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Cals Pov

I was going to be a daddy.

I had always known I'd want a family at some point, but I didn't anticipate it being so soon. I couldn't be happier though, the most incredible woman in the world was going to have my child. I watched her sleep, her full lips parted slightly as she breathed, her chest rising and falling with a steady rhythm. She was so pale though, and it was killing me seeing her suffer through something that was supposed to be natural. She didn't want anyone to know until the scan proved that everything was ok, which meant she didn't have any other women to talk to. I wanted her to tell her mother at least, but she was stubborn. My eyes trailed down her chest to her exposed stomach, my chest aching with love and adoration for what was growing in there. I stood and quietly walked to the window, staring out at the city.

I didn't want our child growing up here.

I didn't want our child to be a target from all of those that had issues with me- there were many. The only reason I was here was because of Gretchen and her studies, but she could study somewhere else if she wanted to. I glanced back over at her, the moonlight from the window falling on her in the darkness, illuminating her like an angel. Too much had happened to her already. If it as up to me she would be on need rest for the rest of her pregnancy. She had addressed my line of work s free weeks ago and at that time I was filled with shame. This woman deserved an honest man, who worked his fingers to the bone to put food on the table, not someone who pulled the trigger on a gun when someone needed to pay a debt.

It was this city. When I was here, this is what I did. She deserved better.

'Cal?' Her soft voice broke into my tormented thoughts, as I turned to see her rubbing her eyes sleepily.

'Go back to sleep baby, it's early.' I made my way over to the bed as she yawned, looking at me with those beautiful eyes. She still made me have those damn butterflies in my stomach, and that's how I had known she was The One. Many girls were beautiful, and kind. Most are great in bed too, and eager to please. But Gretchen was just, different. She made me want to be a better man.

'I'm hungry.' She pouted, and I began to laugh.

'At three am?' I couldn't hide the disbelief in my voice as she nodded enthusiastically.

'Yup. Bean must be hungry.'

I leaned over her, my lips brushing against the soft skin of her tummy as I addressed said Bean.

'What would Bean like? Waking mummy up for food and all.'

'Bacon.' She declared, her hands on my hair as I looked at her in surprise.

'Bacon at three am. Ok Bean, I'm going to cook some bacon. Anything mummy wants, mummy gets. ' I pushed up onto my forearms as she held her hands out, pulling me into an embrace.


I kissed her tenderly as I heard her tummy rumble. Our eyes met and I did a mock salute before climbing off the bed, pulling my thin hoody over my head as she watched me hungrily.

'Then can I have you for dessert?' She bit her lip as I winked at her.

'As I said, anything you want.'

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