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Let me just say girls don't trust them they'll stab you in the back any chance they get... trust me. Young love is a road trip of feelings and excitement. I added some twist into it and will have to see if Seong-Jeong can overcome these challenges that he has to face and keep his true love...

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Today was not the best of days. I had left school and started walking toward my home. Observing the nature around me. It was almost as if I was being attacked by thousands of butterflies soaring through the spring. Each of the butterflies traveled in pairs. It made me think about how different I am. Like, imagine if you saw 2 male butterflies trying to mate. It just doesn't work like that or at least that's what my parents thought. I had the realization I was gay in I was in the sixth grade. I remember watching tv with my parents and a gay couple would come on the T.V and my parents would make a noise of disgust. I would just sit there awkwardly. At the time I hadn't told anyone. for fear of rejection. also, I didn't want best friend Seok to think I had a crush on him. It has remained that way for a while. Until I found a new best friend, Kim. I could talk to Kim about anything and she would understand or so I thought. But there was still that fear of rejection. One day I was feeling random fearless and so after school, I decided today is the day to tell her... so I did and she was silent for a while and I sat there awkwardly then she got up and ran to the bathroom. I swear I heard her crying. the next day she wouldn't talk to me. I wasn't upset by this for I excepted something like this to happen. Then later that day her friend came up to me and said good going dude she had a huge cursh on you... dip shit. She was a tiny girl but she was still verry scary. I dont know why. But now let me just say girls are mean and curel and when they dont get there way all hell breaks lose and i have to try to safe your self.
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