Ours- Book 2

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Do I Devour You Now, Or Later?


I scrunched my eyes up as I repeated the words in my head like a mantra, determined to make them stick.

‘Procedural memories are memories of motor skills/actions/muscle memories; episodic memories are memories of life events.’

I groaned as I scribbled it on a sticky note, tacking it to my mirror. I stared at it as though it was a dangerous article- ready to leap up and attack me at any point. I caught sight of myself in the mirror and smiled, my face immediately softening. I was distracted by the sound of a familiar truck on the street, as I leapt to my feet and ran down the stairs, my bare feet carrying me down soundlessly.

This, was my favourite part of the day.


He slammed the door shut and leaned against it, his electric green eyes drinking me in. I felt my breath catch in my throat as it always did when I saw him, the effect he had on me was timeless. His dirty blond hair fell into his eyes as he pushed it back with his long fingers, the leather of his jacket creaking as he moved, his other hand tightly clutching a holdall that told me he was going to be staying over tonight.


He smiled as he shook his head in mock exasperation, as he finally moved towards me, my heart thumping in my chest when he reached me, one arm snaking around my waist as he pulled me into him.

‘Woman, when you gonna get my name right?’ He teased, kissing the top of my head as I buried myself into his neck, inhaling his scent as though it was the oxygen keeping me alive. His scent needed bottling and distributing around the world, it would be sold out within minutes, I was sure of it.

‘It’s not my fault you had a secret identity.’ I teased as lifted my lips to him, closing my eyes as I waited for his lips to crash down on mine.

I didn’t wait long.

I will try and tell you what it is like kissing Cal Fallon, because I spent some time wondering it myself a few years back. It holds the excitement of Christmas, the thought of how amazing it will be smashed out of the park by the reality of what it is. He doesn’t kiss me like anyone else ever did, he teases my tongue with his, not too fast, not too slow. He makes my body weak and always leaves me wanting more. We kiss with our eyes closed, our bodies pressed together with the promise of insane lovemaking never far behind. I ran my fingers through his hair before tugging on it slightly, causing him to groan as he softly chewed on my bottom lip, causing me to gasp.

See what I mean?

‘Do you even think we will make it into the house this time?’ He growled as he trailed kisses down my throat, making me wonder what i had done in a past life to deserve such a slice of paradise. I smiled then as I kissed him once more, before turning to the house, my hand in his as I walked back up the last few steps, aware I was grinning like a maniac. I shared the house with Nancy, someone I met in when I first came to the city a few years back. Cal insisted we moved somewhere safe- his words- and stubbornly refused to accept my answer that the little apartment we had at the time sufficed. He took to proving us wrong by breaking and entering one time, waiting on my bed for me when I walked into the room, his green eyes flashing triumphantly. I had given in then, and we rented a house in the beautiful residential area in the East Village. I should be thanking him really- I was so in love with the place. Cal had lived in NYC all of his life until he had to leave- but that’s another story. The point is, he is back now, with me.

My stomach grumbled and I cringed as Cal’s eyebrows raised with amusement.

‘Is someone hungry?’

‘I have’t had time to eat yet, I have been so busy trying to finish this assignment.’ I groaned as his eyes narrowed.

’No time to eat? Baby. There’s always time to eat.′ He kissed my forehead as he guided me into the house, dropping his bag at the foot of the stairs and shrugging off his jacket.

‘Where’s Nancy?’ He asked curiously as he walked into the kitchen, pulling open the fridge and inspecting it with disdain.

I rolled my eyes as I slid onto the counter, watching him sift through the measly ingredients the fridge offered.

‘She is with Josh, again.’

He shook his head at the fridge and shut it before turning towards me, taking in my position on the counter. He walked over, his hands running up my thighs as he pulled me close to him.

‘One, you have no food worthy of human consumption in that fridge. Two, you are telling me the house is empty.’ His green eyes met mine as my heart began to race in my chest, excitement building as he moved his hands to hold my face.

‘Do I devour you here and now, then take you somewhere delicious for dinner? Or do I just devour you all night long and fuck the food.’

I gasped as he pulled me off the counter in one swift movement, a deep growl coming from his mouth as his lips crashed against mine. My hands were clawing at his top, desperate to touch his skin, a shiver running through my body as he held me against the wall, my legs wrapped around his waist as his fingers roughly squeezed my nipples.

‘Oh god, Cal....’

‘Ssssh.’ He muttered, his mouth on mine as he flipped me around so my face was pressed against the wall.

‘Gretch? Are you decent?! I see Cal is here!’ Drawled a voice as Cal groaned with irritation, his hands smoothing my top down as he let me go reluctantly. The door opened and in walked Nancy, followed by a grinning Josh.

‘Did we interrupt anything?’ He asked wickedly, his eyes taking in my flushed expression and swollen lips. Cal nodded at him and turned to gaze at me.

‘Nothing that can’t be continued later.’

His voice was gruff and I bit back a smile, knowing he was now very sexually frustrated. As I was I, my nipples hard and visible through my thin t shirt, my shorts hiding the fact my panties were soaking wet.

Nancy raised a perfectly pencilled brow in my direction as studied me.

‘Did you finish your assignment? She’s been so anxious about this damn thing.’ She directed the last part to Cal who shrugged.

‘Good job you are not just a beauty then, isn’t it. Come on, lets go eat.’

I saw Nancy sneak a glance at him as he passed, fanning herself dramatically to me.

’Sorry! If someone interrupted me with that, I would eat them.′

I rolled my eyes, used to the fact that many of the women in New York would probably kill for a night with Cal. I still felt jealousy, but it was like no one else was in the room when he was with me, his eyes followed me everywhere. It was like there was an invisible cord that connected us, he would only have to tug it slightly and I would fall over trying to get to him. I know. Cliche. But it is so true.

He is mine, and I am his.

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