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Cals POV

I waited until I was sure he was alone, and I made my way to the house, walking boldly through the front door.

I was family after all.

I stood still as I listened, hearing thuds from the bedroom above me. I walked up the stairs, not bothering to disguise my footsteps. Let the fucker know I was coming. I pushed open his door as our eyes met, his filled with confusion, mine wild with anger. He sat up from his push up position on the floor and sat on his bed, scowling at me.

'What the fuck do you want?' He snapped as I began to imagine snapping his neck.

'I'm going to ask you this once. What happened with Gretchen.'

He smirked at me and I counted backwards from ten very slowly, aware I was useless to her in prison.

'You mean when she went out for breakfast with me, or last night?'

I had learned a few tricks working for the mob. One was to always keep quiet if someone gave you information you didn't know already, like now for example. I had no fucking idea what he was talking about, but pieces were suddenly sliding into place.

'She didn't tell you about last night did she.' He smirked at me again and this time I moved towards him, comforted by the fear I saw flash in his eyes.

'No. But now you're going to. Or I'm going to remove your fucking teeth one by one Luke, and I'm not fucking playing.'

I reached into my pocket and felt the smooth metal of the pliers against my skin and I smiled wickedly.

I'm not fucking scared of you, you prick.'

There it was, the invitation. Now I was annoyed. He lunged for me, thinking years of lifting weights would make him a match for me. It was more to do with balance, and knowing your enemies. I moved quickly, my fist connecting with his jaw with a loud crack as he fell backwards into his bed, blood pouring from his mouth. Silly bastard must've bit his tongue.

'What did you do Luke?'

I didn't want to hurt him again, but I would if he didn't start giving me some answers soon. He spat blood out onto the floor and looked up at me, finally realising I meant business. I toyed with the idea of pulling a couple of teeth out to prove a point, but that was just vicious.

I'm not a thug.

'She came round shooting her mouth off. Things got carried away. I kissed her.'

I felt the colour drain from my face as I grabbed him by the throat, pulling him to his feet.

'You fucking what?'

My voice didn't sound like mine, as I remembered how she jumped last night. I thought it was the after effects of the kidnap, but it seemed my suspicions were right. She was on edge, she was upset because of this cunt.

'Relax, she didn't kiss me back. Actually she kicked me in the balls and left.' He sighed, his posture sagging as I knew he was taking the truth. I also knew she wouldn't just kick him in the balls for trying to kiss her, so I squeezed his throat a little tighter, enjoying watching him gasp for air. When he started to lose consciousness I released him, as he fell to the floor in a heap.

'I don't want you to ever speak to either of us ever again. If you do, you better come and kill me before I fucking find you. Do you understand? This isn't a game, you little cunt.'

I stared at him as he whimpered on the floor, my blood boiling to the point of no control for leaving him alive.

I couldn't go round killing people, not all the time anyway. I did really fucking hate him though, and I hesitated at the doorway as I heard him apologise repeatedly.

'Sorry is just another word. Don't fucking insult me with a fucking word you piece of shit. Keep the fuck away from us.'

I walked away then, before I did something I would regret.

I lit a cigarette as I stood outside, defiantly trying to calm myself down before I saw Gretchen again. She was already a bag of nerves she didn't need to see me all fired up.

Breathe, inhale.


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