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Love at First Sight; they just didn't know it. Intertwined (verb) - closely connected in a way that cannot easily be separated. A story about Love and Fate. A story that spans across decades and touches countless of souls, weaving through generations. About taking risks and giving second chances. About following your heart. Sometimes, the scariest thing to do is follow your heart. It can also be the best thing to happen. You'll never know what could be if you don't take that risk, the best things are worth the risk. Intertwined: A story about taking risks, second Chances, Fate and Love at first sight. Love is worth the risk no matter the outcome.

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Chapter One

Part One; Annabeth & Lucas.

Annabeth Winchester is your average 18-year-old girl. She always does what she’s told. Top student in her class. All around good girl. She’s also the most grounded girl in Willow Grove. Lucas McCleary is your average 18-year-old delinquent. He never does what he’s told. Used girls like toys. All around the bad boy. So what happens when this sweet, innocent, naive girl and this rude, sarcastic, bad boy meet?

Part Two; Katerina & Michael.

Katerina Xavier is your average 16 year old girl. She’s got the looks, the grades, she’s the American girl type. Michael Winchester is your average 18 year old boy. The star quarterback. Loved by everyone. Good guy all around. What happens when the All-American Girl and the Star Quarterback meet?

Part Three; Sorcha & Noah.

Sorcha Rowan loves life. Her best friend is like her sister and she loves her boyfriend to death. Noah Toretto is a different story. His best friends are states away and he hangs with the wrong crowd. What happens when he listens to those friends of his?

Part Four; Rosaleen & Caleb.

Rosaleen O’Shea has always been a shy girl. From the time that she was a little girl until just recently she has not had any friends outside of her parents. At the suggestion of her guidance counselor she befriends a group of girls. Not long after that she was struck by love in the form of Caleb Toretto. Caleb Toretto is Willow Grove’s resident bad boy. He has a scary temper, a short fuse and a long list of offenses. Rose and Caleb’s love is one for the stars. Everything was perfect, until it wasn’t.

Part Five; Arden & Weston.

Arden Jardine has always been closed off and untrusting of people. There are very few people in the world that she trusts, her twin sister, Loren, and her best friend, Rose, are the very few. So, when Weston McCleary keeps popping up where ever she is, her walls go up full force, she doesn’t know why, but there is something about him that has her questioning everything she’s ever thought.

Part Six; Loren & Christian.

Loren Jardine is the opposite of her twin sister, Arden. Where Arden is too closed off, Loren is too trusting. Or perhaps that is what she thinks. Loren has always been envious of her best friend, Annabeth’s parents, they seem so in love. Her parents on the other hand seem to hate each other, every time she turns around they are fighting. Christian Payne, Loren’s boyfriend of a year and a half, he’s the best thing that has ever happened to her. But, her fear of turning out like her parents has caused her to question everything she knows.

Part Seven; Mary-Madelyn & Liam.

Mary-Madelyn Payne has been in love with the same guy since she was seven. Liam Flynn has always thought of Mary-Madelyn as a silly little girl. Maybe perhaps because when she was seven and he was nine it was just silly little games and jokes between families. Nine years later and Liam realizes that Mary-Madelyn isn’t that little girl anymore.

Part Eight; Juliet & Romeo.

Juliet Carmichael, the heiress to the Carmichael and Esor fortune. It’s a lot to put on a girl’s shoulders; especially a sixteen-year-old. Though, she has never asked for all that comes with her surname, she follows every rule with a forced smile. Romeo Marques, son of a cop and a nurse. Carefree and laid back; absolutely no worries in the world, until Juliet.

Part Nine; Sasha & Tyrese.

Sasha Marques is a beautiful person inside and out. At least, that is what everyone else thinks. Sasha finds herself to be one of the least attractive out of her group of friends. She hates everything about herself, she finds it all boring. Tyrese Ramirez, is a whole different story. He could not find anyone else in the whole entire world that is as beautiful as Sasha is. He has made it his purpose to remind her every day that she is amazing, just the way she is.

Part Ten; Evelynne & Jayden.

Evelynne Le Fright, a Christmas baby and the youngest out of her friends. She may be the youngest, but, she is also very mature for her age. Having a two-year-old little brother that she helps take care of, has helped with her fast growing maturity. Though, that doesn’t mean that she is immune to falling in love fast. Jayden Quincy, hasn’t been in Willow Grove since he was thirteen, but, instead, he’s been in Sparrow Way, Georgia. Every summer since then he has always spent it with Evelynne, who spends the summer with her grandparents, until she stops coming. It hurt him more than he likes to say.

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