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The flight back to New York was relatively painless. Even Cal managed to doze most of the way back, which gave me the opportunity to reflect on the summer. I realised that I had grown so much in the time away from my childhood home, unable to believe that I had once thought I was going to marry Luke and spend my life in that little town without ever really wanting anything more.


Even thinking his name made my skin crawl. I couldn't help but pity him, I had hoped he would have changed a little in the time I'd been gone. But he was still a creep, playing football and hanging out at The Lounge. He lacked ambition but had buckets full of sleaze- what a combination. I stole a glance at Cal and my heart physically ached with the love I felt for him. The difference between Cal and Luke was astounding- but then again the difference with Cal and any man was. I didn't need to travel the world to know there would be no-one like him, no-one who could look at me the way he did, make me feel like I was the only woman in the world like he did.

I couldn't imagine my life without him, and that terrified me.

His eyelids fluttered as the pilot announced our descent into New York and I was greeted by those captivating green eyes.

'Did I really fall to sleep on a plane?'

He mumbled in disbelief as I littered his face with soft kisses.

'You did. You slept like a baby.'

He yawned as he stretched, the cabin stewardess pausing by our seats to remind us to wear our seatbelts. I was used to the effect he had on women, the way their eyes widened at his breathtaking good looks, the way they would struggle to compose themselves when he shot them that pant dropping smile. But this one was greedy, her professionalism slipping as she gazed at him openly, her eyes locked onto his body until he finished stretching.

'Sir, your seatbelt.'

He nodded as he waved her away with disinterest.

'Yeah lady I know. But if this plane comes crashing down do you really think this slither of fabric will keep me alive?'

I bit back a smile as a flash of annoyance crept into her doll like face.

'I'm just doing my job Sir.'

He nodded without speaking, turning to me.

'How you feeling?' He murmured against my hair as he kissed my head softly.

'Tired?' I offered with exasperation as he grimaced.

'Go and see a doctor. It's not normal to feel this tired for weeks. Tell him you're losing interest in your boyfriend too.' He teased as I turned to look at him, kissing his mouth before he could say anything more.

'Shut up Mr Fallon.'

He grinned as the plane began to pick up speed, his hands now gripping the side of the seat so hard his knuckles turned white. I laced my fingers over his as the pilot executed a near perfect landing, and I turned to see the relief in Cals eyes.

'Thank fuck that's over.'

'I've missed our bed so much.' I groaned as he sent me a wicked look.

'The three of us will reunite shortly.'

'Do you ever think about anything else?' I laughed as we left the aircraft, the wind whipping my hair around my face.

'I think about you in every capacity. All of the time.' He said seriously as we entered the terminal building. I felt a shiver of delight at his words as we made it through customs unscathed. I was a U.S. citizen, on an internal flight, yet still felt like a criminal under the suspicious gaze of the border officers.

As we waited for our luggage I felt a wave of nausea overtake me as I searched for the toilets with desperation.

'I need the toilet.' I managed to get out before racing to the nearest toilet, which happened to be an accessible one. I didn't have time to consider that as I reached the toilet bowl, emptying my stomach contents into it. I gasped as I retched, aware that something was definately wrong with me. I wiped my mouth as I stood, listing my symptoms in my head. I washed my face in the sink noticing how pale I looked.


Irritated all of the time....

I must be due on my period soon. But that had never made me sick before.


I stared at my reflection, the realisation hitting me.

Where was my period?

I closed my eyes and jumped when someone tried the handle of the door, opening to reveal Cal.

'Are you alright? You've been in here a while-'

'I think I'm pregnant.' I whispered as his eyes met mine slowly.

'What?' His voice was low as he dropped the bags he was holding onto the floor beside him. I didn't speak, but to my horror I began to cry.

'Hey, Raven, don't cry.' He strode over to me, taking me in his arms.

'I can't remember when I had my last period and-'

'Ssshhh. It's ok. Let's just get out of the airport then we can talk ok? We've got this baby, don't worry.' He said soothingly as he kissed me softly. I nodded as I sniffed, watching as he gathered our belongings onto a nearby trolley. He slid his arm around me protectively as he guided me out of the airport and towards a waiting cab, barking an address at the driver who scurried to the drivers seat as Cal put our luggage into the boot.

I laid against him as we drove, aware that we were nearing home. Cal paid the driver as he handed me the keys to our home, watching me carefully.

'Don't carry anything.' He ordered as I leaned down to drag my suitcase.

'Cal.' I sighed as he looked at me sternly, and I knew better than to argue.

I walked in, the familiar smell of our house greeting me as I made a beeline for the kitchen, grabbing the wall calendar. I searched with my finger until I saw the little red dot that indicated my periods due date. Cal stood in the doorway, watching me intently.

'I've missed my period.' I whisper as my eyes widen, realising it was more than that. Being away had distracted me, how had I not realised?!

'Fuck. I've missed two.'

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