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Get The Fuck Out


I gripped the phone tightly as his words washed over me.

‘Lucia brought her here. Come and get her.’

I felt dizzy with relief as I stared into my brothers eyes.

‘That was Michael. He said she is there.’

Drake nodded slowly.

‘Well thank fuck for that. I'm coming with you.’

I didn't have the strength to argue as he followed me to my truck, the two of us attracting attention as we walked. Considering we were brothers, I don't think it was overly obvious. I suppose we shared the same stocky build, but whereas I had the dark blonde hair, his was a deep chocolate brown, which showed no sign of fading as he got older. He wore it long, tying it up in a band if it was summer. Summers in New York were deadly anyway, the heat bouncing from building to building like a pinball lost in a machine, I don't know how he coped with long hair and a beard, I wanted to shave mine off in the heat. We got in my car and began the journey to the Salvatore house, my heart on my throat the whole way. Every obstacle that could have appeared, did. The traffic dragged at a snail's pace as I growled with frustration, causing Drake to regard me carefully.

‘You aren't going to lose your shit, are you?’

I frowned as I glanced at him.

‘That depends.’

‘On?’ He sighed, almost afraid of my answer.

‘How she is. She better be exactly as she was the last time I saw her.’

He smirked at me then. ‘Irrevocably in love with you?’

I didn't answer as we pulled into the street my girl was being held captive. The one place in the world I wouldn't have ever wanted her to go to, the place that held my most horrific memories. Maybe I should burn this fucking house down.

I cut the engine as we got out quickly, as I practically ran up the steps, the door unguarded this time. Drake caught up with me as the door swung open to reveal Michael Salvatore, his dark eyes taking in my brother and I.

‘Come in.’

I intended to. My eyes searched the room, frowning when I didn't see her.

‘Where is she?’ I hissed, unable to contain my anger. Michael narrowed his eyes as he folded his arms, his voice low and deadly.

‘I think you mean, thankyou. She's a pretty little thing, I almost wanted to keep her here a little while longer.’

White hot fury ran through me as I walked towards him, my face close to his.

‘She is mine. Don't even think about her in that way.’

The eyes of the soon to be ruler of the underworld widened with delight at my words.

‘I see. If she was mine, no one could take her from me. Yet, she spent the night here last night.’ He leaned back on a chair, goading me to knock his teeth out of his handsome face.

‘Because you fucking forced her, you bastard. ‘

Suddenly Drake was between us, his eyes on mine as he spoke.

‘Leo. No. This isn't what she needs right now. She needs to go home. Think of her. ‘

I turned away as I heard Michael laughing softly.

‘I can assure you, Leonardo. I didn't force her to do anything she didn't want to do. ‘

What the fuck was that supposed to mean? I moved towards him when I heard her voice, like an angel calling to me.


I turned to see her racing down the stairs, her eyes filling with tears as I caught her in my arms, burying my face in her hair.

‘Are you ok? I'm so fucking sorry.’ I mumbled, aware my eyes were filling too. She meant so much to me, and having her in my arms now made me realise how special she actually was.


The voice cut through our reunion like a knife, as I tensed, turning to see Michael grinning at me.

‘I suggest you take better care of this one. You are lucky to have such a woman.’

I noticed him staring beyond me, his eyes clearly meeting hers. I glanced around, noting her drop her eyes from his gaze, her cheeks turning a deep red. He had that effect on women, being who he was, but also being blessed with those Italian good looks heeled him along. Suave bastard.

‘Drake, take Gretchen to the car.’ I ordered, a I saw Gretchen make her way into Drake open arms. They had met before, and had formed a friendship that made me wild with jealousy until I realised they saw each other as siblings would. They left, and I turned to Michael.

‘I appreciate you letting me know she was here. It does not mean I owe you a damn thing, though. I know you hate me, the feeling is mutual. I'm sorry about Lucia, but I'm not the one that hurt her. She cannot do this, Michael. See to it that she doesn't.’

The fury in his eyes made me almost step back, but it was then that I noticed a cigar being lit in the far corner of the room.

‘You've got some balls kid. Speaking to him that way, others have died for much less. Purely because Lucia was in the wrong here is the reason you are going to walk out of here rather than be found in a variety of places in the city. Now get the fuck out.’

I nodded, my eyes staring at Michael before I left. Verno had spoken, and I deeply respected him. But Michael- he was a different kettle of fish.

I didn't trust him at all.

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