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The craving for coffee was ridiculous. I pushed open the doors of Starbucks, my nostrils inhaling the intoxicating scent. Cal wouldn't approve, but I had done my research. I could have a small coffee. I almost ran to the barista who blinked at me in surprise as my order tumbled from my mouth hungrily. I spied the lemon muffin and demanded one of those too. I paid and went to sit at a table by the window, feeling giddy that I was finally going to get my caffeine fix. The nausea was starting to fade now, but cravings were kicking in big time.

My phone vibrated on the table as I saw Cals name and a message asking where I was. I considered lying for a moment as I wondered where I could say I was. The barista called my name and I stood eagerly, only to see someone standing in my way.

Someone heavenly. Who smelt amazing.

'You didn't reply to my text.' He said softly as he turned to get the coffee and muffin from the gazing barista.

'Cal.'I squeaked as he examined my cup.


I shifted on my feet as I snatched it from him, holding it to my chest protectively.

'It's small.' I snapped defensively as he chuckled softly.

'Like you.' He guided me back to my table, sitting in front of me as he watched me carefully.

'I'm not a faberge egg.'

'You're pregnant with my child, in New York City. Yes you are.'

My eyes met his then and my heart swelled with love for him. Suddenly i frowned.

'Why are you here though? You're always busy.' I pushed the muffin into my mouth eagerly as the citrus flavours exploded on my tongue. Why had I not had one of these daily prior to pregnancy? It was delicious.

'Because I've considered your request.'

He spoke quietly, his eyes on me whilst I swallowed, sipping the coffee and shivering with delight.

'Oh my god that's so fucking good.'

He folded his arms as he watched me with interest.

'Oh? Better than sex?' He questioned innocently as I laughed in response.

'Almost?' I offered as he scoffed, clearly offended.


I laughed as he ran his hand threw his hair.

'Baby listen. I've been thinking.'

I felt my breath catch in my throat as he studied me.

'How do you feel about moving back to Winterburg? I could find work locally, you will be close to your family. It's up to you entirely, I know we moved here so you could study-'

'Yes.'I said instantly, tears welling up in my eyes. 'I would love to move back there with you. It would be a whole different existence for you though Cal. I can take my studies back up there after the baby is born.' I shrugged, having already done my research. I could study therapy anywhere, but New York had the best programme. I had studied for long enough to feel I could graduate with a good enough grade to qualify if I finished off studying when my child was born. It would mean squeezing my lectures into less days, but my tutor had been fantastic.

'We have the scan soon.' Cal smiled and I grinned.

'Three days until we get to see Bean.'

'Do you want to move? If so, when? I don't want you travelling when you are heavily pregnant. I don't want you in New York City pregnant full stop to be honest.'

I stared at him as I ran a hand over my stomach. He was right, as always. I had been kidnapped barely three months ago. But could he really give up the life he was accustomed to for me? He was never without money, and I didn't work. Not yet. So I voiced these concerns to him and he grabbed both my hands.

'You and this child are everything I have in this world. Money isn't an issue, I have alot of it. I just won't be making it illegally anymore. I've got the sale from the house so I can buy us a home easily. Dont worry. I'll get work locally, I've got all kinds of skills.' Our eyes met and I realised he meant every word. He was going to change his ways, and I couldn't wait for us to begin our new life together.

But first, I needed to break the news to my parents.

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