Broken Vows

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Chapter 11

I went sound asleep and it seemed as though I had barely closed my eyes when I heard my door open then close again and someone covered me up. I had no idea what was going on I only knew the blanket felt warm and was comfortable.

I must have slept for a few hours because when I opened my eyes and sat up the office was dark except for the light over my desk where Brian was working. I could see the outside office was dark, so I jumped off the couch in a hurry knowing it was late and I would be in so much trouble for sleeping at work and wasting the entire day and also setting a very bad example for the secretaries.

“Oh no, what have I done? Mr. Evans and the board are going to have my job or forget that they are going to have my head.” I exclaimed “Why didn’t Larry wake me after Lunch like I asked him.

“Kristin, calm down. Mr. Evans knows you were asleep” he began and I started to cry thinking I was going to be fired

“Honey” he came over to the couch and sat down next to me “why are you crying?”

“I am going to be fired for sure, and now my apartment is going to be taken away.” I was not sure why I was crying. “Listen you have been under a lot of stress which is why I talked to Mr. Evans about letting you sleep.”

“Oh Brian did you do my work”

“Yes I did”

“Did you call me honey” that was the last thing I should have thought of but it crossed my mind

“Yes I did you seemed upset and I consider you my honey is that okay with you”

I smiled in spite of myself and looked at the work that he did for me and noticed on a piece of paper the name of a Doctor or at least I thought it was a doctor and it was in Mr. Evans handwriting.

“Does the company think I need to see a shrink?” I was suddenly angry

“Actually that is the number of a therapist and he gave it to me because I asked him with everything that had happened to you I thought you may need someone to talk to other than me” he looked chagrined that I got so mad.

“It is not you, I appreciate it Brian I thought I was being accused of being crazy or something. Todd was hinting at it the other night and I thought maybe I was or something. I mean I am sitting here crying, I just slept the day away.”

“You worked all night long, your marriage is falling apart, you just moved out of the home you lived in since you got married and you did something that you would not have done in a million years and the guilt is eating away at you” he said as a matter of fact.

“I do not regret what we did, Yes I feel guilty but he has done worse much worse. So why do I feel guilty?” I asked

“Because what we did was wonderful but wrong I know this but I could not help myself but I will not take advantage of you again unless of course you say it is okay” he teased me trying to get me to smile

I grinned back knowing full well it would not take too much to get me to submit to him since I was already thinking about making love to him and it would not be in his apartment but in my own apartment which would be nice.

I shook my head trying to rid myself of those thoughts again and he grinned knowing full well what I was doing this time. “Naughty thoughts again Dear”

“Yes now shut up and tell me what work I missed”

He told me not much but showed me the little bit of what I did miss and how he helped out one of two of the secretaries while I was asleep. I asked him how they took me sleeping, if they thought I was a hypocrit for sleeping on the job when I have caught them napping and woken them up.

“No, they knew you were up all night doing the work for the entire floor and then were up until almost lunch time plus they know around what time you come into work which is normally around seven in the morning. So you were going for a long time so you sleeping were not a bit deal, to them.”

“What about Mr. Evans?” he was the one I was really worried about especially since he held my job and my apartment in his hands

“Love, he knows all you do, he was fine with you sleeping in fact I was not the one who covered you up look closely at the blanket.” I looked at the blanket and saw it was the one from Mr. Evans office and was in shock. He never took this blanket out of his office, his mother made it for him years ago.

When we left I put it back into his office and put a note on his desk thanking him. I drove my car we left at the same time and I know someone was following me and there was only one person who could have been following me. I was glad I had not kissed Brian like I wanted to and he had not touched me in any way it was as if two coworkers were leaving work at the same time. I also had told him that I had had to stop at the food store which now regretted since it was a public place.

I started to do my shopping and I knew I was being followed I had a feeling that I knew who it was but I wanted to be sure before I raised a fuss in the supermarket. If it was him I was going to raise a fuss with him since I had told him not to contact me and I would not contact him unless needed.

I hid behind a display and sure enough Todd came around the corner looking left and right as though looking around for something or someone and then he saw me standing there with my hand on my cart looking at him with a very pissed off look on my face.

“First of all why the hell are you following me to the food store after work? Second why the hell are you following me?” I was mad as hell after all he had put me through for so many years now he was following me to try to find out where I am living now.

“I wanted to see where you are staying and who you are staying with?” he said

“What does it matter to you?” I decided to let him think I was staying with someone not in my own place

“I know you are staying at Brian’s place, Kelly told me how chummy you two are and I know he cares for you. At least he is gay so I do not have to worry about my wife cheating on me” he said smugly

I knew right then and there that the next day when I got to work that I was going to find that number that Mr. Evans gave me and call the divorce attorney and see what I would need to get a divorce.

“Whatever Todd, Now can I finish this in peace without you harassing me?” I walked away from him. He started to yell at me and call me home wrecker for leaving him; he accused me of driving him into the other women’s arms for being such a cold fish. If I cared more him then he would not go to them. He also said that I was crazy for leaving such a caring man.

Now all this was said at the top of his lungs while I stood there as quiet as can be so he looked like the crazy one. He was gesturing wildly and getting in my face and just acting crazy I could tell he was drinking before he came by the way he was acting. I was hoping for some reason that he would hit me just once that way I would have police documentation about it.

Granted that would really screw up my food shopping but at least I would have the documentation and the store is open twenty-four hours so I could do my shopping later. I decided that if he wanted to hit me then in public would be a good time. Todd kept gesturing wildly and I figured if I egged him on just a little bit that maybe he would

“Todd” I barely got his name out when he got this enraged look on his face and next thing I knew I got his fist right across my face. My head snapped back and I began to cry, some very large man that was doing his food shopping wrestled Todd to the ground and suddenly pulled out a pair a handcuffs. Turned out he was an off duty cop who had heard and saw the whole thing. He called it in and read Todd his rights.

He also called an ambulance for me since I was dizzy as hell, I asked management if I could keep my cart here for a while until I could get a friend to pick it up for me, they told me of course and I called Brian and told him that I ran into a small problem if he could pick up my food from the food store take it back to the apartment for me and put the cold stuff away.

I was about to hang up when I ambulance driver told me to ask my friend to meet me at the hospital because he seriously doubted I would be able to drive myself home. I asked Brian if he would mind after getting my cart meeting me at the hospital and I would explain after he got there.

I had no sooner got to the hospital by ambulance than Brian was there, I asked him about my cart and he told me that Larry and his partner were getting it, and that they were going to put the cold stuff into his freezer and fridge as he gave them his spare key.

He took one look at my face and went into freak mode “Who the hell hit you and if it is who I think I am going to hit him?”

“Brian it is okay, please calm down” I was very calm about the whole thing especially now that they had given me a needle for the pain in my face. I needed four stiches in my head from the ring he wore on his finger and it was not his wedding ring that would have been complete irony.”

“How in the hell could him hitting you be okay” he was beside himself with anger

“Ms. Kristin Dell?” another police officer asked me

“Yes” I said figuring they were going to give me my police report and ask if I was going to press charges against him

“Are you going to be pressing charges against your husband for domestic violence?” he asked “The store is pressing charges on him for damages”

“Officer I want to press charges against him” I said loudly and as clear as possible

“Good the paperwork has been drawn up already, the officer that witnessed the event

Did file for you but we had to be sure those were your wishes. We had a feeling that was the case but

Just in case. I sure do hope you understand ma’am” I had a feeling if he was wearing a cap he would

Have tipped it

After he left I could feel the pain in my head getting worse and worse. The nurse came in and told me that the Doctor wanted me to go for x-rays of my head. “Can I get something for the pain in my head please?

“Not yet Hun” it was an older nurse so her calling me Hun was nothing that bugged me. “We just want to see what damage you have in there okay”

“Ok, now I have a question for you. The man who hit me is my husband I do not want him to be able to get any of my records. He used to be listed as my emergency contact I want that removed as of however long ago I came in”

“This young man has already told us that, you were unconscious for a good while and he told the first nurse who came in to check on you that the man who probably listed as your emergency contact was the one who put you here would she please check,”

“I would also like a copy of all the records from today because I will need them for the divorce that I will be initiating as soon as possible” I looked her in the face as I said this

“I agree and I will talk to your Doctor about getting those records to you right away, normally we do not give them for a few days but I shall see what we can do.” She said

When she left I told Brian I was thankful he thought about that but I wished that my damn head would stop hurting. After x-rays and numerous other tests it was decided that I had a grade 2 concussion cause by a blow to the head.

I was to be out of work for two days, I was allowed to work from home unless my head was hurting to badly. I asked if I could go into work to get the work that I needed and the Doctor told me that it would not be feasible since he had a feeling I was the type of person who would decide to stay there just to work on “a few things.”

So I stayed at home for two days and hated every second of it, I kept in touch with Larry to make sure everything was running smoothly. I should not have worried about it as Mr. Evans put his best man on the job, Brian of course and all the secretaries looked up to him. I knew I could trust him and both those nights Brian was with me taking care of me. The first night he slept in the living room to be sure I was okay, the second night he slept in the bedroom holding me.

When I went back to work I was not quite fully healed but it was enough that I could go back to work. I walked in there head held high and looked straight ahead luckily as usual I got there early and did not have to face anyone until nine and I guess Brian or Mr. Evan had told them what had occurred since not one single person had asked me a thing.

That day is the day that I took my life back, I called the divorce attorney and told him that I wanted to file for divorce, on the grounds that my husband cheated on my numerous times, and that he hit me so bad I ended up in the hospital with a minor concussion.

I informed that lawyer that I had proof that during our marriage he was unfaithful to me by the card on the flowers and various letters I had found from his and from other women with dates on them, pictures of other women and pictures of him with other women in various poses.

Then there were the videos tapes, various sex tapes with various names on them I did watch part of one which made me sick, I refused to watch any more. They had dates and names on them and what made me sick was the one I saw was taken in our room, luckily I guess he never taped us or else our tape was not in this sick collection.

I also had the police report and hospital report, I made an appointment to see him that day at lunch, he told me that he would come to my office and we could get the papers drawn up and sent off to Todd as soon as possible.

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