Ours- Book 2

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Someone's Sister


The woman bounced on top of me, her tiny breasts barely moving as she made an elaborate show of herself on my cock. I tried to stifle a yawn but to no avail, as I saw the shock register in her eyes.

‘I'm sorry, I guess you just aren't capable of keeping me entertained. Not for lack of effort though.’ I lifted her from me as she snatched her clothes up, her doll like features twisted into a nasty snarl.

‘You won't get anyone better. I'm the best in the whole state.’ she snapped as she walked away, grabbing her cash on the way out.

She was a whore, why was she so offended that she just didn't do it for me? My cock was going flaccid already, bored of the same old pussy. I peeled the condom off and slung it into the bin with irritation.

You can't even pay for women to fuck you without attitude. I stood, walking over to the open doors of my room that overlooked the flawless gardens of the home I had grown up in, letting out a deep sigh. It was beautiful here, but like all beauty it hid a deeper layer, one that was not as pretty to look at. I had grown up around crime, one of the first executions I saw at the age of eleven burned into my retina. The man had betrayed my father apparently, by leaking secrets to a rival family. My father told me to watch without fear; that this is what happened to rats. The man had begged for his life, but he was tied to a chair with wire and beaten to death with baseball bats. I will never forget the look in his eyes, the way he pleaded for mercy repeatedly as he was ignored. I can still hear the clatter of the bats on the floor as the clean up guys arrived, someone pushing me out of the door so I could follow my father who was covered in blood. My first kill was a tad more brutal, but at least I felt it was for a valid reason.


I will never forget my mother's screams as my father had her sedated, unable to bear her cries of anguish. Lucia had been savagely beaten and raped, and left for dead, yet somehow she survived. She was a Salvatore, made of intense strength, but no one expected her to live.

My father made sure Lucia had the best round the clock care, whilst ordering the bastards to be brought to our home. My father, my elder brothers and I all stood around the deep mahogany table as we wept, our anger demanding revenge.

She was fifteen.

None of us were home.

Yet he was here.

I felt the intense anger raging through me as I remembered finding out he was her boyfriend, yet he had ran like a bitch whilst she was being used by the perverted bastards inside her room, her screams following him through the gardens I'm sure- yet still he ran. It made no sense to me. When I found out, I was sixteen, a mere boy. But I made it clear I wanted in on the revenge. I smiled as I remembered hearing the pleading, the apologising. How this dirty bastard didn't know she was my sister. I remember wondering how that made any difference. She would have been someone's sister. Someone's daughter. Maybe, one day, someone's mother.

That would never happen now. The doctor had not been able to salvage her insides enough to let her carry a child; if by any miracle she conceived.

I took great joy in peeling the skin from his eyelids, so he could never close his eyes. I made him swallow his own cock, piece by piece. Finally, I hung him from a meat hook by the rectum, until his heart gave way.

I was there for his last breath as I told him it was for Lucia. When he meets the Devil, I hope he passes on my condolences. Even the Devil doesn't deserve such scum for company.

I blinked, realising I was ice cold. I had been standing outside for longer than I realised, the sun having left long ago.

Even though Leo didn't hurt her, he didn't stop them either.

My father may have forgiven him by the fact he had killed Andre, but I hadn't. He ran away, and for that I feel he deserved more than a one night abduction of his girlfriend. My mind moved to her then, as I recalled seeing her for the first time in Lucias room. I couldn't deny the attraction between us, but I don't steal wives or girlfriends from other men, even ones as low as Leonardo Cape. I'm used to women falling at my feet, wanting to marry me and get accustomed to the mob lifestyle, but she simply wanted to leave. Her fear was attractive, in a sadistic way. I would never hurt a woman, but when she walked down my staircase it took everything I had not to call for Leo to be killed so I could make her mine, if only for an hour.

But I was a man of my word. If anything I owed her a favour after Lucias little prank.

I would have to hope she would come to collect it.

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