Nadia’s Crowning Jewel

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Authors Note

I have this book on Wattpad so follow my Wattpad account @itssimplyautumn.

Nadia’s Crowning Jewel originated on that app so💙.

I know it's way to early to say this but I really really want my book to be in a wattys awards. I mean why not? So imma give my best with this book💙

The cover was taken off the internet but I made certain edits to it and the title is also mine. The sticker at the bottom was also taken off line.

©️I do not own any rights to the pictures above or the book cover. I only own the story line, plot, characters and events that take place.

©️Please come into this book with an open mind and if you can I love FEEDBACK. Any type of feedback I will greatly appreciate.

©️If you see anyone who has copied my storyline or plot or characters or use any piece of my work to let me know.

©️Also you are apart of the story. However your comments are commented I may use them in my story to help deliver a fresh chapter or something.

©️Stay with the positive feedback and the positive energy. Meaning: don't overly cuss please. I hate when people overly cuss for no reason in stories. Don't do it in mine. And that's me respectively asking you.

©️Now without further adieu I present to you Nadia's Crowning Jewel.


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