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Do You Remember?


I bit my lip nervously as Cal slammed the door shut behind me, his eyes on mine. I knew he would be beating himself up, and I wished there was something I could do. He frowned as he took in the deep red vest I wore over tight jeans, his jaw tensing.

‘Where did you get the clothes?’ He asked quietly.

‘Michael said he had some clean ones as all I had were my pyjamas.’

His eyes narrowed as he nodded slowly, walking towards me.

‘I don't like you wearing anything from him.’

I reached down, pulling the top over my head and peeling the jeans from my legs, tossing them on the floor.

‘Better?’ I snapped, annoyed that was all he cared about right now. ‘I get it. You don't like him. But he was perfectly decent to me, and all I want right now is for you to change the fucking locks.’

His eyes widened as he took in my words.

‘Lucia.’ He groaned as he realised how I was taken.

‘Cal. She's really messed up.. she went through so much it's insane.’ my voice trailed off, aware he was shaking his head at me.

‘I know what she went through Gretchen. But that doesn't give her the right to abduct my fucking girlfriend.’ He spoke through his teeth and I froze, aware this was probably the angriest I'd ever seen him, but what chilled me to the bone was how eerily calm he was.

‘Cal, it could've been so much worse. I'm fine, no one hurt me. Ok?’

‘No Gretchen. It's anything but.’

I wanted him to hold me in his arms and kiss me, fuck me, anything but look at me like he was now, his green eyes filled with sadness.


He held his hand up, silencing me.

‘I can't protect you against a woman. What good am I to you? She could've killed you. Yet the only reason she knew you even existed was because of me. She wanted to hurt you- because of me. I need to consider that.’

He moved towards the kitchen, peeling off his hoody and tossing it to me, his scent wrapping itself around me like a comfort blanket.

‘I'm going to make you something to eat.’

What was going on? Why was he being so cold? I followed him into the kitchen, wrapping my arms around myself as I watched him pouring oil into a pan. He pulled out vine tomatoes and began chopping them roughly, tossing them into a bowl of salad leaves, his eyes refusing to meet mine.

‘Cal, please don't shut me out.’ I whispered, a lump rising in my throat as he dropped steak into the oil, the sizzling filling the silence. He continued cooking, adding red onion and garlic to the pan as though I hadn't spoke.


I moved towards him, pressing my body against his back and felt him tense beneath me.

‘Talk to me.’

He turned the steaks with one hand, the other holding mine tightly. I trembled as he turned to me, his eyes dark and deadly.

‘I'm fine. Just tired and hungry I guess.’

He was lying to me. Despite everything we had been through, he had never pushed me away like this. I moved back, hoping he would pull me back to him but he didn't, he just carried on as though nothing had happened.

‘I'm going to grab a shower, ok?’

He nodded silently as he grabbed a beer from the fridge, putting him out of my sight temporarily.

Where was my Cal?

After I showered, I dressed quickly, my tummy grumbling at the smell of steak and garlic. I walked into the kitchen to see mine in the pan, ready to be served with the large salad that was beside it in a glass bowl. He's poured me a glass of my favourite red wine, and I took a sip, closing my eyes as the familiar taste slid down my throat with promises of calm and relaxation not far away. Before I knew it I had drained the wine and I examined the empty glass with surprise. I shrugged, topping it up and taking a large mouthful.

‘I'm sorry.’

The voice startled me as I jumped, turning to see Cal leaning against the doorway watching me, his eyes staring down at the floor. He was still topless and I tried not to stare at his delicious body, tanned and toned in all the right places. His jeans were loose on his hips, aa though he had begun to take them off but changed his mind last minute, meaning I could see the delicious V that lead down to his silky cock.

I blinked, aware I was off in a fantasy world whilst he was watching me with a bemused expression on his face.

‘If you are thirsty, you'd be better drinking something that will actually quench your thirst, not wine.’ he nodded at the half empty bottle in my hand. ‘but it does go down very well with the steak.’

I took another gulp of wine as I slid the steak onto my plate, the mushrooms and garlic falling along with it, making my mouth water. I added salad for the fact it was there more than any intention to actually eat any. I carried my plate to the table and closed my eyes as the steak fell apart in my mouth, amazed that this man knew exactly how to cook my steak despite only being told once. Wow.

He grabbed another beer as his phone rang, and I heard him answer as he walked into the hall. I never listened to his conversations because I didn't want to hear the content if I was honest- I knew Cal did business with some unsavoury characters and I liked to distance myself from that as best as I could. Until today, I hadn't been exposed to any part of that world, and it was fucking terrifying. I chewed my food as I sipped the wine more slowly now as it began to take effect, making my heart beat that little bit faster and making the day behind me seem almost delightful. You've gotta love wine. Cal walked back into the room, his green eyes burning into mine as I felt those butterflies flying around my stomach. My mind chose to extract one of my favourite memories of us, and I watched it play happily in my head.

‘What are you smiling about?’

I pushed my plate away as I finished the last piece of steak, letting out a contented sigh.

‘I was just remembering the first time you kissed me.’

He raised an eyebrow as he walked over to me, pulling me up by my hands.

‘I don't think I can remember, it was just a kiss.’ He teased, knowing how much I had talked about afterwards. I rolled my eyes, secretly delighted he seemed more relaxed.

‘It was in the rain, remember?’

He nodded, his finger brushing down my face.

‘As if I'd ever forget baby. I've never wanted to kiss anyone as much as I did that night, standing in front of you in your little dress.’

He leaned down, his lips smashing against mine as I grabbed his hair in my hands, wondering if I would ever tire of tasting him. His tongue explored my mouth as he held me close, his warm body sending goosebumps on mine as our skin touched.

‘I was with someone else then. Technically.’ I mused as we broke apart, our foreheads still touching. He growled as he pushed me against the wall, tilting my face up to his.

‘ Fuck technicalities. You were mine the minute I saw you in the hallway, wondering who the fuck I was and why I made you feel the way you did. Admit it Raven.’ He smirked as I gasped under his grip as he watched me with interest. ‘we haven't had this conversation yet.’

He flipped me so I was facing the wall, as he trailed his hands down to my hips, pulling me against him as though trying me on for size.

‘Admit what?’ I managed to croak out as he hooked his thumbs through my bottoms, pulling them down in one swift movement, exposing me to him. He pushed my legs apart as I heard his belt hit the floor, bracing myself for his entrance.

‘When I saw you in the bathroom. At the dinner party. You wanted me to bend you over the sink and fuck you hard didn't you?’

Suddenly I felt the head of his cock press against my wet slit and I moved myself against him, begging him to enter me.

‘Come now Gretchen, we are having a conversation..’

‘Yes. Now fuck me.’ I demanded as he obeyed, sliding his entire length inside of me, making me lose my breath as he pulled it back out to the tip, before slamming it back inside of me.

‘Is this hard enough for you? Would you have screamed out or would I have had to do this?’

As he thrust in and out of me, I moaned loudly, unable to control myself as he covered my mouth with his hand, so no sound escaped me. The only sound was the slapping of his crotch against my ass, the skin hot and slick as my juices wrapped around his cock, spilling out with each thrust. His hand slipped down to my hip as his other hand grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling it back as he used me for leverage, the thrusts becoming deeper and more demanding as I felt myself explode against his cock as he moaned with approval.

‘Fuck, Raven. You're killing me.’

I smiled as I felt pain in my hips from fingers that were now digging into my flesh, knowing he was close.

‘But I'm yours.’ I gasped as he grunted with each thrust, the grip tightening on my hips.

‘You're mine.’ he growled, lust and desire spilling from.his perfect mouth.

Finally he let go, and I felt him shooting his seed deep within me, as he pulled me tight against him, as he swore.

‘Now that,’ I gasped as I wriggled from his grasp, our juices dripping down my thighs as he sat back on the chair beside him. ‘was fucking insane.’

He laughed and I kissed him, despite the fact we were both out of breath.

‘You shouldn't ever mention you and anyone else in the same sentence, you know what it does to me.’ He warned as I smirked.

‘Did I ever tell you about-’ I teased as he jumped from the chair, making me squeal as I tried to run away from him.

He caught me by the stairs as we kissed, with such desire I felt him harden against me once more.

‘Don't fuck about. You're mine.’ He whispered as he moved my hair from my eyes softly as he gazed at me with adoration.

‘I know. More importantly, you are mine.’ I whispered back as I kissed him, feeling him smile against my mouth.

God I loved him so fucking much.

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