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'You really don't trust me, huh?'

I shifted from one foot to the other, squirming under his gaze. How could I possibly explain my overreaction? My cheeks burned as he slid his phone over the table to me, opening his hands out.

'Read the email, if it puts your mind at rest. Her name is there, her contact number too, if you want to call her.'

He sounded wounded, his voice full of disappointment. I shook my head, not wanting to further spoil the surprise.

'Gretchen, have I ever given you reason to doubt me?'

I chewed on my lip as I considered his question.


'Seriously?' He interrupted, his hands on the back of the chair as he frowned at me. I swallowed and shook my head, no. No he hadn't.

'I'm sorry. I just heard you speaking to another woman and-'

I looked up to see a smile playing at his lips as I struggled to finish the sentence.

'I just didn't like it. Argh, now I've ruined my surprise.' I folded my arms as he walked around the table, pulling my arms apart and wrapping them around his waist.

'This isn't like you. You know no other woman compares to you.' He kissed me softly and I sank into his arms gratefully.

'I'm so sorry.' I mumbled into his chest as he rubbed my back tenderly.

'It's fine, just act surprised when it happens.' he growled into my ear as I giggled. 'How was your bath?'

'Angry and short.' I grumbled as I yawned again. 'I'm going to lie down for a while, are you coming with me?'

'You sleep babe. I'm gonna go get some food to cook for us all, do you want anything?'

I shook my head as I walked up the stairs, my head suddenly feeling too heavy for my shoulders.

What the hell was wrong with me?

Snapping at Cal, falling to sleep constantly, now headaches. I frowned when I realised I had barely eaten today and sighed as it dawned on me that I was probably dehydrated and over hungry. I mentally checked in with my stomach, my brain showcasing food for it like a damn buffet whilst it churned in protest. Maybe I was getting ill. I pulled back the duvet as I slid between the sheets, my limbs embracing the coolness of the bed as my eyelids dropped.

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