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Five Years Later

'Daddy you promised.'

It was that voice again. The one that wrapped me around her little finger by putting on the damsel in distress tone. I sighed as I wiped my brow, fully aware from her giggle that I had just wiped oil over my face.

'You laughing at your old man kiddo?'

'Yup. Please can we get ice cream now?' She whined as I closed the lid of the truck, admitting defeat. I turned as I heard the car pulling onto the drive, a smile on my face as I waited to greet the love of my life. She didn't disappoint.

'Mr Fallon. Get those greasy hands over here and help me get these bags inside. Hey baby girl, have you been good for Daddy?'

Gretchen leaned down to drop a kiss on her head as she passed, arms full of groceries. I went to help her but she scolded me, telling me to get the other bags.

'Caleb wasn't good was he Daddy.'

'Summer. What have I told you about snitches?' I teased as I followed Gretchen to the house, Summer at my heels. She pouted at me and sighed.

'Snitches get stitches.'

'Yeah, so shut up Summer.' drawled Caleb, pushing open the screen door as he glared at his sister. They were twins, but couldn't have looked more different. Caleb had the blonde hair and deep green eyes that he clearly inherited from me, whilst Summer had chocolate brown curls and blue eyes.

'Enough. Inside.' I commanded as we walked into the open plan kitchen where Gretchen was unpacking the bags.


'Raven, I've gotta take this little lady for some ice cream. She's clearly experiencing severe withdrawal. It's been what, a day since you last had ice cream squirt?' I ruffled her silky hair as she held her arms up to me, her tiny frame as light as a feather in my arms as I hoisted her up.

'Why'd you call Mommy Raven?'

She asked, her eyes wide as she studied me.

I gazed at my wife as she glanced at me over her shoulder, a smile playing on her lips. The swell of her belly was now becoming obvious, and my heart skipped a beat.

'I dunno kid. I just do. Go get your shoes. Caleb, you want ice cream?'

She slid down my leg as she ran to get her shoes, pushing past her brother who glared at her.


'Where's your manners young man?'I leaned down, my hands on my knees as I gazed into a pint sized version of myself. He thrust his chin up to me and smirked.

'Someone needs to stay and look after Mom.'

I kissed his forehead to his disgust as I smiled at him,

'Yeah? You got everything you need there?'

I nodded behind him to where he had the Avengers lined up ready for battle. He nodded seriously as he patted my back.

'I've got this dad. You go get ice cream.'

Laughter burst from Gretchens mouth as she gazed at us lovingly.

'He's a mini you.'

'Daddddddddyyyyyyyy!' Yelled an impatient Summer from the doorway.

'She's -' I began as Gretchen held her hand up.

'Nothing like me. She's a diva. Go get our diva some ice cream.'

I strode over to her, taking her into my arms as my hands slid around her stomach.

'How's my littlest bean?'

I kissed her throat as Caleb made sick sounds from the lounge. I smirked at him, proud that he got to see his parents in love. I hoped one day he would appreciate it.

'Fine. Busy kicking a football around today.'

She placed my hand on her stomach and I waited patiently, before I felt a tiny foot against the palm of my hand.

'He has quite the kick.'

'She does.'

I rolled my eyes as I kissed her again, allowing her to win the eternal argument about who was right about the sex of the baby.


I chuckled softly as I reluctantly pulled away from my kryptonite, pointing a finger at Caleb.

'Look after your mama.'

He grabbed Captain America and forced the toys arm into a salute.

'Coming baby girl.' I called as I grabbed my truck keys and of course, my wallet. A man didn't get to have kids and a wife and not need his damn wallet twenty four hours a day. Summer stood at the doorway, hands on her hips as she glared at me.

'You're late.'

'My bad, baby. Extra scoop of ice cream coming up.'

She ran impatiently out the door, her curls bouncing as she reached the truck, her eyes narrowing as she saw a bike on the drive, blocking our exit. I followed her gaze to see a boy of about seven years old, if that. He was inspecting his knee which was oozing with blood, having clearly fell off his bike.

'Can you please move?' Summer asked, a cold tone to her voice. Nothing stood between her and ice cream. She was five and she was fucking relentless. I can't imagine her in ten years.

'Summer, where's your manners.' I said sharply as she folded her arms in irritation. Thats right, my five year old does that. Folds her arms in irritation. Pity me, won't you?

'Hey kid, you alright?' I asked, crouching down to his height, noting the cut was fairly deep.

'Yeah. Just a scrape.' He was gazing past me at my daughter, his eyes wide as though he were seeing an angel for the first time.

Not on my watch.

'Off you go then. Get back up and get back on that bike.' I helped him up as he climbed on his bike, his face etched in pain but a strong determination not to show it prevented it from staying on there for long.

'I'm Christian.' He threw over his shoulder to Summer who watched him leave with a strange expression on her face.

I had a feeling it was going to be a long fucking ten years.


Eeeeek. Ok so we have reached the end of their current story.

What did you think?!

The next book will be about the children.. eek!!!

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