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Summer break arrived perfectly on time, and I was looking forward to landing back in Winterburg with my delicious boyfriend in tow. I felt his hand in mine as the plane began to descend, and remembered how much he hated flying.

‘Yet again, I'm glad to be out of New York. I wish you could study somewhere else.’ he grumbled as he tightened his grip on my hand.

I decided it was best to bite my tongue here, this argument knew no end. He knew I had made the decision when he had just upped and left me during my find year of high school-. I didn't expect him to ever return and by then I was ready to move. But it was such a great programme, taught by the finest in the field of therapy. I was distracted by the plane touching down, a pretty good landing as far as they go. I glanced at Cal who had his eyes closed, his face a deathly white.

‘Cal, we've landed babe. Breathe.’

He smiled faintly, his grip relaxing ever so slightly on my hand.

We finally left the aircraft, the warm summer air greeting us like an old friend. I was giddy with excitement at seeing everyone, as my eyes scanned the airport crowds eagerly.

‘You're like a child on Christmas morning.’ He laughed as he tugged our suitcases along easily beside him, his sleeves rolled up to reveal those strong forearms I loved so much.

‘Cal, you get to see your parents!’ I exclaimed, sad that he didn't have the bond I had with my parents. He shrugged as his cool gaze fell onto someone behind me, a smile creeping into his face as I followed his gaze to see my parents striding towards us, my mother's arms outstretched as she pulled me into her arms, her sweet perfume instantly comforting me. My eyes pricked with tears as she whispered, ‘I've missed you so much.’

‘I've missed you too mom.’

She released me so that I could hug my dad, who kissed the top of my head protectively as he wrapped his arms around me. I rested against his chest as my mom hugged Cal, commenting on how much of a man he was now becoming. This made my dad chuckle as he shook Cals hand firmly. I slid my arm back around Cals waist as my dad grabbed a suitcase from him, feeling stupidly content. This was my world, right here. As we walked to the car I felt something inside of me begin to relax, and the mindless chatter flowed between us as we drove home.

“How was the flight?’ my father asked, his eyes twinkling as they met mine in the review. I felt Cal shudder beside me as I stifled a giggle, which suddenly escaped.

‘Contrary to anything Cal tells you, it was perfectly fine.’

‘We nearly died.’ He pointed out, and laughter filled the car.

‘Oh Cal. You just aren't a flyer, that's ok. I'm not good on boats, so I do empathise.’ my mother's eyes fell on him as she smiled kindly.

My father snorted then, earning him a sharp look from my mother.

‘Not good is probably an understatement. The last time you went on a boat you passed out. Took a good while for you to get your colour back, that's for sure.’

She rolled her eyes, a smile playing on her lips. He glanced at her, his eyes crinkling in the corners as he smiled. Her hand covered his and he pulled it to his lips, kissing it softly before placing his hand back on the wheel. They were still so very much in love, even after many years together. I sighed contentedly as I gazed out of the window, the familiar sights warming my soul.

‘I love your smile.’ the voice broke into my thoughts as he kissed my shoulder softly, his green eyes meeting mine as I turned to him. I noticed sadness pass over his face briefly, but before I could study it further it was gone, replaced by the lazy smile I adored.

‘I love you.’ I whispered, closing my eyes as I leaned against him, tiredness sweeping over me as I yawned.

‘Home sweet home.’ my mother sang as we pulled into the drive of my childhood home. The house was simple, but it would always be my favourite. I knew every nook and cranny here, and every corner held a different memory. As the door swung open I suddenly remembered opening the door to Cal years ago, standing before him in just a towel as he had said-

‘Do you always open the door dressed like that?’ He whispered in my ear as he passed me, pulling our suitcases into the hall. I gaped at him as he laughed, running a hand through his hair. How did he know I was thinking about that particular memory? His eyes danced with amusement as he walked over to me, his mouth suddenly close to my ear.

‘I know you, well enough to know when you are fantasizing about me.’

He grinned smugly and I arched an eyebrow playfully.

‘I wasn't fantasizing about you, I was just remembering something.’

His eyes trailed down my body as he bit his lip.

‘Mmm. Me too.’

'Is that all I am to you, a sex toy?' I smirked as he frowned, his hands gripping my hips as he pulled me towards him.

'Is that a serious question Raven?' His voice was low and dangerous and I chewed on my bottom lip. 'I can go without sex, if only to prove a point to you. You'd be begging me for it before long.'

There was no way in the world I could sleep beside this man and not have him in the most intimate way a woman could have a man. I kissed his lips as he looked at me with a smug expression on his handsome face.

'Just as I thought. Right let's get these up to your old room.' He effortlessly picked up the cases as my mother watched with approval, her eyes misting over.

'The way you look at him, is the way I look at your father. It's beautiful to see. He adores you Gretchen.'

Her voice was soft as my dad walked in, swinging the keys around his finger. We both looked at him and smiled knowingly as Cal jogged back down the stairs, aware of the awkward silence. He laughed as he shot me a curious look as my dad said,

'I have a feeling they were talking about us Cal.'

He raised his eyebrows as my mother let out a girlish giggle. I think me moving out had allowed them to rekindle their marriage in ways they probably didn't realise they needed.

'Ah, good things I hope.'

Our eyes met and he walked over to me, his fingers lacing with mine. His very touch made me weak, and I leaned against him as my dad cleared his throat.

'There's an event down town tonight, if you feel up to it.' He furrowed his brow as he rifled through the drawer in the dresser by the door. He let out a triumphant sound as he located a leaflet that he thrust in my direction.

I cast my eyes over it and saw it was some sort of mini festival, with food stands and live music. I shrugged as I handed it to Cal who nodded.

'Sounds good, but as always it's up to you.'

My father let out a wide smile as I nodded, causing him to clap his hands together.

'Ok well we have some time to freshen up before it starts, so shall we be ready around seven?'

'Okay.' I yawned as Cal kissed the top of my head, whispering in my ear.

'Let's go lie down for a bit. Don't get any funny ideas, I need a nap.'

I swatted his chest as he caught my hand, pulling it up to his lips.

'I said no, I'm tired.'

I began to laugh as I walked past him, pulling him up the stairs behind me.

'Stop begging Gretchen, I said no.' He teased as we made it to my old bedroom, sinking onto the bed as I buried my face in his neck.

'Shut up you absolute perv.'

He held his hands up and his top rose slightly, showing the tanned skin beneath it. I caught my breath slightly as a smirk played on his lips.

'Now who's the perv?'

I leaned down and began to kiss his stomach, trailing kisses down to his waist band.

'That would be me.'

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