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'I'm not jealous- I'm territorial. Jealous is when you want someone that's not yours. Territorial is when you protect someone thats already yours- Cal This is a sequel to my first book- Mine. I recommend reading that first :) The city that never sleeps can hold secrets for years. It can be cold and unforgiving, yet it can be the city of dreams. It depends who you are, and more importantly, who you know. How far is Gretchen willing to go to achieve her dreams of becoming a therapist? Will she sacrifice her morals and beliefs and maybe even her relationship with her beloved Cal? Cal is used to the city chewing you up and spitting you back out again. But he is determined to protect Gretchen at all costs, even if it means following her into the darker side to do so. Will they make it through? Or will the city win? *Sexual scenes* *** MOVING TO AMAZON KINDLE SHORTLY ***

Romance / Thriller
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Authors Note

Hi Guys!

I am literally so excited to finally be writing a sequel for my first story, Mine.

Most of you pretty much demanded it, so here it is.

I really hope I can do it justice!

For those of you that haven’t read ‘Mine’, you may find this a little hard to understand, but Mine isn’t terribly long so give it a quick read :)

I have moved this over to Kindle, as I intend to do with

As always, please,please, please support me as an author by voting and commenting if you can, it really does mean so much.

Over to Cal & Gretchen (Oh how I have missed them!)

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