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Cal’s POV

‘How you doing cousin?’

The voice drawled down the line as I rubbed my brow with irritation. What did this little shit want now? I tightened my jaw as I sighed heavily, preparing myself for his bullshit.

‘What the fuck are you calling me for?’

I growled down the phone as he tutted, making me want to smash his face into next week. Sadly that wasn’t yet invented, as advanced as technology was, a punch couldn’t travel over the airwaves.


‘I’ve just had breakfast with our beautiful Gretchen, she’s like a fine wine my man, simply seems to get better with age. But I’m worried about her.’

I tightened my grip around the phone as I closed my eyes, regret filling my chest at the thought of him anywhere near her.

Why did you go out with him Gretchen?

‘You better be lying.’ I said through gritted teeth, my eyes scanning the airport for an update on my flight. It had been delayed by an hour and I was getting restless, now I had this punk giving me grief.

‘No, I mean this whole kidnapping shit.’ He waited, clearly enjoying every moment of proving what he knew.


‘Keep away from her. Do you understand me?’

‘But don’t you think its time you admitted I was right all those years ago? I’m better for her than you. She would have a simple life with me, marriage, pop out some babies- Fuck, I’d enjoy making those though- no kidnaps, no mob. Just a picket fence and warm apple pie.’

I pulled the phone away and almost snapped it as I ended the call, my vision temporarily blurred with anger as I dialled Gretchen’s number.

‘Hey baby!’ She sang down the phone as I tried to speak clearly.

‘Why did you tell him Gretchen?’

I heard her suck in her breath sharply, and I knew then that she would never have told me about meeting him. My heart hurt, knowing she could betray me so easily.

‘Just like that, huh? I’ve been gone a day, and you are with him.’

Her voice broke as she began to cry and I held my head in my hands.

‘Come back Cal.’ She begged, sobbing quietly. ‘I just needed someone to talk to-’

‘Yeah? You’ve got friends Gretchen. You’ve got me.’ I growled angrily as I noticed my flight being announced over the tannoy. ‘I have to go.’ I hung up, making my way to the departure gate. I was in two minds whether to go and drown my sorrows at a bar, or go back to that shitty town and blast my cousins fucking head off.

The latter idea appealed more than whiskey, so I boarded the aircraft, jamming my seatbelt on as a slender brunette slipped into the seat beside me, her eyes running over me appreciatively.

‘Wow, looks like I won the seat lottery.’ She smirked, her tongue sliding over her full lips as I watched her carefully. She didn’t turn me on like Gretchen did, and that annoyed me even more. I considered fucking her in the tiny toilet just to destroy every aspect of my relationship but I decided against it.

‘Lady, with all due respect, I don’t wanna hear any more noise from your mouth.’ I snapped as she narrowed her eyes at me, her mouth forming a perfect ‘o’.

Fucking women.

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