Broken Vows

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Chapter 10

He asked if I was going to do it and I told him I was pretty sure I was, I had to wait until Todd was going to be out all and I was sure of it. I figured I would start to slowly move some of my clothes out, I did have some in the spare room and if I locked the door when I left he would not know.

That night when I got home about eleven Todd was not home there was a note on the table.

Dear Kristin,

Since I guess you are staying late at the office again, I’ll be out all night, John is having issues again, I’ll call you at work tomorrow or see you tomorrow night imp off tomorrow so I’ll probably be in and out all day so it will be hard to reach me.


That was my sign it was now or never. I suddenly grabbed my suitcases and began to pack my clothes like I was going on vacation I had them nice and neat until suddenly I began to throw them and I thought maybe he would come home.

I called Brian and told him that Todd said he would be out all night and I needed help getting me stuff out would he come help me please. He told me give him 5 minutes and he would be there.

I hated to leave my desk behind since it was my mother’s but I knew I could not fit it into my car or Brains car so I had all my clothes at the door and my car was full. When a truck pulled up it had the company’s Logo on it and it was Brian at the wheel and Larry next to him and a hand truck with them,

“Let’s go before your neighbor calls Todd”

“Shit didn’t think of that” I freaked out

I told them what I wanted which was just the desk and the dresser in the spare room and we tossed all me clothes into the truck and got the hell out, I did not even leave him a note I left my keys on the table.

I saw the curtains next door move so I knew I had little time to get the hell out, we moved as quick as we were able it was as if the hounds of hell were after us not just a possible irate husband who was screwing MY employee.

We got to the apartment and I found out how Brian was able to recruit Larry so fast him and his partner were neighbors. Brian showed me the place and I loved it. We started to move stuff in and my phone started to ring and I looked and it was Todd.

“What” I answered it

“What the hell do you think you are doing, are you in your right mind?” he said as I could hear the sounds of a bar behind him

“Actually I am more in my right mind now than I have been in years but thanks”

“You steal a truck” he began as I hear Kelly start to whine that he is not paying any attention to her

“First of all I did not steal the truck, second of all your whore Kelly wants your attention, she is my employee by the way and if you keep her out drinking all night tonight she will not be able to leave work early tomorrow just let her know that”

“Uh” he was stunned that I was so blunt I guess

“Now do not call me again, if I wish to talk to you I will call you, do I make myself clear?” for the first time in our marriage I was calling the shots and by God it felt good. Normally he was the one who decided what was going on this time I was the one who was calling the shots and who held all the cards. I just had to be careful especially since he came out with that crack am I in my right mind.

We moved the dresser in and the desk and they fit perfectly and got all my stuff in and the place was looking good, we suddenly realized it was about two am and Brian gave me a hug and told me he would give me a ride to work in the morning so Todd would not know if I was there or not.

Since the apartment building had an underground garage I was not able to be found that way, nobody at work knew I had the apartment other than Larry, and Brian and Mr. Evans and Brian and I asked Larry to be quiet and he promised us that he would as he put it “I stayed in a closet for 15 years I think I can keep my mouth shut”

The next morning I got happy for the first time in ages I did not have to hurry up because I was worried that Todd would wake up and want to use the bathroom or whatever reason but I was still up early,

By seven Brian was at my door with a smile and a cup of coffee in a little travel mug “It’s not a come on, I need coffee in the morning” he started to laugh

“Oh good I never got to the food store last night, I am dying for coffee” I grabbed the mug and breathed in the scent

We got to work and I told security if my husband came he was not allowed up to see me as I did not want to see him. I was told that I had to put it in writing; I thought he was serious so I grabbed a pen and wrote it out the security guard was shocked.

I got up to the office and began my day, when Kelly came in at ten am again she was hung over I could tell because she was pale and looked horrible again. She did not look at me just got to work. This pattern continued for a few weeks until I realized that her paleness was not stopping and she started to come in at nine but she was leaving to go into the bathroom a lot and I realized that she was actually pregnant by my husband.

I called her into my office and asked her if she was pregnant and she said “yes” in a very small voice, I asked her if the baby was Todd’s and again she said “yes” and I asked her if she knew what he was going to do and all she said was she had no idea since he was still looking for me and she was told if I was at work she was supposed to call him and tell him so he could call me at work.

“Then you call him, because there is one thing you are going to have to learn if you want to stay with him, you need to learn your place.” I laughed at the look on her face

I sent her back to work and saw her on the phone and I picked up my phone and called the operator and simply asked her what number was she dialing and it was my old home number so I told the operator that I wanted that number blocked and also gave her his cell phone number and I wanted that number blocked from my phone as well if that was possible,

I called Mr., Evans and told him that I took the apartment and I moved all my stuff last night and that I was sorry I did not tell him prior but it was a spur of the moment decision and I had to do it while I had my guts up.

“its okay I had a feeling you were to the breaking point” he paused and I told him to check his email

I had emailed him about the affair between Kelly and Todd and also how she was not coming in until ten and hung over and now she is pregnant with my husbands’ child and also since I left him he was using her as a spy to track my every movement and also my moods I am sure of it since when she was on the phone with him my door was partially open and I could hear her say to him

“I do not know if she has been crying”

“No I will not ask her that, that is not something I need to know and if you really care about me then you would not care either

A little while later I saw a security guard and Mr. Evans come up to Kristin and he said something to her and they both came into my office.

“Kelly is it true that you are seeing Todd, Kristin’s husband”

“Yes Mr. Evans I am seeing all of him almost every night: she got real cocky with him

“You do realize since you are reporting to him about her moves and moods that is considered stalking?
“It is” she was stunned “But stalking is against policy and the last person who was stalking was fired and charged, you cannot charge me I am pregnant”

“The police are on their way and this security guard will help you clean out your desk until the police arrive and well will see it gets home safe... He looked at me and grinned and I knew that he did not call the cops.

“But Mr. Evan how can I not be arrested? I promise I only told Todd she was here that is all,” she began to cry

“Mr. Evans I actually think she can stay here just not on this floor is there any other floor she can go on or even in the temp pool?” I decided to be generous which was what he and I discussed but we decided to put the fear of God into her since she was so young and it seemed that she would really need this job to support the child because I knew that Todd probably tail and run.

“You would do that for me?” Kelly seemed shocked

“Why not?” I was surprised

“I was told that you were a horrible mean spiteful woman which is why I have been treating you so badly and why I did not care the other day that I left you with all my work” she seemed so upset

“Kelly have I not proven to you time and time again that I am not like that?” I was so confused how that man could warp women so easily but I knew he did it to me as well but that took a while.

“He told me that was simply your work persona was different and I believed him”

“Kelly I am the same here or there” I did not know what to tell her

“I am so stupid but Kristin I think I love him and he is your husband. What have I done?” she was close to freaking out

“Kelly, it is okay. I am not longer living with him” I began to say when she turned on me

“I know you are still there, I called him the other night when he said that he could not see me and I heard you, he told me that you were there that is why he could not see me, do not lie to me” she grabbed her stomach

“Kelly calm down” she did not calm down and I had to walk away because it was obvious my presence was what was making her upset.

As the day went on and I was busy I noticed that she kept holding her stomach and kept going into the bathroom and coming out looking upset. I finally called her into my office on the pretense of looking over her work and had her shut the door and sit down.

“Kelly are you having a problem? I have noticed you holding your stomach” she was not very far along and barley showing so I figured she could not even be about 2 months along and I knew that upset could be bad

“I am bleeding” she said in a small voice “I told Todd and he told me to wait and see, he seemed happy” she sounded like she was in pain.

“Ok” as much as I wanted her to suffer I decided to do the right thing “Do you have a doctor?”

“No, should I?”

“I am calling an ambulance” I saw blood was starting to show on her outfit but did not want to scare her, after all those years of trying to have a child he goes and gets one of his whores pregnant and I have to take care of her what irony.

They take her in the ambulance and I decide to be evil again so I called Todd at work and they told me that he was working from home so I called him and did not answer right away and the machine picked up so I said into the machine.

“Todd it is Kristin, Are you screening the calls or screwing a whore?”

He answered the phone sounding like he was out of breath. “I was in the bathroom, How are you my darling?” I could hear someone in the background sound very angry until he covered the phone and I heard him hiss “It is my wife will you please shush up, I told you how things were now deal with it or leave”

“Do not try to play me, I am calling to tell you that Kelly is now in the hospital possibly losing the child that you knocked her up with, and I was the one who had to take care of her, Now it is up to you to stop whoever you are with now and take care of your mess” I was firm and for once I think it sunk it I meant business

“Ok Kristin whatever you want” He turned away from the phone and said “You need to leave I have to go to the hospital”

I heard a door slam and he said to me “How bad is she?”

“I do not know, all I know is she was bleeding and in pain when I called, I am not going to the hospital she is your responsibility not mine. I did what I had to do and that was all I was going to do.”

“She looks up to you and I really need you” he sounded so desperate I almost gave in but then I thought about it. It was his girlfriend that he was asking me to help him with not his sister or anything but his girlfriend and I was his wife. That was not going to work at least for the new me, maybe the old I may have done it but I had a new outlook.

“No Todd I will not” I was calmer than he ever heard me and it was something that shook him to his core I am sure

“Ok Kristin whatever you say I have to go to the hospital I do not have all day to talk”

After I hung up the phone I began to laugh, I the entire time I was talking to him I was working and he acted like I was keeping him on the phone. I did not see that one of my secretaries was at my door when I said to myself “What an ass” all I heard was an intake of shocked breath and I looked up just in time to see one of the male secretaries hurrying away.

He went right to the phone and called Mr. Evans and told him that I called him an ass. Mr. Evans called me on the phone and asked me why I called the guy an ass and I laughed and told him what had transpired. I said that did not see him until he was hurrying away and I thought he had figured out the issue himself which the secretaries have done before.

I walked out of my office directly at his desk and apologized for the misunderstanding and helped him right at his desk with his problem then next thing I know the entire computer went out and we were hopelessly lost. We did what we could but we were stuck. I called Mr. Evans and asked him what to do. He told me to send them all home and to go home myself and we could just do double the work tomorrow there was nothing else we could do.

I knew that there was some filing I could do so I told him I was staying for a while to try to get a few things in my office done and if they came back on I would do some of the most important work. He said okay but told me not to stay to late and if I was there at dinner I was to get something to eat.

I ended up staying all because around three the computers came on and I work through the night into the next morning. I got all the work done and put it on the desks, so they would be able to fax the papers to where they had to go.

I had a change of clothes and actually had shower in my office so I grabbed at shower and changed into that outfit, I had no sooner got back to me desk then everyone came into the office and saw what I had done and they all looked stunned.

I knew I was going to be exhausted by noon but at least the work got done and all of today’s work was long as nobody dumped a while load onto my desk. At lunchtime I decided to lie down on the couch and told Larry to wake me up when he got back from lunch.

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