Broken Vows

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Chapter 12

After lunch I felt a sense of freedom I knew Todd was going to be furious but there was no way he knew where I lived and I was having my groceries delivered it would be an added expense but I went in an talked to the manager and explained the situation to him about how it was my soon to be ex-husband and it seems he did not take to well to my leaving and how after I filed the papers he would to be even more upset. Was there any way I could arrange to have my food delivered for a while I would pay extra for that service. The manager told me that they were going to offer it to me especially after what had happened

They were not going to charge me and the manager asked if I had a fax machine and a printer and I told him yes so he gave me a copy of the list of everything in the store told me to copy it and check off what I need and fax it them and they will fill the order and deliver it to me within two hours of receiving it.

Since their fax machine was on a secure network I did not have to worry about Todd finding out where I lived and also all their employees were threatened with termination if they said who the order was for and where it was going in case Todd was in the store.

I asked the manager why he was going so far out of his way just for me and he told me that his sister lived with a man who beat her on a daily basis, and she never told never did anything about it. He knows I was just hit the one time because the officer came in and he asked but his sister never did anything and one time it got so bad she was put in the hospital then next she was put in the ground so when he hears of abuse he goes above and beyond especially abuse of women.

I felt so bad that I was putting him through this but I knew it was just a matter of time before Todd flipped and it was better for me that he did it then that way I could get the divorce and not be the crazy one but I think I would have rather he not punch me in the face.

The rest of the day was crazy; I never worked so hard at the job before I spent so much time hunched over my computer that by five even though I was not quite done I decided to go home. My head was hurting and I knew I had overdone it; I called Mr. Evans and told him that I was almost done but I would finish it at home. He told me it would wait until tomorrow I was to go home, get take out and put my feet up. “Relax for once” he told me so I decided to listen to my boss

The next day I was glad I did. At nine my lawyer called me and told me the papers were filed and that by ten they would be delivered to Todd and I knew that he would be freaking out especially if they were delivered at his job but I just did not really care they had to be delivered and that was how they got delivered and also certified mail. Just in case someone refused them which my lawyer said has happened.

Around eleven the head of security called me in a panic telling me that the new guy let Todd into the elevator and it seemed that he meaning Todd was steaming mad. I told Security that I would need them since Todd got served with Divorce earlier that day and I had no idea how he would have taken it.

Then I called Brian and asked if he and Mr. Evens would be able to take the other elevator to this floor and fast since Todd was on his way to me and I meant now. I told him I was actually scared how he was going to be and I already told security I wanted them here. I told Todd I wanted him and Mr., Evans to act like it’s a business thing Todd said that they would come up in the Express elevator and call maintained to stop the other elevator to get everyone in place.

Suddenly an alarm went off and the elevator stopped running, Todd was cussing the elevator saying “I have to talk to her and tell her what a horrible person she is for doing this to me”

He kept ranting at the elevator and raving, I could hear him and I was getting nervous because the longer it took for the elevator to move the louder he seemed to be getting. Security got up to the floor and was standing there calmly at the back of the floor and Mr. Evans and Brian were standing by Larry’s Desk like they were speaking to him about something and Brian was speaking into his phone and the elevator began to move.

When it stopped out walked Todd a very quiet contrite Todd who looked ready to cry as he held the papers in his hand. If we had not heard his ravings we would have believed he was just what seemed a very well loving husband who was brought to his knees by a harsh sadistic wife.

“How could you just up and leave me like that Kristin, did I not love you with all my heart and soul? Did I not give you all I could?” He acted so shamefully I was embarrassed to be seen with him, he began to cry and if we all had not just witnessed his display in the elevator we would have believed him.

“Oh my darling Kristin, tell me that you will work on our marriage? I am willing to work on it I just need you to be as willing as I am” There was some sort of evil look in his eyes that I did not trust and I knew I had to call my lawyer right after he left so see what was going on.

“Talk to my Lawyer Todd that is all I have to say to you” I turned around and as I turned around the entire security team stepped behind me blocking the way between Todd and I like a wall of human flesh.

“I need to talk to her NOW” Todd was beginning to lose his veneer of polish and sweetness as he was blocked at every turn by another security guard.

“You heard the lady; you need to talk to her attorney” Thomas one of our larger guards said to Todd. Now Thomas stands about seven feet and about three hundred pounds of pure muscle and I for one would not want to take him on but Todd decided to show me how strong he is and he went running at Thomas.

It was a ridiculous display and I was ashamed that I married that man so I walked away and that made Todd mad. “You will regret this Kristin, I will get you back even for a short while and you will regret that short while trust me, wait until I get my hands on you”

I had never seen him like that before it was as though he was either out of his mind or on drugs or something. I decided to call my lawyer and tell him that Todd showed up here and what he was threatening and saying. It turns out Todd had gotten a lawyer and they were trying to get us to go to marriage counseling and for me to go live back in the house with him for 6 months to try to work on our marriage.

“No he just told me that when he got his hands on me I would regret” I told my lawyer

“Was that in front of witnesses?” he asked me

“My entire office staff and my boss and the entire security team of the office building where I work, is that enough witnesses for you?” I asked with a small giggle.

“Yes” he said “With that threat I can keep it so you do not have to go live with him but I do not think I can keep it from you having to go to marriage counseling” he sounded unhappy about that because he knew I simply wanted it over.

“Mr. Dennison the marriage has been over for over two years now, after he started his first affair, I was only dumb enough to think it would get better. He logged on over two thousand hours in one year on Obsession Warfare that online multi-player game. That he would play on his days off during the day then he would go out all night and complain the rest of the week that he was tired and I should have let him sleep more on his days off.

I found box after box of condoms in his car under the bed in his jacket etc. etc. and I know they were not from us as we never used them. He wanted us to get pregnant so why would we use birth control?”

I had told him all this before but hearing that his lawyer wanted marriage counseling for a marriage that was over pissed me off. “You still have mediation to go through; I suggested it as a ways to show his lawyer that all you want is for this to be over with.”

I felt a pair of hands on my should and knew it was Brian trying to calm me down I guess I was getting loud because I could see some of the secretaries looking at me with compassion on their faces which made me feel better. I leaned on Brian’s hands not caring who saw I just needed his warmth and friendship and maybe a little bit more at that point and he must have understood because he ran his hand through my hair.

“Kristin are you sleeping with anyone?” My lawyer asked me

“Mr. Dennison I want to and I did once but I will not again until my divorce is final.” I decided to be upfront about it but would not give any names.

“Does Todd know about this person?” He asked me

“No there is no way he could know, I laughed and my lawyer asked what was so funny and I told him that the guy that I did sleep with Todd thought was gay”

“It was only one time and it was I guess you would say not intended. We had went and seen a movie as friends and one thing led to another.” I felt horrible and I had to tell my divorce attorney who would probably have to tell his attorney and Todd would find out Brian was not gay we had been spend a lot time together.

Ok since it was just once, do you still see this person?”

“He is my best friend” I was being honest with him

“Do you do anything of a sexual nature with him?”

“No but I would like to very much”

“As soon as your separation is legal... I will tell you then it is legal until then keep it at the way it is.”

When I went to mediation my lawyer was very clear I did not want anything from him, the only two items that I received before our marriage was the dresser and the desk other that everything else I got when we were married and it all can stay with him.

His lawyer asked me clearly what I wanted as he wanted to hear it from me as though hearing it from me was going to be any different than hearing it from my attorney. I looked towards my attorney as though asking him if I was able to speak he nodded his head “I want this marriage to be over plain and simple”

“Do you not love and care for your husband anymore” his lawyer said slyly trying to catch me in a trap of words

“This is mediation, and this is so both parties can find out what the other wants, I simply want a divorce that is all. I do not want his money, nothing from the home and I do not even want the house. I am willing to take nothing from him other than a divorce.” I stated

“My client does not want a divorce” his lawyer said” he is willing to work on the marriage even though you left him for a gay man”

My lawyer touched my arm which meant it was time for him to do the talking especially since his lawyer was starting to get downright mean. The two lawyers discussed it and unfortunately it turns out that I had to go to marriage counseling with the big ass on the grounds I would give it a shot. Little did they know my lawyer told me to go but figure that I would be divorced within six months as long as I cooperated with them and did as they asked?

I got home from mediation I called Brian and told him what had happened and he agreed with me that it was utterly stupid but if a divorce was what I truly wanted then I would have to go and do what they wanted me to do. I went to work the next day and told Mr. Evans that I would probably need some time off but I did not know for sure when it was, I told him why and what it was for and he said it was no problem but he also thought it was stupid.

I received a call that day from guy who called himself Bob told me that I had to be at one twenty Five Oswald Street at eleven am that day for the first day of marriage counseling and that it would be three days a week two hours at a time. I could not believe I was supposed to take that much time off work, luckily when I called Mr. Evans he told me that I paid time off and I would not lose any money and that Brian would take over the floor for those hours. I assured him that when I got back I would make up the time and that any of my work Brian did not have to do unless it was a time thing then I was sorry.

Mr. Evans told me that Brian offered when he heard I had to do the stupid thing. I told Mr. Evan that I would probably have to leave by ten since Oswald Street was across town and it was busy right now which I bet was what they were hoping something in me told me this guy Bob was on Todd’s side.

I checked my outfit as I was leaving work at ten I knew I looked ok, I was wearing a suit but a feminine suit in a light grey color that looked very nice, my hair... “Oh stop it would you, you do not even want to go to this thing why are you worrying so much” I said to myself as I caught myself looking in the mirror and fixing the little bit of makeup that I had on.

I got there with plenty of time to spare I was twenty minutes early and I made sure that the secretary verified it on the paper that my lawyer had me bring in. I was called into this room that looked like what the interrogation rooms on those cop shows looked like, with this scrawny little guy who right away writes on his paper that I was 20 minutes late when I was shown to the room as soon as I got there. Since my lawyer told me to take notes I put that right in my notes along with the fact that the secretary verified my arrival time.

“Hi I am Kristin, I am here for the mediation ordered marriage counseling” I said to the little man

He looked at me and wrote on his notes. “Dressed to impress, not too impressed looks frumpy” I realize I should not be reading his notes but he was printing them in block letters the kind you learn in kindergarten so I know for a fact he was aware I could read them

I decided right then and there that I was not going to say a word but keep my mouth shut, I wrote on my notes what transpired and figured I’d let me lawyer sort it out. Time kept ticking, finally thirty minutes after ten Toddy showed up and the little man stood up and I thought he was going to say something about being tardy since I was told I cannot be late because it showed lack of respect for the other person blah blah.

“Ah Todd so good to see you, Are you still working out at the Gym?”

“Oh yes Bob I am, have not seen you and the Misses over there for a while” Todd said grandiosely

“If you are still there we shall come back, now let’s get this show on the road if your wife is finally ready.” He acted as if I was the one who held everything up. I wrote all this in my notebook as well.

I was glad that Brian told me to bring a tape recorder and tape the whole session I did not care if it was wrong I was going to use it if I could. The whole session was the two of them attacking me in every way shape and form you could imagine, by the time I got out of there I felt like the worst person in the world I called my lawyer in tears and asked if he was able to see me.

“Oh my god Mr. Dennison do you have time to talk to me?” I cried into the phone forgetting to tell him who it was first

“Kristin is this you?” he asked

“Yes I am sorry”

He told me to come right to the office he would see me right away I got there and was still in tears, I told him that they ran me over hot coals and he told me that a marriage counselor was not supposed to do that and if he did he could get into a lot of trouble. I said first hell lied about what time I got there. I showed Mr. Dennison my verification. Then I told him that I was kind of bad and that a friend of mine told me to tape the entire meeting.

I played the tape for him the entire thing including the 30 minutes where there was not a single sound other than me breathing and pages turning as I take notes and write down just what he said about me. I showed Mr. Dennison all he had said and that was before the meeting even started and Mr. Dennison asked me if what I had on was what I wore to the meeting and I told him yes it’s what I wore to work.

He told me not to worry by next week at my next session that guy Bob will be gone. Wait a minute NEXT WEEK I exclaimed... the guy Bob told me three days a week for three hours a day I am supposed to go for the rest of the week at eleven am in fact it’s now two thirty and I just came from there and I am supposed to go back to work.

“Hello no its one hour a week, on Oswald street in suite A”

“Oh hells bells we were in Oswald Street but in an interrogation room “I was so mad that not only did this guy rake me over the coals while making Todd be Captain America. He lied about how often we had to be there, how long we had to be there and where we were supposed to be.

“OK Kristin I will take care of this right now.” He was mad, “I will call you in a little while will you be at work?”

“I will be there until seven I am sure but call my cell just in case” I figured I would just place it on my desk and check the number. I got back to work around three almost sure I was going to be walking into a zoo but everyone was perfectly fine and things were going like clockwork.

“Kristin” Larry said “Brian had to run downstairs to do a few things down there, he left about an hour ago he said if we needed him to call him”

“That’s fine Larry I am back now” I figured I better apologize to everyone and let me know I was going to try my best to keep on top of things it was just my life was a bit crazy right then. “OK Listen Floor Meeting in the Break room in ten minutes”

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