn’t just four of us, no it was fourteen of us. My immediate family on my dad’s side, meaning my dads’ sisters and their families along with my grandparents and finally us four. We didn’t meet up last Friday but we are all meeting up today.
I set off on my usual commute to work and started singing along to Heathens by 21 pilots. As I reached my work, I pulled into my staff car park and went inside. I worked as a vet, I loved animals so helping them out was something that came easy to me. I was greeted by Susie the receptionist who handed me my schedule for today. I thanked her and grabbed my white jacket which was the hanging on the pegs. I slipped it on and made sure my name tag which read,” Dr. Maya Patel” was on correctly. I then proceeded to my room and quickly scanned through my appointments.
Fridays were the days I worked till 5 because of my annual dinner with the family. On the Fridays we didn’t meet up, I just would chill at the apartment. Other days I worked till 5 as well. I don’t work Saturdays and Sundays but I’m on call on Saturday but not Sunday. Michael, another doctor and my very good friend came into my room with a massive smile on his face, seeing this I smiled and asked,

“What’s with the big smile Michael?”

“Well Maya, this weekend I’m introducing Jonathan to my parents!” He said, excitedly.

Yep, you guessed it! Michael is gay, he is the most wonderful person ever, so kind and sweet with an incredible sense of humour. The first time he told me he was gay, he looked so scared but I reassured him that it was fine and now there would be a competition between us for boys. It didn’t take long for him to meet Jonathan and the two hit it off straight away. Now he was taking the big step of introducing his boyfriend to his parents.
“Oh Michael, that’s amazing! I’m so happy for you both.”

I gave him a quick hug but was stopped from saying anything else as the bell rang which meant the first appointments were outside.
I was reading through the various notes for my animal patients when Talia, my assistant nurse came in. We nodded at each other and that was it. We hardly talked but I always got this feeling that she never liked me, however that never stopped me from doing my job to the best of my ability. Talia was already ready in her blue overalls and she came over to look over at the appointments sheets.
I handed her the file of our first patient as I had already looked at it, and I got up making sure I was ready for the first appointment. I nodded at her and she went out to call the first patient.
The day went on and in total I had 7 appointments as I had to take an emergency which meant that I was running late for my family dinner. I said a quick good bye to Michael and Susie before hanging up my coat and rushed out of the clinic. I got into my car and drove home.
During my journey’s home, I always liked to think about things and todays topic was relationships. I was an Indian girl who at 26 years old wasn’t in a relationship, my last one was about a year ago and I’ve been single since then. Being 26, I get comments from lots of people asking why aren’t I married yet or why aren’t I in a relationship. However, the perks of growing up in an Indian family means that I’ve got thick skin so whatever most people say I ignore it. My parents don’t seem to mind and neither do my immediate family, so who cares?
My eldest cousin Jai was 28 years old and he was married to 27-year-old Zara. They met at work as he works in IT and she’s an accountant. Zara is such a lovely girl, she’s adjusted to our crazy family life very well and I know that all of us cousins are lucky to have an amazing sister-in-law like Zara. Jai’s sister, Nia, who is my cousin sister that I share my apartment with is 24 years old and is a phycologist. She has been in a relationship with 26-year-old Daniel who is my old school classmate. Daniel is mixed race and he works as a lawyer, they’ve been dating for 3 years now and I think Daniel may pop the question soon. Those two crazy kids are my dad’s youngest sister’s kids.
My sister Alisha was 22 years old and currently at university, doing a degree in quantum physics. She had just started talking to this guy and he has already asked her out on a date.
I also had two younger cousins who were my dad’s eldest sister’s kids. She had two girls, Shivani who was 20 and Tina who was 17, both were still young and none of them had found anyone. I always thought that I would be the second one to get married after Jai because I am the second eldest but I knew that it wouldn’t be me, rather Nia because she and Daniel had their future already set.
My thinking time came to an end as I reached home, I quickly ran into my apartment and showered in record time before changing into something more comfortable and touching up my makeup. Nia sent me a text telling me the dinner was at my parent’s house. I can always count on Nia to be organised. I replied telling her I was on my way and set off, excited to see my big family again.

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