Ours- Book 2

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I Thought You Were Hungry?


Damn her roommate. I was seconds away from being ball deep in this delicious woman until she walked in, with her jock boyfriend. I felt her head on my shoulder as I drove, her sweet perfume mixed with her scent making me hard instantly. She began to kiss my neck, causing me to grip the steering wheel tightly.

What was she trying to do to me?

Her kisses trailed down my stomach as I felt her unzip me, her hand pulling out my rock hard cock. Her mouth suddenly wrapped around the tip, her tongue flickering expertly on the shaft as I groaned with pleasure. I managed to pull over, earning myself a couple of horns in the process. If they only knew why, they would shut the fuck up. I cut the engine and allowed myself to lean back, her mouth hot and wet as it worked my cock, her hand under her mouth, slowly wanking it into her mouth. I grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling it slightly as I felt her moan against me. I slid my other hand down her back, realising she still wore those tiny fucking shorts. I caressed her ass cheek with my free hand, moving her soaking wet panties aside.

I loved that she got so wet for me.

I plunged my finger roughly inside of her and I felt her gasp against me. I fucked her with my finger before adding another, expanding her hole slightly. Her juices ran down my fingers and I smiled wickedly, until she began to rock her as against my hand, her pussy tightening around my fingers.

Fuck this.

I slipped my fingers out of her easily as she snapped her head up to look at me angrily as I smirked at her.

'Cal!' She groaned, the urgency in her voice sending me insane. I pulled her onto me, shifting so her knees were either side of me. I used my fingers to guide my cock into her as she slowly lowered herself down onto me. She bit her lip as she accommodated my full length, wincing slightly as she began to move up and down my shaft. I steadied her by holding her hips, despite wanting to bury myself inside of her hard and deep. I couldn't understand how she could still be so tight after fucking me for over a year, but she was.

I'm not complaining.

I tried to restrain myself as she groaned, riding me slowly, her hands on my neck. Her curls started to escape the loose bun she had it in, her full lips open as she gasped. She was without a doubt, the most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes on. She opened her eyes and nodded at me wordlessly as I gripped her hips, moving her easily up and down the full length of my cock, causing her to cry out as I slammed her back down relentlessly. I felt her mouth on mine as she began to orgasm, as I picked up the pace, knowing how she liked it.

'Come for me baby.'

I whispered into her ear as she cried out, gasping for breath. I let myself go, growling as I began to explode, my balls tightening as I shot load after load deep into her.

She rested her head on my shoulder as we sat there, our bodies throbbing from the intensity of our lovemaking.

'I swear to God, no one in the world has sex like we do.' She muttered and I began to smile.

'You're biased.' I reminded her inbetween kisses. She pouted at me as she slid off me, my cock slick against my stomach. I pulled my jeans back up, the scent of sex heavy in the cab. She began to fix her hair as I gazed at her, unable to believe she was mine. She pulled her hair band, as her hair tumbled around her, my favourite thing in the world to watch.

'You're so fucking beautiful.'

'Biased too.'

I raised an eyebrow in response.

'I like the fact you have nothing to compare it to, Raven.'

The thought of any man touching her made my blood boil in my veins, as she turned to me.

'True. Well maybe I should branch out, experiment and see what how it stands then?'

She was teasing, I knew that. But it didn't stop me from narrowing my eyes at her.

'If you ever let another man touch you like I do, the next time you see him will be at his grave.'

She laughed and kissed me hard, as I wrapped my arms around her.

'I love how possessive you are.'

I suppose I was. But I just wanted to protect her from all the danger in the world-slimy bastards included.

'I thought you were hungry?' She teased.

I glanced down at her shorts and smirked.

'I was. Now for food. Best get a take out then. Can't sit in a restaurant like that baby.'

She rolled her eyes as she clipped her seatbelt on reminding me to do the same.

Same argument, different road.

'If you get stopped-'

'Which I won't.'

She pursed her lips then, and I held back a smile. I loved winding her up.

'You'll get fined. Then you'll lose your licence.'

'I'll still drive.'

She squealed in exasperation.

'You're impossible. What if you are in an accident?'

I rubbed her thigh softly.

'Just calm down Raven. Enjoy the post sex bliss that is making you glow right now.'

She smiled then, and I contemplated pulling over again.

God she was fucking amazing.

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