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Cal had to fly back to New York after briefly seeing his parents, apparently there was sudden business he had to take care of. I was disappointed, but he promised to come back as soon as he could. I helped him pack as he lifted my head up to his.

‘Hey. I’ll be back as soon as I can, ok? Don’t forget that morning after pill.’ He reminded me with a wink as I nodded. Would having his child really be so bad? He must’ve read the question in my eyes as he sat on my bed, pulling me close to him.

‘Unless you don’t want to. I’d love you to be the mother to my children.’

My heart hammered in my chest as I gazed down at him, his eyes full of adoration.

‘Cal, I’m not even twenty one.’ I giggled as he tilted his head and looked at me seriously.

‘As I said baby. Your call. I don’t think I am ready to share you with anyone just yet anyway, not even our child.’

I sighed as he kissed me and he stood, pulling his case next to him.

‘Will you be ok flying?’ I asked, aware how he felt about flying.

He grimaced as he ran his hand down my cheek.

‘Yeah I’m a big boy. I’ll go back. sort this shit out and I will be back before you know it. I really fucking love you. Will you be ok without me?’

I lifted my eyes to his as I shook my head.

‘No, so stay.’

I felt anxiety in my chest as I did everytime we parted; he had left me once and I had been so depressed, it was like my world had ended.

‘Baby. I’ll be back. Two, three days tops. Call me anytime. Go see your friends. Relax, you are safe here.’ He kissed me deeply as I sighed into him, before walking down the stairs to where the cab was waiting to take him to the airport.

‘Oh,’ He called over his shoulder as he walked away. ‘Keep away from my cousin.’ He raised his eyebrows at me as I rolled my eyes.

‘Goodbye, I love you.’

‘I love you more.’ He threw his case into the boot of the taxi before climbing in, giving me one last look before he closed the door. I felt a lump rise in my throat as the cab pulled away, his green eyes on me until I was no longer in sight. The sound of the engine faded down the street as I stood hugging myself, trying to cling to his scent from where he had kissed me earlier. I turned and walked into the house, aware how empty it now was. My mom and dad were at work and I hadn’t expected him to leave so suddenly. The phone call must’ve been serious though, because he did no more than pack immediately. I sighed as I flopped onto the couch, flicking netflix on to see Vampire Diaries was back up. I decided to settle in for a bit of my Stefan fix, when my phone beeped with a text. I grabbed it, seeing Cal’s name with a love heart.

Don’t make any plans for your birthday. X

I smiled as I dropped the phone back onto the table, wondering what he had planned. I couldn’t predict Cal’s behaviour from one minute to the next, let alone predict what gift he would get for me. I lost myself in The Vampire Diaries for a good couple of hours before boredom set in and I fired off a text to Rosie who called me instantly. We arranged to head toThe Lounge, an old haunt of ours down in town. I decided I didn’t need to change, and told her to just come whenever she was ready. I texted my parents explaining Cal had left for a few days with work, and that I was heading into town with Rosie. I slipped my boots on when I heard the car beep outside, and I smiled as I saw the familiar car at the end of the drive. It felt just like old times as I slid in the seat next to her, her eyes wide with excitement.

‘Oh god, its so good having you back here. Its such a drag with just Sienna for company. I’ve missed you so much.’

We chatted about her college course in childcare as we pulled up to the lounge, my eyes falling on a familiar Ford Ranger. My stomach sank as Rosie looked over at me with worry in her eyes.

‘Do you want to go somewhere else?’

I shook my head firmly, aware that I needed to get used to seeing Luke considering I was spending the entire summer here. It may be easier without Cal around, I suppose. It didn’t stop my heart from racing when we walked in, my eyes automatically scanning the room for him. He was leaning against the bar with a soda in his hands, his football jersey still on from practice. I knew he was now playing football professionally, and that he was incredibly good at it. I smiled as he raised his soda in my direction before turning to Rosie who was biting her lip nervously.

‘Are you guys good? I don’t want you to have any drama.’

I located an empty booth at the opposite end of the club and I made a beeline for it, grateful it was out of his eyeline. I gave her a reassuring look as I pulled my phone out to see if Cal had texted to say he had landed yet. Nothing.

‘We are fine.’ I stated, my eyes flickering over to the direction he was in.

We ordered our usual lattes and Rosie listened as I regaled her with tales of New York, leaving out the part where I was kidnapped.

‘Your life is so interesting and mine is so boring.’ she moaned as she slid out of the booth. ‘I’m just heading to the ladies.’ She flashed me a smile as she walked away, as I sipped my latte gratefully.

‘No Cal tonight?’

I looked up in surprise to see Luke studying me carefully, his electric blue eyes burning into mine. His hair was damp with sweat and I avoided looking at his arms which were on show beneath the thin shirt.

‘I just wanted to ask if we could catch up, I promise I just want to be friends with you. I feel bad about the other day.’ He looked at the floor before he met my eyes, and I saw sincerity in them. I swallowed as I knew I should say no, but it really would make things easier around here if we were cool. Plus Cal wasn’t here, and he wouldn’t know about it.

‘Ok, sure. Is tomorrow any good?’ I offered and his eyes lit up.

‘Yeah, are you still on the same number? I can come and pick you up if you like, say ten am? If you still get up early that is.’

I chewed on the inside of my lip as I nodded.

‘Yeah, same number. Ten is fine. Thanks.’ I realised I was speaking like a robot, and I tried to relax as he turned to see Rosie heading over to us, concern on her face. I felt for our friends, it must be really hard for them when we are together. It was fine, I decided. I was going to smooth this over as soon as possible so we could all have the best summer ever.


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