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It was surprisingly an uneventful couple of months.

I settled into living with Cal as easily as I had anticipated I would, and we became even closer. He did little things like cooking my favourite meal when I had been at college late, he sat reading whilst I worked, distracting me as the pages moved between his fingers, causing me to glance over and see him laying on our bed, his eyes showing the concentration I adored, his bare torso demanding my attention as I groaned he needed to throw a top on. We showered together, we slept in each others arms night after night. I knew little about relationships, this being my second one ever- but I did know that it shouldn’t feel this good for so long. College was ok, I was keeping up with the demand so far, but I must admit I wasn’t seeing my friends as much. I just didn’t feel we were on the same page anymore. It wasn’t like I didn’t have time either- Cal was out of the house most evenings, and all he asked was that I didn’t ask any questions.

So this particular evening was no different. After binging on my favourite shows, I rinsed my coffee mug in the sink, turning it upside down onto the draining board as I made my way upstairs, tired from the day. Cal had texted me goodnight, telling me he wouldn’t be long, so I was surprised to hear a soft knock at the front door. I frowned, wondering who would be knocking on the door at this hour. I stood stupidly on the stairs as I tried not to breathe. Cal had told me no one ever came to the house, and if they did to call him immediately. I lifted my phone from my robe pocket and dialled his number. He answered instantly.

‘Someone is at the door.’ I whispered, my voice low.

I heard him curse as he told me not to answer it.

‘Ask who it is.’ He barked as I heard the worry in his voice. I hated that this was how we had to live, as I leaned against the solid door.

‘Who is it?’

I croaked out, my heart pounding so loud in my ears I didn’t think I could hear a response if there was any, which there wasn’t.

‘Gretch? What’s happening?’ I heard someone from the phone call the name Leo and I bristled as Cal snapped back in in a angry voice to give him a minute.

The door handle turned and I clasped my hand over my mouth, terrified.

‘They are trying the door, Cal.’

I felt tears in my eyes as he swore again, telling me to stay calm.

’Baby listen, I’m too far away to get there before the police could. Hang up now and call the police, do it loudly, you hear me? Do it loudly. I’m coming, but you do that, right now.′

I nodded as he demanded confirmation I had heard him.

‘Ok.’ I managed as he hung up.

I dialled the digits for the police as the door opened behind me, as I nearly fell over in shock. It wasn’t possible- the door was locked. I heard a voice on the end of the line asking what my emergency was as I stood completely still, afraid to breathe. I cut the call as I slunk backwards, my foot catching the table by the door, causing a loud rattle, exposing my location to the intruder.


The door opened slowly and I saw a man enter, his bulky frame almost as wide as the door, his face menacing as he scanned the room, clearly looking for me. He was bald with scars over his face as he grinned with satisfaction when his eyes fell on me.

I heard a voice in my head telling me to run with every ounce of my being, my feet feeling like rubber as I tried to dash for the kitchen, which was merely strides away. My heart was in my throat as I saw the knife stand, lunging for it desperately as I felt a hand clamp around my face, a rag pressed into my mouth as a voice whispered in my ear.

’Sssh Bella.′

I clawed at the hands desperately, fighting with every ounce of strength I had, the Italian accent pouring fear into my veins.

This couldn’t happen.

Where was Cal?

The world began to spin as I fell into the arms of the enemy, my body suddenly being lifted into the air with ease.

Cal, I need you.

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