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Cals POV

I made my excuses and left her with her friends, I would rather watch paint dry then watch them look at me like I was the guy that broke their adorable Luke’s heart.

I still couldn’t give a fuck about that, I never intended to hurt him.

I moved through the crowd as I browsed the little stores, stopping at a jewellery hut, antique rings glinting under the fairy lights. I smiled as I studied them, an idea forming in my mind. I moved on, casting my eyes back to where Gretchen was and saw she had been joined by two guys who I couldn’t make out from where I was standing. I sighed as I made my way back over to see she was now being pushed against the wall by the dark haired one, who I realised with a sickening feeling was Luke, her ex. The worst part, was the way she was looking at him. I slowed, wanting to see what happened next. I began to shake with rage as I gritted my teeth, determined to see what she did. He was close to her face now, and I saw her eyes on his lips.

If she kisses him, I’m going to fucking murder them both, right here in this shitty little town.

I was close enough now to hear their conversation.

‘You’re still as beautiful as you were then.’

No fucking shit, Sherlock. The slimy bastard. He went in to kiss her and I held my breath as her hands went up to his shoulders, the pain in my heart crippling. But then I noticed her push him away, and I heard her delicate voice speak,

‘Luke, I’m sorry but-’

I’m done.

‘She’s with me.’ I growled as I noticed her eyes flicker to me, wide with surprise and relief. I folded my arms across my chest so I didn’t punch the cunt in his throat.

‘Cal. Leo. What a pleasant surprise.’

I didn’t trust myself to speak, when he spoke again, his eyes narrowing as he looked at me with disgust.

‘When she was with me she didn’t flinch if I went near her. She didn’t jump when she was touched. What the fuck have you done to her?’

He squared up to me and I bit back a snarl as I pushed past him, determined not to disappoint Gretchen further by ripping his head off at the local festival, hardly the scene any of us wanted.

When she was with him, she wanted me.

When she was with him, she didn’t know what love was.

When she was with him, it was fucking practice for meeting me.

I shook with anger as

‘She’s not your concern, shes mine.’ I spat as I pushed Gretchen against the wall softly as he spoke.

‘I told you he’s no good. I tried to warn you.’

I closed my eyes as I breathed, desperately trying to remain calm.

‘Why did I get the feeling he was going to kiss you?’

I stared at her with a mixture of lust and envy as she opened her sweet mouth to answer me. I smashed my lips against hers as she pushed her body against mine, my hands hoisting her legs up around my waist as I kissed her deeply.

‘Do I have to fight every man in this world for your attention?’

She gazed at me, her clear green eyes framed by dark thick lashes. Fuck, she was killing me. The thought from earlier drifted back in my mind, blending with what I was feeling now.

I knew what I had to do. I had to make her safe, and I had to make her mine, for good.

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